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Amit Sharma is M.D of India's No.1 Equal Partnership Driven Recruitment & HR Consulting Company BIG IDEAS HR CONSULTING PVT. LTD. (Big Peoples Idea Company). He has many avatars: He is a 1st generation serial entrepreneur. He is a veteran of the recruitment industry, a business and life coach, a social activist, an author and an Angel Investor. His focus is in the recruitment industry, HR consulting, and social media technology space.

He is an Angel Investor in four companies: Big Ideas HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Big Ideas Social Media Recruitment Pvt. Ltd., BSM Big Social Media and Big Leadership Hiring. His companies have all India presence as well as a global presence in the United Kingdom and Canada. He is a pioneer in starting out-of-the-box, path breaking and unconventional business model of “Equal Partnership.” With Equal Partnership Model in place, each of his employees is a Partner. This is a revolutionizing concept in Indian business and start-up ecosystem.

He is a Yoga enthusiast. He, along with his wife Anita Sharma has founded a company “Soham Yog Mission.” It is a global yoga community on a mission to help yoga teachers across the Indian subcontinent. With a single-minded focus on spreading the effective practices of Yoga, “Soham Yog Mission” wishes to become a partner in creating a professional framework, in providing ground-up consultation and in providing branding to new age yoga startups to becomes commercially viable over a long term period.

He has also opened a trust with the name “New Age Society.” This trust was established in 1999. The sole purpose of this trust was to create ‘a society of everybody’s dream.’ Trust established in Ahmedabad focuses on underprivileged kids & women and senior citizens. The idea is to professionally engage with all these on a weekly basis to create a mass movement. This trust also has a ‘Research Cell’ which conducts studies on the futuristic societal model; an ideal place for human beings to inhabit and flourish.

He believes in “Live and Let Live.”

He not only believes in ‘live and let live,’ but he also believes in creating something that can impact countless lives and make this world a beautiful place to live. He speaks volumes on better & balanced life, creating value and simple life. He is a continuous endeavour to ‘grow others,’ and ‘replace yourself.’ He believes that if we take care of other’s interest first, our interest shall be served automatically. He is a man of his words.

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Amit Sharma

Father Name

J.P. Sharma

Mother Name

Usha Sharma


15 December 1971


Anita Sharma


Soham Sharma


Human Resources at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management - Pune


Reading, Writing, Indian Classical Music, Ghazals, Old Songs, Instrumental World Music

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