• 12 Feb 2019

We have become so greedy and overindulgent not only in acquiring money, possessions and obsessions but we have also extended our overindulgence even when we eat food...

Overindulgence in overeating is a sure short recipe too bad health and sickness...

When our stomach is half full, our stomach informs us that now you are done, leave some space inside for digestive juices to digest food....(This is called Tripathi Dakar)

However, we ignore the first signal and keep dumping food in our stomach....now once again stomach informs us that you are 100% done, please leave me alone. (This is called Purana Dakar). However, by this time damage is done as stomach digestive juices do not have any space to do its work.....This leads to digestive juices come upwards into food pipe and cause Acidity and in many cases stomach cancer.


Now we have taken our overindulgence to new heights, and we do not mind eating multiple times. Naturopathy prescribes eating grains only two times and rests you can fill with fruits and vegetables.

No surprises, now fewer people are dying from hunger and more from overeating.

Overeating disorder is an epidemic which shall swallow entire humanity sooner or later.


  • 11 Feb 2019

Wine which you can not drink is DIVINE.

After Intoxication of the divine, you no more seek any other kind of intoxicating elements.

Once you come close to divine, divine Conciousness takes you over. After this you and everything change forever.

  • 11 Feb 2019

Most of our questions are not to get an answer.

The moment your one question is answered. It leads to hundreds of more questions waiting to be answered.

At some point and some stage of your life, You must reach Questionlessness. Where you go so deep into self-questioning process, all your questions no more overpower you, your mental peace and balance.

Many times we get into questioning because we are not sure of our questions.

You start getting answers only when you connect with your deepest self; it has the depth of understanding you all your questions answered

  • 10 Feb 2019

Be in a committed relationship with your own self.

You can never be in a committed relationship with others if your relationship with your own self is complicated, complex and confusing.

Without the commitment to your own self, there is no way you can ever be in committed relationships with others.

  • 10 Feb 2019

LIFE is not accountable to us. We are accountable to live.

Stop finding fault with life when entire responsibility and accountable is ours.

Most of the time we blame our luck, present life and sometimes even our past life for what is not happening as per our desire and plan.

Less we blame our life, More power we have to deal with our beloved life.

  • 09 Feb 2019

One must have the heart of a fighter, Spirit of a champion.

The spirit of a fighter is very much part of your inner self which time and again rise to the occasion when faced with mental, physical, emotions, professional and social challenges.

Celebrate your fighting spirit. You have in you to win the battles of life with flying Colours.

  • 09 Feb 2019

Our KARMA is nothing but our unlearned Lessons from past lives which come to teach us those unlearned lessons.

Any KARMA OR any event or episode in our life come because we have still not learned some lessons which life wants to learn.

Once we learn that specific lesson, that KARMA or effect of that KARMA shall never come to haunt us.

There can not be a bigger life lesson after which you get the right understanding and knowledge of the LAW OF KARMA in a true sense.

  • 08 Feb 2019

The moment you ask for the meaning in love, love becomes meaningless.

Just loving and being loved is good enough.

Beyond this, anything is unnecessarily intellectualizing Love when we know that love is not the core domain of mind and intellect.

Life flowers completely when it is in the sacred company of love.

  • 08 Feb 2019

We human beings are very delicate, vulnerable and fragile.

We as humans need to take care of us with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Each one of us has our fragile element in our personality which can turn into our biggest liability.

This can only be managed through KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING.

  • 07 Feb 2019

Fiction of our mind does not get any support from Reality.

Reality is the only real stuff.

Living with reality is more meaningful however hard the reality is and however painful our life stories are.

Fictional mind created stories about SELF and others, can give you temporary relief but the end of your fictional story you are again faced with reality.

How long can we run away from Reality?

Reality is like your own shadow, which never leaves you for a moment.

Let us train our mind to see ourselves, people, emotions and our surroundings "AS IT IS," not including our perception and self-created, convenience driven stories.

You truly start living only when you are in the company of reality as that is the right way to live.

Remember there is no way you can run away from Reality.

  • 07 Feb 2019

Why are we looking backward and tentative unfathomable future, when life is standing right beside you HERE AND NOW.

Right address of life is HERE, AND NOW, your good wisher called PRESENT MOMENT.

Actually, except for the PRESENT MOMENT, Nothing exists.

All our past and future comes in PRESENT MOMENT alone.

  • 06 Feb 2019

We all experience butterflies in our stomach before any big life events or when we put to any test, or someone is about to review our performance at work or life at large.

The immediate impact of this is fear of failure, feeling petrified, stressed, feeling down and out, Accepting defeat before going to the battlefield of life.

However, how do we deal with this most effectively?

The very first thing is to stop having "Too result in centric anxiety driven mindset "

The second action to be taken is to turn your focus on "Razer Sharp activity is driven work-centric happy and joyful mindset.

With Joy, you enjoy whatever you do.

Moreover, enjoy the journey towards big events of your life with joy in the center not anxiety and stress in the center.

Life is much more than one or two failures.

  • 06 Feb 2019

The mind has an intrinsic incapacity to live life without meaning.

If you want to take the best out of your mind, give mind reasons and meaning to engage with life to grow internally and externally.

  • 05 Feb 2019

We are lucky to be given responsibilities of various roles we play.

However, if we stop being responsible for our responsibilities, nature does not take much time to take over responsibilities from you and hand it over to someone who is more eligible and worthy of it.

If this happens, do not complain that nature was unfair to you in taking over responsibilities.

Only we are to be blamed for this.

Celebrate your responsibilities ......

  • 05 Feb 2019

No amount of Stress and anxiety will ever change your current problems.

If stress and anxiety can not change things, then why do we still are victims of anxiety.

There are many possible answers to it. One of the answers is our ignorance and lack of understanding that problems can only be tackled by taking the problems head-on rather than going through tremendous stress and anxiety.

Invest your energies in finding solutions to the problems rather than feeling low with stress and anxiety.

  • 04 Feb 2019

If you want to be free from all mental and physical diseases, refuse to be SPONGE to others unruly, uncivilized, unacceptable behavior and thought patterns.

Without your knowing, it is damaging your entire biology, blood chemistry, and cell structure.

All recent researches point to only one direction unanimously....

FEED YOUR MIND WITH ONLY THOUGHTS which help you heal deep-rooted disease patterns arising out of our unhealthy engagement with others and our surrounding environment.

I do not know if we can reserve the whole pattern fully but even if we are able to do it between 70 to 80 %, Majority of our mental and physical diseases can be cured.

You can experience life to the fullest only when you are disease free at all levels remaining in the center of your own self with complete balance not effected by internal and external disturbances.

  • 04 Feb 2019

A stage comes in our life where there is stillness in movement, oneness in manyness and nonduality in duality.

We can still be part of a crowd, yet not be part of it. You do not leave the center of your balance and inner self.

Also, you start growing like never before, helping others grow with your Conciousness.

Energetically everyone and everything is connected at some level.


  • 03 Feb 2019

One of the most powerful self-healing thought is :


This simple yet powerful thought can change the thought process of consistently thinking of you as a VICTIM against whom everyone and everything is conspiring.

In today's fast-paced life, the fact is that no one has time to think against you as everyone is neck deep into their own life issues.

The only person constantly working against you is who else but YOU, Yourself, carrying this monster of 
negative thinking and victimhood.

Time to turn the table in favor of life and passionately embrace this thought that "LIFE IS WORKING OVERTIME FOR YOU NOT AGAINST YOU".

  • 02 Feb 2019

In current times SIMPLICITY does not sell but COMPLICATED Stuff sells.

Sometimes your simplicity, accessibility and being down to earth is looked at as your weakness.

But should we move from simplicity to complexity to create an image which is not ours? My personal vote goes to being simple even if it means others do not take you seriously and it works against your interest once in a while. End of the day it is important to end your day feeling right rather than projecting feeling right.

It is important that your inner Conciousness is at peace, it does not matter how others view you and your identity.

Any day in the long run power of simplicity scores 
of complexities.

  • 01 Feb 2019

Your mind creates multiple inner worlds for you.

A happy mind creates a happy and abundant inner world.

Frustrated mind creates an angry inner world.

A small mind creates a petty and insignificant inner world.

A mature mind sees beauty and greatness of the inner world.

A focused mind uses inner thought process to purify the inner world.

An unselfish mind thinks of others and expands inner Conciousness to experience the love in its purest form.

A mind with a vision creates an inner world which has a long-lasting impact on oneself and everyone around you.

A clear mind sees an apparent inner world with absolute clarity.

An uplifted and upgraded mind lives life to its fullest in inner and external dimensions.

  • 01 Feb 2019

All our FINANCIAL PLANS are SPENDING PLANS, and all Spending plans are governed by our emotions directly or indirectly.

Any financial activities fall under the four following categories:

EARNING (Income)

SPENDING (Expense)


BORROWING (Liabilities/Loans)

The final goal of 3 of the 4 categories is SPENDING.

Interestingly all our spending is based on EMOTIONS which arises at a particular time.

We buy much stuff not because we need it but because emotions drove you at that time.

The biggest lesson we get here is to Spend because we need to spend, not because we get emotional high after buying something.

  • 31 Jan 2019

Great Masterpiece BAJGOVINDAM brings on the table a profound understanding that :

Acquiring Money is never an issue. You can make as much money as you want.

However, problems start when GREED takes over, and one is completely intoxicated by it and loses the sense of HOW MUCH and invests whole life in it.

This is when you go off-track and lose direction and balance.

By the time you wake up, you are left with only your good friend "Mr. REGRET."

I do not think after getting this realization we still want to go down that path.

  • 31 Jan 2019

With a calm mind, Intellect can aspire for higher goals and objectives.

With a calm mind, you are close to your heart center. The heart center is close to the soul center. Whatever we do with heart and soul as our central theme, anything you do or pursue brings happiness and success.

  • 30 Jan 2019

When thoughts, feelings, and emotions become one, You can move mountains.

All these three aspects have a heart in the center which has the power to access huge energy pool from within to generate and create a life which lives in its deepest dimension.

The challenge is to align all these three elements on one platform with balance

  • 30 Jan 2019

Always upgrade your thoughts as they are going to shape your future and your dreams.

Keep looking at your thoughts from a distance and see if they are taking you on a growth path or not.

If your thoughts are not helping you grow internally and externally, then it is time to recalibrate the whole cycle of thoughts.

Not number of thoughts but few quality thoughts can do wonders.

Upgrading your thoughts are equal to enhancing your overall Life.


  • 30 Jan 2019

The most important two letter word is SELF BELIEF for anyone successful.

Self-belief is a half battle won in the journey of success.

Many dreams die halfway because of a lack of self-belief.

If you do not have self-belief, No one will believe you.

Self-belief is a commitment to become whom you want to become.

Self-belief is believing in one's self when the entire world refuses to believe in you.

  • 29 Jan 2019

If we enjoy our job, we get peace, happiness, and money.

However, if we do not enjoy our job, we get money but no enjoyment or peace.

So invest yourself in work or our job not in money alone.

The way undigested food causes indigestion, undigested wealth also creates constipation in our joy and happiness.

Now that is a big price to pay for chasing money alone.

Think about it!

  • 28 Jan 2019

Even if you get a small ray of hope in the middle of complexities of various life events, Just latch on to it.

Hope is hope however small it is. Be in the company of hope that is an antidote to hopelessness.

Hope gives you many more reasons to engage with life in all its dimensions anticipating something better to unfold.

Hope gives you 1000 reasons to hope for the best, but hopelessness gives you 10000 reasons why things will not happen the way you desired.

The choice is yours!

  • 27 Jan 2019

One of the biggest fear humans have is the fear of not having or having less money.

Money is needed for good health and well being.

Not having money can play havoc for the mind as all our physical and even emotional needs has a connection with money to satisfy various needs of self and others.

However, fear beyond a reasonable level can make our lives uncomfortable.

That is why it is said "Money for basic need is never an issue " problem starts when we need money to gain the attention of others or uncontrolled desires.

This is when fear of not having money is self-created because now it is not needed, but limitless desires take over and are on the driver's seat.

  • 27 Jan 2019

Who is your boss?

"YOU" or " YOUR MIND."

At the same stage of our lives, this wisdom should dawn on us to take a decisive call to connect with OUR SELF or handover Ourselves to MIND which likes you to be its slave.

Once your mind takes you over, You live on the mercy of your mind which turns into a monster the moment it sees you on a weak wicket.

Real life lives in YOU, not in your mind. The mind is just one of the tools to help you grow in all dimensions.

Connect with yourself at the earliest before mind hijacks you and your life completely.


  • 26 Jan 2019

Stop blaming people and start taking responsibility for our actions and emotions independent of what people and situations do to us.

Without your permission, no one can take control of your thoughts and emotions if you are stronger internally.

Do not consume toxic distorted ideas, emotions of others who are hell-bent in transferring and dumping all that is not worth in the garden of your peace and joy.





  • 26 Jan 2019

It is essential to learn the art and science of resting and relaxing.

It prevents the onset of many illnesses which develop because of consistent stress and worrying.

In the calm mental state, we automatically get into the zone of mental clarity and focus on finding solutions to all our problems.

So look for Opportunity to rest and relax as frequently as possible by doing things you enjoy.


  • 25 Jan 2019

When you are in a romance with your spirit (self), You can truly romance the whole world, everything, and everyone.

This is a much bigger and better way to experience romance on a much bigger platform of existence.

Romance is embedded in every aspect of life at large.

Experience the abundant dimension of romance not in the way we know "Limited, self-centered, self-serving, physical attraction driven, infatuation centric" romance.

Go out and see the whole world, nature is waiting for you with open arms to let you dive deep in the realm of eternal divine romance.

  • 25 Jan 2019

Mechanical Actions VS. Actions with enthusiasm, freshness, passion, interest, and intentions.

We fool ourselves by doing things as daily rituals, without enthusiasm and then expect some miracle to happen in our dead life.

However, the moment we start doing things with freshness, newness, new perspective. Actions which seemed without life get a new lease of liveliness and enthusiasm.

With this approach, even our smallest actions fill us with the ever-present and ever-expanding joy in whatever we do.

So in your interest drop all that is mechanical, lifeless actions at the earliest.

  • 24 Jan 2019

3 Most important dimensions of a

A fulfilling and hugely successful life is :


Before embarking on the journey of life, every step, in your every action and emotions...remember these 3 Golden Rules.

  • 23 Jan 2019

The mind is talking to everything which you are not — taking you to places you do not want to go.

Moreover, YOU (Real Self) are freaking Out.

At least identify whom to talk to and what location to reach.

  • 23 Jan 2019

Laughter is a tonic for physical, mental and spiritual dimensions.

Laughter is like a dry cleaner which cleanses our heart, mind, and soul and boosts its immunity.

Laughter heals you from inside out.

Laughter is an antidote to depression and frustration.

Laughter brightens life as a whole.

Laughter brings life back in life.

Laughter is free without any taxes.

A good laugh a day keeps the doctor away.

  • 22 Jan 2019

Ironically we all think that MY TRUTH IS TRUTH, YOUR TRUTH IS A LIE.

This is precisely how all ignorant people defend lie under cover of a truth.

How long can we live in an imaginary fake world when the brutal world is hell bent in exposing truth which may not be of our liking all the times.

The best strategy to deal with all lies is to look into the eyes of uncomfortable reality and truth.

However we try to avoid the truth, the truth will find its way in most strange surprising ways to expose things you have decided to hide for long.

Best bet is to be on the side of Truth and have a sound sleep at night.

Truth does not discriminate between YOU and ME.


  • 21 Jan 2019

The greatest sin is to think that you are weak.

Weakness is the distorted idea of our mind which does not let you realize how powerful you are inside out.

See to it that WEAK MOMENTS do not further weaken you. In fact, weak moments need to be transformed into your bigger inner strength.

Turn all your weaknesses into your strength.

This is an effective way to defeat your inner, mental and emotional weakness.

Have a positive outlook toward everyone and everything

  • 21 Jan 2019

The formula to manifest your prayer every time is to follow the below :

Pray with Faith and belief and then surrender completely to the Almighty to whom you are praying.

Prayer is men's greatest power.

Prayer is our greatest wireless connection.

Time spent in prayer is never wasted.

Prayer should be the first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

In prayers, if God says YES, Nobody can say NO.

Prayer is our lifeline which always comes to save us from difficult and critical situations.

  • 20 Jan 2019

Every Good, Bad or Ugly situations in life is temporary.

Good news is that it is temporary and it shall pass as always.

Maintain your sanity, balance, and humor in all situations.

Great people use such phrases to there advantage and come out stronger and mature.

It could be your biggest Gain in unfavorable situations.

  • 20 Jan 2019

Probability although less then certainty is greater than the possibility.

Certain aspects of life do indicate probability but Conversion of probability is always high.

Probability combined with hope generate a huge surge of activities and emotions leading to taking your work to a whole new level.

Certainty is also sometimes is not certain except in perception.

Probability in success also determines if you are going ahead or not.

  • 19 Jan 2019

Many wise men and masters envisaged a "Future Human" or "NEW AGE MAN" or "SUPRAMENTAL BEING."

Let us see what they say on it :

1.Osho - Future Human will be completely unaffiliated, not effected by religion, caste, country, no class. He will not waste his time on it. He will be beyond morality and superimposed ideas.

2.Friedrich Nietzsche- It will be just opposite of what Jesus Christ.

3.Mahavir - 2600 years ago he ideated that human could go beyond an imaginary idea of GOD and reach a stage from where he could look down upon God which is an idea of "Spotless Perfection."

4.Maharishi Arvind - Current Humans are not in the final stage of evolution before they collectively reach "Superconsciousness."

The way our kids are growing in information, IQ, and intellect. No wonder we will have a majority in society reaching a whole different level of evolution and Conciousness.

One thing is for sure Humans are going to be completely self-centered, self-driven and self-conscious and would crave for something beyond them and would slowly lose interest in actual dimensions of life where humans have invested everything in last 5000 years.

Wind of change is blowing fast and furious indicative of mind-boggling transformations in the next 10 years.

A lot you own today will not be worth much.

  • 18 Jan 2019

One more way to thank life is to fill yourself with gratitude and remember at all times :

"LIFE has been - "So Far, So Good."

It is still in the realm of future, the womb of future, whether your life would be better or worse then what it is right now.

Things in life can take both a positive or negative turn when you least expect it. So why not celebrate the current status.

Sometimes all your plans go for six.

It is perfectly fine to have positive expectations and anticipation from the future. You can expect many surprises, that is the nature of it.

So when you say SO FAR, SO GOOD. You are in a way thanking all favorable circumstance and Coincidences leading to the desired outcome till this moment.

  • 18 Jan 2019

In the state of balance and equanimity, Human body cells and microorganisms are at the happy state, and they help create an environment to move out all bad cells from the body leading to superior health.

This is the latest study on the human body and mind connection.

This was understood by our saints and seers 5000 years back. All major scriptures including GITA give a lot of importance to BALANCED STATE OF MIND at all times irrespective of your physical, emotional, mental, social situations.

So compelling insight into your overall health is


  • 15 Jan 2019

You are the light you are searching for.

  • 15 Jan 2019

Sometimes words are not enough to express through words.

Sometimes just by looking at the other person in his or her eyes, you get all the answers till now which your words have failed to convey the entire life.

This is called 2 people Conciousness meeting at one point without knowing that your 2 bodies without engaging in body Conciousness become one.

This experience is worth a life.

  • 14 Jan 2019

Yes, doing Your Job is part of your Job.

Even if we wish to ignore this fact, things do not change.

Any role which we are playing in our lives based on 
multiple factors, we have no choice but to fulfill the requirement of that role irrespective of whether you like it or not.

If that is the case, Why not enjoy the role at hand?

  • 13 Jan 2019

Drop everything which you are not.

That is true freedom otherwise there is too heavy a 
the burden you are carrying.

Let loose of all the burden and come close to a
beautiful Non-identity called " YOU "

  • 12 Jan 2019

 Everything, literally everything has to go through YOU. That includes your joy, bliss, pain, frustration, excitement, etc.

If Your inner strength and the inner filter are active, nothing can impact you.

  • 11 Jan 2019

The moment you change the way you look at things, things change the way you look at and perceive them.

Decide if you are living in a friendly universe or a hostile universe. It can be either of them depending on "who you are", "how you are looking at everything and everyone around you".

This is a game-changing powerful life insight.

Your life is never the same after you have internalized this thought.

  • 11 Jan 2019

Address issues at there earliest indications or be the victim of those issues yourself and then do not complain about it.

As these issues are gifted by you to yourself.

It is keeping issues under the carpet creates most significant matters of even bigger magnitude. This delays the resolution of the problems.

Issues need urgency and not wait and watch policy for too long.

Issues take your positive energy away from you and invest it in making smaller issues even bigger issues.

Issues take your joy out of your otherwise joyful life.

Issues take you closer to frustration and in advanced stage leading to depression.

If someone is not interested in you, that is someone's choice as long as he feels that way.

Gracefully exit that person's life without even a whisper. There are too many people in the world to fill that space. Address issues like this at the earliest.

Choices are ours as always.

  • 10 Jan 2019

The top of one mountain is bottom for another mountain.

Wherever you reach in life, There is another milestone to conquer.

Throw away all your lethargy and laziness and go ahead to conquer all your weaknesses to scale bigger heights.

Do not fall in the category of " He or she had huge potential but could not realize it" ...

Take the best out of yourself. Do not be satisfied with below average achievements.

Who knows how many more mountains you can conquer.

  • 10 Jan 2019

"I" is the seed from which everything is arising and manifesting.

Just focus on "I", the SELF.

The flow of life and life force shall find its path to find real you and take you to the destination you are to go to.

  • 09 Jan 2019

Replace your old, redundant, ineffective, unproductive habits with New, More effective, supremely productive habits.

You will not be able to change and transform your Life until you do not improve what you do daily in each of your actions.

All that you want to change is not in your thoughts, goals, and strategies but your DAILY RITUALS or DAILY ACTIVITIES or DAILY ACTION PLAN.


Your small baby steps on a daily basis shall transform you and everything around you permanently forever.

I guess that is what each one of us is looking for always.

  • 09 Jan 2019


Contrary to popular perception Success also teaches you as much as failure.

Success fuels your desire for next level growth which is fundamental to all success scripts.

Celebrate your, your family or your teams smallest of success in the biggest possible way as that shall fuel the engine of growth and a big success.

Success surely is the sure short recipe for your success story.

  • 08 Jan 2019

Wealth gets created not by optimizing investment but by optimizing spending.

In today's materialistic world, we tend to give more importance to LIFESTYLE then LIFE.

It is wise to put give life more priority then lifestyle.

  • 08 Jan 2019

Do not live with outstanding issues in any aspect of life.

Outstanding issues occupy a lot of our mental space and create internal stress and conflict.

It is never late to do a course correction.

Time to resolve all pending issues.

Let 2019 be a breakthrough year for each one.

  • 07 Jan 2019

Watch carefully each and every thought which you are giving birth this moment and every moment.

Not only thoughts coming from you but also thoughts are thrown from a distance by others in the form of their opinions, perception, and perspective. Be extremely careful as they may have already started damaging your inner construction.

The real challenge even for the wisest people or even saints is to monitor and control the aggressive growth of unnecessary thoughts.

This brings us to another thought that, can we live an effective, productive, peaceful and harmonious life with just a few necessary thought...

JUST ONLY MOST IMPORTANT OR CRITICAL THOUGHTS.....and allowing every other thought to change its location from you to somewhere else.

  • 07 Jan 2019

Never give up as GREAT things take a longer time.

Sometimes we give up when God is working overtime to bring favorable circumstance for us.

A lot of great stories die before the final chapter because we do not wait to write the final chapter of our success.

  • 06 Jan 2019

Hobbies can detox your soul as nothing else can.

Your brain needs detox more than your body.

The brain needs regular detox.

It is normal to have negative emotions and thoughts once in a while when things do not happen the way we desire. However, holding on to these emotions and thoughts create huge toxicity in your system.


Hence it is essential to declutter mind with your hobbies like reading, writing, travel, music, yoga or exercise, etc.

Have some "ME, time every day which is exclusive to you.

  • 06 Jan 2019

Self Help Gurus Prediction for 2019

Gratefulness will be No.1 Emotion in 2019.

Recent Study show .. Why?

#gratitude has 15 lakhs + Instagram posts.

#GratitudeJournals have 2 laughs + posts

#Srearching Google shall give you 8.9 million searches if asked for "Gratitude Journals"

Amazon has 8000 books on Gratitude.

UC Berkeley has an entire department devoted to studying Gratitude, Compassion and other positive psychology subjects.

Gratitude takes a to "Self Reflection " where you focus on what you have rather than what you do not have or what is good in life not what is bad in life.

A very powerful exercise could be :

5 Minutes in the morning to thank Universe and God for whatever you have got in Life.Thanks, everyone including your parents, family, relatives, friends, Colleagues, teachers and everyone possible.


  • 05 Jan 2019

Yogic approach to wealth is an approach which gives the joy to have wealth without getting attached to it too much.

Our standard of living can be an asset or a big liability.

 Our simple standard of living will help us even in our low earning phases.

Even Our High standard of living will not help us create wealth as we will be in spending mode all through that phase. High standard of living is a high maintenance phase of life.

Our High standard of living generally is driven to show off our wealth, Which is not a great strategy in wealth management.

  • 05 Jan 2019

Nothing stops you to be WHO YOU ARE ...Not even your hardened Tendencies or habits.

No tendency can stop you to be free from it if you understand the dynamics and construction of our tendencies or habits.

Once you understand your tendencies, it loses negative pull and power to effect you in any which way.

Do not battle your tendencies, defeat them with the power of your wisdom.

  • 04 Jan 2019

What are the different Dimensions and dynamics of Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind instantly produced by sense gratification through:


Different dimensions:

Happiness @Emotional Level - It is produced by social interactions, love, affection, enthusiasm, patriotism, compassion and empathy.

  • 04 Jan 2019

Money is just a choice multiplier. That is the only function of having more money. Rest are numbers which give you psychological high and comfort.

Having money is not good enough but using it wisely is more important.

Ideally, money should not be driving your choices; in fact, your wise life choices should be encouraging our drive for money.

  • 03 Jan 2019

Health is our principal capital Asset.

However, are we looking at it like an asset or an ignored 2nd or 3rd priority or in some cases Not a Priority?

Health Asset Management is equally critical.

Health Asset Allocation regarding planning, time and energy gives you compounding return over time.

Health is crucial to overall Life Management.

  • 03 Jan 2019

There is no MAN inside a MAN.

There is Just Conciousness inside a MAN.

So our focus should lead us to our Conciousness, not the Person we are.

Mind looks for Man who is easy to find. However, find it difficult to find Conciousness as that is not so easy to find.

  • 02 Jan 2019

Focus more on the cure of disease rather than the gripping power of disease.

Focus on the opposite qualities of negative meaning only on positive qualities.

Positivity is the cure for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bottlenecks.

2019 ..Let positivity be the Mantra for each moment, each day, each month and of course whole

  • 02 Jan 2019

Certain initiatives go a long way however small or insignificant they may look right now.

Certain corrections and gap management starts to create favorable situations which we always thought beyond correction.

Let us take at least some steps which we always thought not possible this year.

Also, be excited in anticipation for something great to happen.

All great stories start with insignificant and small initiatives and create history.

  • 01 Jan 2019

What do we do to ensure we are committed to this year's resolutions?

Remember every moment that failure is not an option this year and let each and every cell of my body, My minds, my thoughts, and my soul only be the witness of my commitment, uncompromising commitment, unshakeable commitment. A winner's Commitment.

The real challenge starts today to ensure that all the resolutions we have made for this years start on a good note.

Yes, this year also like many past years we will face situations where we fail to remain committed to the Resolutions we have set for us.

 Whenever your mind looks for luxury or escapes from commitment, Just remind your Mind "My dear Mind, I can not help you this year. Try to break my resolve the next year. Thank you for my Mind, I shall meet you some other time.

A Salman movie dialogue truly expresses the true essence of the whole thought...



  • 31 Dec 2018

Today is the last day of 2018.

Why not let go of everything unfavorable of this year and cherish anything favorable happened this year.

Carry home every single thing which took you to the next level, made you a better person.

Carry home all your this year's life Learnings to enrich you in your next year's journey.

Also, make the list of 5 mistakes you would not like to repeat next year if we have the Opportunity to correct or change it.

Also, making the list of things which have been in our wish list for long. Do something to move ahead in those areas.

Promise that 2019 is going to be very very special. Let this thought remind you of

Enter new year with Big Enthusiasm, Big Promise, Big Commitment, Big Hope ...

  • 30 Dec 2018

A new year and New year Resolutions every year give us an Opportunity to put our past behind and delete our unpleasant memories of the past year.

New Year also give you an Opportunity to look at yourself, your situations, your relationships, your career, your finances and your unfulfilled desires of past years with a whole new understanding and brand new perspective.

The new year also give you an Opportunity to forgive yourself in case you have gone wrong in any aspect of your engagement with anything.

Give yourself and your life another chance with full-blown enthusiasm in the coming.

  • 29 Dec 2018

Do you want to experience and explore yourself with full-blown intensity?

If YES, then tell your MIND " Let me see what are you doing "

This is an explosive and hugely transformative process.

Sit quietly and start seeing all your THOUGHTS with complete awareness, complete focus, and attention.

Phase 1 - You start feeling uncomfortable with your thoughts because it will have some thoughts which are going to remind you're of some bad memories or negative experiences. This will make your whole body and getting into an uncomfortable zone.

Phase 2 - You increase the intensity of seeing these thoughts without getting involved.

Phase 3 - Your intense surge of emotions and blood pressure starts to settle down.

Phase 4 - You start accepting things, people and situations as they are not as you want.

Phase 5 - You start getting hold of yourself and are in a better position to control and manage everything around you most effectively and productively.

  • 29 Dec 2018

Yes, we are all designed to rise above all odds of life.

All our odds take our skills and understanding of it to the next level.

Odds make you stronger in every possible way.

More odds and challenges you face, More successful you become.

Welcome odds as Godsend Opportunity to come face to face with all you...

  • 28 Dec 2018

Love is simply life longing for itself.

The longing is to become all-inclusive - limitless.

Love does not need an object in front of you. You are capable of loving the person even if he or she is far from you, dead or alive.

Love is the only way you can be. Love is not about what you do. Love is about the way you are.


  • 28 Dec 2018

Meditation is not just about closing our EYES or using a technique alone, but actually, it is all about opening our inner EYES.

Opening our inner EYE is important because we are in a deep sleep for too long, we do not know for how many incarnations and are not aware " WHO we are? "

By the time we realize this reality, it is too late sometimes.

  • 27 Dec 2018

Without fulfilling your KARMIC DUTIES, you cannot be at peace with yourself.

Karmic duties are duties which we are born to fulfill. Without fulfilling your duties, you cannot achieve a state of happiness and peace.

Without fulfilling your karmic duties, you can not even meditate as your mind will feel some void and sense of guilt for not being able to fulfill your karmic duties.

We all are put in a unique situation in life to be responsible for certain duties of family, Job or business. You simply can not run away from it as situations will bind you to that duty. Then it is wise to fulfill duties with utmost sincerity with 100% involvement.

Gita in chapter 6, which is a chapter on Dhyana yog(Meditation)...talks in detail talks about karma yoga. Where Shree Krishna emphasizes the criticality of KARMIC DUTIES...

 You can not get peace by "not working" or "avoiding working " or finding "shortcuts to work."

Time to identify your KARMA of this lifetime and invest your mind, heart, emotions, and soul in your karma /duties...

This will fulfill you 100% inside out with unlimited joy and bless.

This insight shall make your next year the most fulfilling year.


  • 27 Dec 2018

It is a hell lot of a task to remain honest to your self, Not getting into temptations which everything around you throws at you.

The pull of negative forces is so intoxicating and so tempting that knowing very well we still tend to be drawn into it.

The forces of positives face a huge task to encounter negative.

However, to counter negative, there is NATURE which gets you in such an awkward situation that sometimes you regret being part of negative forces.

Still in the long run, if you understand the strategy of negative forces, You shall be able to manage them in a much stronger way and not lose touch with your inner positivity.

  • 26 Dec 2018

According to Buddhism, the nature of thought is thought itself, and the nature of desire is desire itself. Please do not give them any more importance then needed.

When we can see things like it in there true essence, not with the lenses of our perceptions you shall start looking at life challenges EYE TO EYE as your engagement with thoughts, desires, people, and situations are going be just what is needed without adding any stories to it.

Just dealing with THINGS as it is, Not more, Not less.....


  • 26 Dec 2018

Resolution No. 1 - Next Year's major resolution could be :

O God, please bless me with ZERO number of people in my life who are unhappy with me.

This one blessing can save a huge amount of energy spent on fighting with the other person who is unhappy.

Make a list of people who could be unhappy with you and try to correct anything in your hand. Keep reducing this number until it reaches ZERO.

This will help you concentrate on more pressing and critical issues of life and living.

  • 25 Dec 2018

Christmas celebrations have started the world over. Christmas celebrations are a celebration of life's engagement with you at a deeper level which constantly and consistently looking for joy which is never ending ETERNAL dimension.

Christmas weeklong celebrations also give you time to reflect on the following:


1. How Was my last year?

2. How did I score in all aspects of my engagement with my career, finances, relationships, New skills, Health, etc.?

3. Was it a fulfilling year or I missed the bus because of my leathery or not been able to bring about necessary passion and drive in activities I undertook?

4. Did I do something for my inner peace and joy?

5. How many people's life I could impact this year?

6. Where did I slip regarding honesty, integrity, and transparency and why?

7. How much time, energy and money you spent on Knowledge and Learning?


8. Did you do something to take your health goals to the next level?

10. Were you committed and disciplined in daily routine?

11. Did you give any time daily for self-reflection and self-realization to overcome your shortcomings?

12. Did you work on mellowing down you big fat ego which is a master blaster of all our troubles?

13. Did you repent for anything wrong you did in the heat of the moment or because of lack of understanding of the situation. ?

14. Did you grow as a person or got stagnated not able to find a way out?

15. How much time did you waste in engaging with activities, people and situations which could have been saved?

16. Did you do anything to find meaning all that we do mindlessly?

17. Have you gone far away from yourself or came one notch closer to your true self?

18. How much time you could give for your hobbies moreover, interest areas?

19. Could you arrive at 5 Top goals of this life?

20. Are you moving towards total freedom and independence in all our actions?

21. Are we investing ourselves completely..unconditionally to objectives we have set or are we honest with our goals and objectives or we like daydreaming?

This list could be very long if you think that you have a long journey to undertake in creating a perfectly balanced and fulfilling life.

I AM surely starting to embark on a journey of self-reflection in the next seven days...I also recommend you to do that...

Self-reflection can be life-changing...

  • 25 Dec 2018

Art and science of making your ordinary day into an Extraordinary day depend on what importance you give to it.

Ask a person who does not have time on his side, forget about a day every moment is precious for him.

This could be one of our new year resolution not to allow even a moment to go waste or on issues which are not important.

We have all come with an expiry date on our lives, but in our ignorance, we live as if we are going to stay forever on this planet earth.

Time to wake up and make each moment count.

  • 24 Dec 2018

In any management situations, Whether it is a problem to be solved, a project to be managed, team to be motivated, an individual to be coached. It is important to asses what actually is going on -

Here most important is to get your facts on the table and then giving direction and helping find their own direction.

There is also a CAUSE and EFFECT Analysis to asses the causes or reasons for a given problem. This will generate ideas and will help investigate the root cause of a problem.

Above can be applied to personal and professional situations both.

  • 24 Dec 2018

First you want to engage in multiple activities or plans, but in the end, you arrive at a stage where you would like to pick a few most important things in life to be engaged in.

No need to put any efforts, Your mind shall naturally reach a saturation point where it would not be keen to do anything which is not important.

  • 23 Dec 2018

Our 5 senses are like searchlights.

We see the external world through these senses.

But since our 5 senses are most of the times outwardly focused, your inner world remains in darkness.

Slowly and gradually turn the searchlight of senses turn inwards and lighten up your inner world where unlimited, unfathomable, unimaginable, indescribable joy resides which is the goal of all our goals.

  • 23 Dec 2018

Do not look for Salvation in future.

Normally our mindset is to mortgage our happiness for future or we postpone our happiness saying that :

" I will be happy Only when I achieve this or that "

" I will be happy when I get this or that " .

Our salvation is very much present in "PRESENT MOMENT ".

Do not postpone anything for future ,Start working on things which need correction right here -right now.You not know you get any Oppurtunity to do any corrections.

Stop spending energy too much on future as when future comes you shall not be left with any energy

  • 22 Dec 2018

Those who master the art of breathing, Master the art of living.

Breathing is critical to regulating your vital energy, emotions, and thoughts.

Scientific research proves that changes in our emotions, thoughts lead to change our breathing patterns.

Same is true when you consciously control and regulate breathing patterns through yogic techniques of PRANAYAM, You as a person start changing like never before. There is an absolute permanent transformation.

  • 22 Dec 2018

Enter into any of your dilemma with full intensity.

Intense dilemma is good new as you are somewhere close to your solution.

Dilemma is the doorway to Clarity.

Dilemma is part of all success stories.

We must go through and live through pain and suffering and the dilemma which comes along as part of the package.

Now on embrace dilemma with open arm.

Phase after dilemma is sometimes your best period, beautiful phase and truly enriching one.

  • 21 Dec 2018

Meditation is the best way to become more and more YOU.

YOU, not the personality but what is beyond your personality, Your "True Self" or "Inner Self."

When YOU become more and more YOU, It does not matter how people look at you or How they perceive You.

You start bothering less and less, What people think as you are slowly and surely growing inside in your inner world where you know in your heart that YOU wish everyone well irrespective of how others perceive you.

Meditation gives you an excellent tool to access your hidden true self with whom you can talk, improve and grow.

  • 21 Dec 2018

Our mind full of knowledge is not our biggest Asset or possession but our heart is with full of love and respect for each one is our biggest Asset.

It is time to review your Assets and Liabilities.

  • 20 Dec 2018

Meditation is the best way to become more and more YOU.

YOU, not the personality but what is beyond your personality, Your "True Self" or "Inner Self."

When YOU become more and more YOU, It does not matter how people look at you or How they perceive You.

You start bothering less and less, What people think as you are slowly and surely growing inside in your inner world where you know in your heart that YOU wish everyone well irrespective of how others perceive you.

Meditation gives you an excellent tool to access your hidden true self with whom you can talk, improve and grow.

  • 20 Dec 2018

Unfortunately, life does not come with any instructions manual and disclaimers on how to live life.

There is no quick fix to know how to live and lead a life...there are too many instructions manuals.

I think since every individual is different and unique, he or she needs a customized and specific manual of living which suits his or her taste and also giving joy which one is looking for always.

  • 19 Dec 2018

What is yoga?

Yoga is to connect, bind or join.

Yoga is to create alignment between physical and inner psychological world.

Yoga is the journey from the outer world into the inner world. Unfortunately, few lucky people get to know their an inner world in this lifetime. Without knowing your inner world, you are as good as living dead body engaging in activities just for the sake of-of it without much meaning with much stress, dilemma, confusing, etc...

Alignment must happen at three levels:


1.Alignment of Head (Dhyan yog talks about it)

2.Alignment of Heart (Bhakti yog discussions about it)

3.Alignment of Actions or our deeds (Karma yog discussions about it).

What are the eight limbs of yoga?

Broadly First 4 limbs talk about our outer external physical world..and another four talk about our inner world.


1. YAMA ..(Discipline in Relationships). Like Honesty, Non-violence. "Right Living " "Ethical Living" In other words moral discipline and moral commitment.

2. NIYAM..(.Individual Discipline ).Self purification(cleanliness),Contentment (Delight,happiness and joy),self discipline,Self Study,Self Surrender.

3.ASANA ..(.Balance of the body.)..through various postures .... sitting, laying, standing ..Dynamic and physically demanding sequence to synchronize breath to generate heat to purify the body.

4.PRANAYAM...(Controlling breath) ...breath connect us to our Mind, thoughts, and emotions.




5.PRATYAHARA....(Balance and control of Senses.)Withdrawing yourself from senses. It is preparation for Meditation. Moving the focus inside.

6.DHARNA ...Fixing your mind on a single point focus...

7.DHAYNA ...Dhyana comes from a Sanskrit word "dhyi" which means "TO THINK OF "Dhyana is an Effortless and continuous flow of attention on the object of focus. Mind loses its ego identification in this state to give you profound joy and inner calm.

8.SAMADHI...The State of Oneness. Where grip of EGO is gone, and you can connect with your infinite Conciousness experiencing ultimate ..unlimited bliss and joy.









  • 19 Dec 2018

Every question is organized in your Conciousness to have an ANSWER.

Do not seek your answers outside; It is very much within you, Maybe you need the right kind of tools to get to those answers.

Powerful tools are clear your blurred vision, meditation, observation, and contemplation.

The major issue is our outwardly external focus; sometimes you miss your inner world.

Actually, your real self stays in your inner world.

Once you access your inner world, you can access all your difficult answers...which have been eluding you for long.

You are the answer, and all your answers are very much in the realm of your inner world.

  • 18 Dec 2018

Which is a better choice of the two?



Offcource the first one. Bhagavad Gita continuously directly or indirectly talks about it.

When you put "efforts without worry" ...You are 100% available to work and the quality of work enhances.

Think and internalize it! This one of the most powerful thought to take your performance to next level.

  • 18 Dec 2018

The only way you get lucky without hard is CREATIVITY.

CREATIVITY is the only thing where even the law of karma (Law of cause and effect ) is bypassed to bring LUCK to you in the most unlikely and smoothest way.

With creativity, even nature changes track to bring about lady luck to you.

All success stories are stories of people who were at the right place at the right time, but it happens because there is something greater or some forces which help you in your journey of success.

You would notice that successful people would approach or do simplest of things most creatively.

CREATIVITY is nothing but the ability to create good luck and get support from invisible where your intention is moving everything in your favor.

CREATIVITY creates MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCES ...Moreover, your life is changed forever.

  • 17 Dec 2018

Question: Is it possible to get rid of the EGO?

Answer: It is seen rarely in very few people to get rid of EGO.

It is really difficult to get rid of it only through personal efforts. It also requires an element of GRACE of nature to be free from it.

It can happen to us when nature sees that your current mental state and your engagement with various aspects of life is moving more towards SELFLESSNESS and all your actions are as per NATURAL LAW.

If we want to evolve beyond ego, Let us work on our evolution from complexity to simplicity..and focusing on a few important aspects rather then spreading and scatter everything.



  • 17 Dec 2018

Real wealth is willpower, not money power.

We see many people with money power are not able to strike a balance with THINGS around them.

At the same time, many people with just the willpower on their side ....handle and manage the biggest of hurdles in life.

Money power may make your life little more comfortable, but willpower can move mountains.

Crises always look for your willpower. Be available to your willpower. It is with everyone...

  • 16 Dec 2018

Question: Who is a true good human being?

Answer: A true human being is truthful, simple and does not snatch others things, nor does he step on other people's toes to get ahead.

He is content in what he has, and if he wants more, he works to get it, he does not take an easy way out, no shortcuts.

He is natural as being natural; nature provides everything required for your growth.

Being a true good human being has to be a central theme of our life....let everything else is supporting elements while we go along the way in our journey.

Be a good human being First; rest will fall in place.

  • 16 Dec 2018

Trust is the destination journaling through doubt.

Trust is the outcome of doubt falling away.

Power of trust is the most trusted thing in our engagement with people and life at large.

Trusting others may be out of fashion but still carries the seed of evolved experience of any relationship.

When you trust nature's design for you, it reassures you many times more than whatever is happening is best for me, I may or may not be able to perceive it that way now.

Trust yourself, Trust others, Trust nature and accept the outcome with complete surrender without questioning the design of nature.

Trust that only trust will save you in your darkest hours.

  • 15 Dec 2018

From today my journey begins toward RE-BIRTH, RE-GROW, RE-ORGANISE, RE-AFFIRM, RE-BUILD, RE-LIVE, RE-VISION ...

The time starts now to shed or drop everything unnecessary which I have been carrying along for too long. It is difficult as old habits die hard. However, habits will have to die there natural death before they take everything important out of you.

I commit to value my every moment and each day as my last to not allow my mind and thoughts to miss and waste those precious moments.

Never again I shall be the slave of situations...

Never again I shall allow my SOUL to get drawn in anything negative.

Carry this Affirmation every moment with me " I HAVE THE POWER TO CORRECT MY MISTAKES & NOT REPEAT IT AGAIN" and wisdom to see things in the right perspective with complete balance.

  • 14 Dec 2018

If you lose the balance of MIND and THOUGHTS, You will eventually lose the game and battle of Life.

Biggest loses in the history of humanity since time memorials are when someone takes a view about SELF and others with IMBALANCE inside mind and thoughts.

IMBALANCED Approach creates a blurred vision of everything around you. You can see things physically but not in its essence.

You lose the script of life the moment you go off balance.

The major take away from this is to think 1000 times before going off-balance and then going off track.......and then feeling guilty...

Our search for happiness and eternal joy lies in BALANCE. Never lose it even once ....as that one time can create much confusion in your mind making you feel not so good...

If you want to FEEL GOOD .....Do not lose BALANCE...

If you want to FEEL BAD .....The best recipe is to lose balance.

Balance likes to ignore EGO, but Imbalance LIKES to be in the company of EGO.

Think about it!

  • 13 Dec 2018

Goals without deeper vision can leave you empty from inside out.

This happens when we are loaded with too much of information about the world and workings of the world but sadly missing information and knowledge combined with wisdom about SELF.

This is the reason that lot of our new year resolutions fail as goals lack deeper vision and without deeper vision, one can not have convection.

Interestingly life is bigger than the goals of life, but ironically we look at it the other way round.

Create a most evolved version of goals which let you experience your highest possibilities which include...Personal,emotional,relationships,financial,social and spiritual dimensions..

Instead of looking for short-sighted and short-lived goals ......LOOK for GOALS OF ALL GOALS...Where you know art and science of Designing and deciding your goals with a holistic perspective with an intense and deeper vision.

  • 13 Dec 2018

When you are waiting for something in your life, career, business or anything else.....there is a beautiful period called "IN-BETWEEN PERIOD."

Use this period to RE-INVENT, RE-IGNITE, RE-VISIT, RE-ORGANISE Yourself.

This sometimes can turn out to be your GOLDEN PERIOD.

  • 12 Dec 2018

The greatest gift you can give to your family is "HEALTHY YOU."

Like we work on all other aspects to make family happy, Let health be our top most priority If we have concern for them.


Never do anything knowingly which may be affecting your health at the mental, emotional or physical level.

Understand and Control your five senses as our senses impact the way we think and engage with our mind, emotions, and body which in turn effect our mental, physical and emotional health.

Wise people rightly say HEALTH IS YOUR BIGGEST WEALTH.....Moreover, you can not buy health with all your wealth.


  • 12 Dec 2018

The human mind has a desire for greatness, but our heart craves for goodness. Both our mind and heart must be in sync to achieve greater greatness with goodness being the central theme.

  • 11 Dec 2018

Purity and equanimity of MIND is a big MUST to experience, express and execute TRUTH.

Living your life in TRUTH and for Truth is the whole essence.

  • 11 Dec 2018

Inner work is equally important as hard work.

Hard work without inner work takes you to a destination of lesser choice.

Before embarking on a journey of Hard work, look inside and see if the area where you are putting your Hard work is worth.

Always start your journey from inner work. That is the safest bet.

  • 10 Dec 2018

Clarity leads to power. Clarity is life's biggest tool to dream and fulfilled life.

Clarity is a mental superfood, has all the ingredients for a more balanced and right approach to everything "Nothing more and Nothing less" "As it is "


We as humans and society at large have been consciously structured by our elders to be part of something fixed which may not suit an individual of a new age. This creats huge confusion in someone's mind ...This approach instead of giving clarity confuses us further.

Best investment in this life is to bring about clarity as after that only your mental chatter, confused state of mind; inner turmoil settles down.

Only after this, you start living in true sense the way

You should "With a complete sense of being alive and living every moment nothing less than in complete ecstasy and profound joy"...

Then what more you want from life after that...



  • 10 Dec 2018

Zen way of living teaches you not to be ecstatic when things are going your way.

And not feel low when things are not going your way.

Zen Perspective is a tried and tested model of engaging with your issues in the most effective way.

  • 09 Dec 2018

If we do anything with FEAR at the center, it will not work out the way we want anything and any aspect of life.

The body has 53 trillion cells affected by Physiology, Biology, and Chemistry.

Each of our cells is affected by the environment we create in our body and mind.

If we think positive and perceive things with positivity...it affects your whole body and mind positively, and your body releases happy chemicals like dopamine, etc.

Similarly, if you look at your disease, relationships, career, finances, etc with positive belief, you give a favorable environment to your creat health and happiness in all these aspects.

However, if fear of disease or fear of anything is in the center.....With fear even if you eat well all the right food, your body will not support you cure diseases.

So the core message is to work on creating "POSITIVE BELIEF CENTERED THOUGHT PROCESS" which is based on understanding and conviction not "FEAR CENTERED THOUGHT PROCESS"...

Give your MIND, BODY & SOUL environment it deserves.

  • 09 Dec 2018

Do not be tentative about Life. Life wants us to be specific to live itself to its true potential.

To know what we want from life, We will have to know everything about our self and desires. Without knowing self, you end up being tentative without any direction.

  • 08 Dec 2018

We can not escape STRESS but can manage STRESS by managing our thoughts, the impact of our thoughts and living and loving our thoughts with a sense of acceptance, maturity, understanding and allowing ourselves to be overpowered by our thoughts which create STRESS

  • 07 Dec 2018

Take home PEACE; rest are just stories on the way towards peace.

Mental peace on one side and rest of your accumulations on the other side.....PEACE has to be the central theme of your blessed life.

All your desires and even desiring happiness has PEACE as the end objective.

  • 07 Dec 2018

Human desires have three major hideouts -

  • ·        Senses
  • ·        Mind
  • ·        Intellect

Moreover, the above three are always looking for something more. If you drop one desire, another desire is standing in the queue right there.

How do we check this infiltration of unnecessary desires in our system.?

By doing or working on a mental state which gives you "Sense of Completeness"..

We experience something similar in our sleep where there is no sense of self and otherness hence desires do not bother. Can we create a similar mental state when we are awake?

Desirelessness does not mean you do not have ambition or craving for excellence in your core area or profession...

In fact in the desireless state, you access your full potential as your vision is not blurred.

Another permanent solution has 3 to 4 specific major desires which can consume your whole life....and drop unnecessary 1000's of imaginary and illusion driven desires..

This will unburden you of unnecessary mental chatter also.








  • 06 Dec 2018

Focus more on inner victory rather than too much focus on outer victory.

Victory can be called true victory if it is achieved in all the aspects. Otherwise, it shall lead to a permanent void in you.

Focusing your attention inwards shall bring a new surge of inner power and strength to rejuvenate your whole being.

  • 06 Dec 2018

Everything is easy when you are BUSY with things which are important for your inner and external growth.

However, everything is uneasy, or you are uneasy if you are LAZY.

Laziness is a sure short recipe of sure short failure.

  • 05 Dec 2018

To keep the body rejuvenated one has to unite human Conciousness

With Cosmic Conciousness. Physical exercise combined with meditation is a wonder-worker.

Avoid any suggestions to the mind of mental or physical sickness.

Your suggestions to the mind of sickness shall do more damage than the actual sickness.

  • 05 Dec 2018

Am sorry to say, but in life, our examinations never end till the end.

Life puts you through lots of test and examinations through situations and people.

The big idea is to stop fearing giving exams as whether we like or not, we do not have a choice to not appear in exams.

Then why not give and pass exams with flying Colours.

  • 04 Dec 2018

Question: How to cure yourself of irrational phobias and fears?

Answer: Phobias are completely manageable if understood well.

Surprisingly people who suffer from phobias know that it is their irrational fear.

However, in spite of it if not managed well it can ruin the quality of one's normal life.

The first thing we should do is to find the origin of it and then seek some counseling to figure it out through a professional psychologist the root cause of it.

Good news is that it can be 100% overcome with our efforts, Maybe with some experts help.


  • 04 Dec 2018

From today say to each of your near and dear ones, friends and everyone you know in words or expression:

"I ACCEPT YOU - AS YOU ARE " rather than saying "I LOVE YOU."

As this change in our thought process shall shift our compulsive thinking of :


This one change can instantly bring greater understanding, connect and deeper levels of peace and joy which shall last your lifetime. This shall settle our lots of unsettling thought which have been haunting our lives, silently eroding peace from our life's dictionary.


  • 03 Dec 2018

Unfortunately, in our schools, colleges, Universities, there are all kinds of subjects including a lot of new age digital and artificial intelligence courses except one that is :


Ironically we need this subject every single moment even in our day today engagement with our own self and the world.

People perception about you is formed based of this subject the most.

 Hope going forward THINKING becomes a mainstream full-fledged subject in our curriculum.




  • 03 Dec 2018

Question: What is the best way to live your life to be able to take the best out of everything.


Once you operate from this thought process, you only do or engage in things which matter or are dear to you as you do not have much time in hand to engage in small, unimportant and unnecessary aspects.

Ironically we engage in a lot of unnecessary things in life because we operate from this illusion that we have many more years in hand.

Friends...Time is short...Life is short...let us take this pledge to focus on things which matter to us...

  • 02 Dec 2018


It is quite OK to make mistakes. One only makes mistakes if one is doing something different.

What is not OK is to not learn from the mistakes.

  • 02 Dec 2018

My Souls depth is My Core, My Strength, My Voice, My Identity.

  • 01 Dec 2018

Beware of the bluff of our mind.

Mind try to fix you to some objects, situations, life stories, people stories and surprisingly mind just gets blocked in all these external aspects and gets blinded.

Maturity is to understand this bluff of mind if you want peace of mind and peace centered engagement with everything.

  • 01 Dec 2018

Stop cooperating with the delusion of the mind.

Mind creates lots of delusion and illusions and very skillfully creates a lot of stories without substance. These stories haunt us whole our life and stop us to live in an ideal way.

Understand the game of mind as mind knows the day you start understanding itself ...Mind shall lose its power to disturb your peace forever.

  • 30 Nov 2018

Question: How can you undo wrongs or mistakes we have committed since our birth?

Answer: Three key medicine which our sages and wise men found are :

1.Meditation: To have a calm and fully aware mind. So first you stop making more mistakes and then try to resolve past issues because you are now operating from the center of peace and bless.

2.Concentration and deadly focus: Find only a few things, goals, and objectives where you invest yourself 100%.It saves you to spend energy on only those things which are critical and meaningful.

3. Count you good Karmas: If you can not do good, Do not do wrong to create more negative Karmas. Doing good is the best investment which gives you return even after you are gone from planet earth

  • 30 Nov 2018

Let balance be in the core of all your life engagement and experiences.

Balance requires restraint and understanding of smallest players or elements which can take you off track.

Balance is needed with THINGS, PEOPLE and EXPERIENCES. These are the three most powerful aspects of life which can take you from balance to disbalance.

Balance saves you from your bad day every single time.

Be in the company of balance at any cost.

  • 29 Nov 2018


Change all of us resist even if it is in our benefit as we like to be in our comfort zone.

However, comfort zone can only give you comfort not growth and transformation leading to a permanent change in life.

If change is the changeless law ...

Not changing is going against nature.

If you are not changing you are not growing.

What do we need to change?

Almost everything needs to be changed in the pursuit of inner and outer growth.

Be it change at the mental level, emotional level or physical level.

Let this thought be with you whole day to contemplate and internalize it.

  • 29 Nov 2018

Our thoughtless actions and actionless thought.....both are dangerous for our overall wellbeing.

Let us think ten times keeping future implications in mind when we intend to take any action.

Similarly, if we just keep thinking without any action will lead to no outcome.

  • 28 Nov 2018


Question: Is the world and people around you are your rival or Partners?

Answer: If you only work with small self-centered ambition ...The world shall indeed be your rival and competitor.

However, if you work with an inclusive vision, world and people around you can be your partners leading to an expansion in vision, Consciousness and ambitious goals of life.

Think about it and share your views on it...

Have a blessed Day ahead!

  • 28 Nov 2018


In a room where a couple of people are present when the room is lit with light....It gives light to each one without discrimination.

Be the light yourself for others ...wherever you go, fill that place with your inner light.

Biggest of all service is spread that light through your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

  • 27 Nov 2018

Question: How do we use Knowledge of Bhagvad Gita in our practical day today Life?

Answer: Not by Just reading or knowing but by assimilating each word of it.

Whether you like or not ...You have to respond to every situation during the day. And the response to the same situation..different people respond differently.

Not the knowledge but assimilating the knowledge will help you apply Bhagvad Gita in the day to day life...

Try this out...Contemplation on at least one Sloka a day will bring clarity about life in an unimaginable way.

Have a Knowledge-centered day!

  • 27 Nov 2018

"End Objective" of all objectives is in achieving ultimate "Sense of fulfillment" "Happiness and joy" "Sense of feeling full and complete."

The stage in life where you feel full and complete,

it does not matter if you live to see another day as you would have already seen the glimpse of ultimate human experience after which you are just filled with extreme and unlimited joy which never fades away irrespective of people or situations around you.

  • 26 Nov 2018

Question: Can you enjoy your own company all the times or you need people around you to make you happy?

Answer: Since you are with your own self all the time, it is wise to start enjoying your own company as much as possible.

When you are all alone, No thought, No thought of anyone, you are in your company.

When the outer world does not exist, you are in complete solitude, aloneness.... the truth reveals itself as in your innermost being you yourself are that truth.

In fact, real Satsang happens with your own self, never in the crowd...Satsang in a group only works for the limited period with limited transformation.

Have a blessed Day!

  • 26 Nov 2018

Biggest truth of life is that there is No HOLIDAY and SABBATICAL from TRUTH.

If that is so, then let each and every cell of our body, each and every thought of our mind with the depth of our souls be near TRUTH.

Be in the company of Truth as that is your super-medicine.

  • 25 Nov 2018

Question: What is the best Gift one can get in this life or what is the biggest life event in our lives?

Answer: The biggest Gift or an event in your life is the moment you get.....WISDOM or ability to discriminate what is right and what is wrong...

I met thousands of people in my life but found very few people are blessed with this gift of GOD called wisdom or being wise in dealing with life. I have seen richest guys who have everything in life one can think of. They live life king size but are poorest in terms of wisdom.

No event or achievement is bigger than getting wisdom as a gift.

As a wellwisher I want you to check if you have got this gift .....

If YES ....then thank God from the depth of your heart.

If NO .....then fervently PRAY to God for this GIFT called .....WISDOM

  • 25 Nov 2018

Treat people as people not as objects to satisfy your self.

Scriptures talk about DEHA (Body) and DEHI (Soul).Every single human being has both without exception.

If these two things are common in all then why putting the other person down or looking at someone less then your own self...

philosophy and socio-Psychology ..

  • 24 Nov 2018

Life is like a good book which begins to make more sense when it reaches later chapters of life.

Even if your life book has not made any sense till now and you are not able to find meaning and a sense of purpose in life, review previous chapters of your life and write a story which starts making sense to you and people around you because of you are the WRITER of your life book...

  • 23 Nov 2018

Key Teaching of Guru Nanak :

1. The Almighty is "IK OMKAR," the one who is the creator and the creation.

The NIRANKAR (formless) manifests from creation only.

So there is no division between Creation and the creator.

2. The supreme is SATNAM, the only truth and is futile to please him through rituals.

3. Outward forms, formula, incantation, image-worship and superstitious are of no use.

4. Establish a link with Almighty through NAM-SATNAM. Chanting the name.

5. Divine love is the only salvation.

6. All living beings are God's own and no one can get the reward without service to others.

7.VAND -CHCHAKNA -Providing service to society and people. This should be based on honest livelihood.

So the main pillars of Sikhism are:





Like all others paths of liberation Sikhism...focuses on inner self or the soul and service to others.

  • 21 Nov 2018

We have only relative control over our lives and people around us never an absolute one.

It is best not to be a control freak else the charm of freedom and spontaneity in the larger interest of your ecosystem gets affected.

Time to loosen unnecessary control over everything.

Your happiness is waiting outside your control-zone...

  • 20 Nov 2018

There are two views on what is destiny?

1. Everything which happens to us is the result of choices we make in life.

2. Everything that happens to us is pre-destined or pre-designed, and we are puppets in the hand of destiny.

Above posses another question...

Then what is the purpose of life if we do not have free will?

The answer to all this can be found in 2 principles of KARMA ...

Principle 1: Performing KARMA

Principle 2: Experiencing fruits of KARMA

Conclusion: God has given us the freedom to do what we want to do but when, what, how, how much, where is in the hand of GOD or nature.

If this is settled in our minds, cloud or darkness or confusion is eliminated.

  • 20 Nov 2018

Every moment. Every day you are born again ..renewed...

Life is dynamic...in motion...

Change is the only reality...Do not be surprised at all ....on any of your life events....

  • 19 Nov 2018

The fragrance of flower remains even when we move flower out of our room.

Similarly, you leave your fragrance wherever you go even after you have left the place.

Do you think we should be like that flower?

  • 19 Nov 2018


If we have hundreds of reasons to

cry and not feel ok about certain aspects of our life.....Remember we do have ten thousand reasons to smile and feel good about many aspects of our life.

  • 18 Nov 2018

Notice people who are happy in your happiness and sad in your sadness. They are the one who deserves a special place in your heart.

Be there with them when no one is with them and because of unknown reasons even God is taking the time to respond to there call.

Not only they need you, but also they need your honest prayers ..


  • 17 Nov 2018

Even a wildflower needs a ray of hope to shine, And shine brightly.

We are all like flowers who need special treatment in spite of all our flaws and weaknesses to shine in our lives.

  • 17 Nov 2018

Sometimes it happens that things which are closest, nearest ...we are not able to see...

Even to see the nearest you need some distance or space.

Fact is that there is no space between YOU and the GOD (Divine).....that is why we are not able to see it.

GOD means the whole existence, the ocean of life.

  • 16 Nov 2018

We must differentiate between real needs and unnecessary "Necessities."

The actual focus has to in acquiring prosperity regarding not only money but also health, Wisdom, and peace through developing the mental efficiency.

Focus has to on NEEDS, not WANTS.

  • 15 Nov 2018

Evolved people focus on one thing at a time consistently as compass constantly points to the north.

In the ladder of evolution, this is one of the key steps.

  • 15 Nov 2018

Real truth can be seen only through NAKED & EMPTY eyes.

Mind and thoughts loaded with wrong ideas about life and perceptions which are part of unreasonable wild imaginations can blind your clarity permanently taking you far away from the truth.

  • 14 Nov 2018

The conscious mind cannot change your karma to bring success to your doorstep but when human mind connects and accesses Superconscious mind through meditation and deeper levels of relaxation...Success is granted 200%...

Access your superconscious mind to write the script of big success.

  • 14 Nov 2018

Future may be uncertain, but you can be sure of your self and your convection.

Future hides in your current actions and comes up with positive surprises.

So your current actions and convection in whatever you do define and designs your future.

  • 13 Nov 2018

Wisdom blossom in a peaceful mind and a peaceful mental state.

Go for nothing less than peace. Rest are just stories for keeping you engaged.

  • 12 Nov 2018

Question: What can be your immediate focus, target, and objective?

Answer: Evolving to be the best you can be without unrealistic expectations from yourself and others.

And what is evolution? In science evolution relates to morphological change, that is not in our control.

Physical body does not evolve much.

The soul is also considered to be unchanging.

Only our subtle body evolves by removing the layers.

There are four functions of the subtle body :

Chit -Consciousness

Manas - Thinking

Buddhist- Intellect

Shankara-Ego ...

Above work together to make up what we call MIND.

Interestingly Consciousness evolves only with other three functions..... Thinking ...Intellect .. Ego.

For all this Morning Meditation is the key....to work on all the four functions of the subtle body.

  • 12 Nov 2018

Everyone keeps getting opportunities every now and then to become more then one is capable of.

When such opportunities and inner thoughts flower ..Put all your inner resources to work.

Only you and your mental boundaries decide or block your capabilities.

  • 12 Nov 2018

This game of life is very simple if you keep it simple.

But if you over think all the times about every small thing, then it can get complicated, and you lose control and find in difficult to move forward.

So it is important to make small and simple day- today plan to channelize our entire thinking resource to take the best output from ourselves.

  • 11 Nov 2018

Growth in multiple directions at the same time can be a big distraction.

For real growth which matters...You need growth which is concentrated.

For concentrated growth..You need to go deeper and still deeper to find a real and whole YOU.

Growth with meaning is a real game changer. This builds an unshakable foundation for growth to be long-lasting.

Growth without meaning and direction takes you off your true calling and path.

  • 10 Nov 2018

Look at life and each event of life as it is "Pure" "Unadulterated " without adding or subtracting anything.

That is the best and the right way to experience life.

Teachings of Vedanta explores it to perfection.

  • 09 Nov 2018

Re-igniting, Redesigning, Re-Structuring, Re-building focus and passion on things which matter in Life is going to Re-define the outcome of our blessed existence.

  • 08 Nov 2018

In the end, you are stronger than your weakness. Let this thought define YOU and let this thought be your best friend, A friend who can come to your rescue instantly...

  • 07 Nov 2018

When you are firmly established in the present moment, the darkness of our life disappears, and darkness is replaced by LIGHT, A bright Light of Wisdom.

That is true Dipawali when our inner darkness is replaced by wisdom and understanding not allowing external situations to impact us.

All this is possible when you connect with your SOURCE, Source from where you have come and are likely to go back.

During Diwali ...All nature's positive forces come together to help us ..We need to invoke God's abundant, free flow of positive energy.

  • 05 Nov 2018

When the intellect is firmly established in the present moment, past and future can not shake it in any which way...

Let this thought be your first, second, third ...and every thought. And let this thought go beyond thought and become part of your DNA.

  • 04 Nov 2018

Forget the pain you have got in life

but never forget the lessons you have learned through that pain...

The key takeaway from pain is priceless lessons it teaches you.

So never look down upon your pain...Pain can sometimes liberate you from so many mental and emotional blocks we are carrying for long.

  • 03 Nov 2018

It is not what you say but with how much sincerity you say what you want to say differentiate you from everyone.

When the center of what you say is your "Soul" or innermost depth and honesty in your approach creates a default sincerity in whatever you say...


  • 02 Nov 2018

Question by a seeker: Why our lives are filled with sorrow and emotional turmoil?

Answer: We feel sorry and sorrow when we commit mistakes and repeat the same mistakes again and again.

The result of the mistake is only REGRET and emotional suffering as after making mistakes your soul is never happy and the feeling of not doing the right things will keep eating you peace.

Another question is WHY do we commit these mistakes very well knowing that the outcome is only regret and big suffering to self and people close to you.


So major reason is ignorance.

Ignorance of person, objects or situations.

The best solution is to operate from the Center of Wisdom and understanding

  • 02 Nov 2018

Our knowledge is incomplete in spite of the vastness of our knowledge if the knower (who is behind all this) is not known.

Every scripture indicates the following three aspects of existence:

1. JIVA - I

2. JAGAT - The world we are living.

3. ISHWAR - God ...

Frist 2 we generally get exposed to, but not everyone thinks and contemplate about God.

According to Vedanta...culmination of all the knowledge is knowing "SELF."

Vedanta also says that though it looks there are three different aspects of existence, the fact of the matter is that all these different aspects are one.

To put an end to all our suffering we need a discriminative and dispassionate mind which is desperate for finding the truth.

  • 01 Nov 2018

We can hide our mistakes from others but how can we hide it from our conscience.

It is fine if we have committed mistakes but the moment you realize your mistakes, put all your might to correct the mistakes.

Mistakes of childhood are ok but mistake once you are grown up is just not healthy for you...

Mistakes are nothing but a collection of misjudgment or a superficial way to engage with life.

  • 31 Oct 2018

The whole effort of our existence has been to move to higher levels which stand on itself and does not lean on anything of outside.

Exposing yourself to too many aspects, people and situations lead to huge waste of energy.

For your inner world, you need no support.

  • 31 Oct 2018


Your only limitation is YOU. Allow yourself to fly high in all your life pursuits, without letting your confidence getting affected by any external factor.

Let your belief in your self-be your best friend till your last breath.

  • 30 Oct 2018

TRUST starts with TRUTH and ends with TRUTH.

Without being on the side of Truth, one cannot be Trustworthy....

There is no bigger reward and award to be Trustworthy with truth in the center of your thinking and personality.

Let no weak moments or selfishness push you to lose truth and trust.

Sometimes in the eyes of others more then your educational qualification, it is trustworthy becomes your biggest qualification.

  • 29 Oct 2018

Stop focusing on HOW STRESSED YOU ARE?

And start Focusing on HOW BLESSED YOU ARE...

Yes count all your blessings every day before going to bed and thank God...


  • 28 Oct 2018

Take a Full Spectrum View of everything around you.

Once every month take a look at your life objectively from a distance in a detached way to

be able to find gaps or weak areas which are coming in the form of your inner and external growth.

  • 27 Oct 2018

When you are in the center of peace, Peace is in the center of your heart.


  • 26 Oct 2018

What happens to you in later part of life depends on what we have done in our earlier part of life.

The whole essence of Gita and karmic cycle focuses on that element.

  • 25 Oct 2018

Pursuing Wisdom and knowledge is a full-time pursuit, not an intellectual exercise.

And this should start when you are in your Youth ideally and not when your mind and body starts crumbling with age, and your curiosity and inner search for meaning starts diminishing.

  • 24 Oct 2018

If we think too much about the future, then What shall happen to today and this moment.

Life is waiting for us at this moment, and we are busy making plans which are quite away from this moment.

  • 23 Oct 2018

Accepting and coming to terms with your past, present and future give you big comfort, and all your unnecessary stress, discomfort, and unease go away, and you feel liberated and free.

Each one of us has something of past and present for which we are not proud of...but we cannot spend the rest of our life thinking about it.

Life Lives at this moment and only at this moment. Do not go to the wrong address of the past or future.





  • 22 Oct 2018

Bigger the failure, bigger the possibility of success.

  • 21 Oct 2018

It is not eyesight but the insight that matters in Life.

Eyesight sees what is outside of you, But insight considers the essence of the can is seen through it.

  • 20 Oct 2018

The soul is pure but not perfect.

That is why we come back again on earth in our next birth or incarnation to become more perfect.

So keep investing in every moment, thoughts and actions to complete the journey of becoming perfect.

This feeling itself of becoming perfect at a deeper level of soul is such an exciting one, once you achieve that state even partially.....It shall merely fulfill you inside out....unlocking everything beautiful inside you of many incarnations.

  • 19 Oct 2018

Betting on quality over quantity is the way forward.

Betting on a few specific goals is better than working on 100 goals.

Betting on hiring five quality people is better than hiring 50 people in a company.

Betting on a few big ideas are better then dissipating your energy into more big ideas.

Betting on a few stable relationships is better than a big crowd..

Betting on your own self is always better than betting on others.

  • 18 Oct 2018

Learn the masterstroke of life, NEVER REACT when the best thing is to understand the gravity of the situation and respond in a more balanced and mature way.

  • 17 Oct 2018

When you are able to handle life's toughest situations, any situation after that cannot shock you anymore.

When faced with any tough situation, remember how you managed tougher situations in the past.

This shall give you inner confidence and conviction to manage things with ease.

  • 16 Oct 2018

When true presence and full-blown awareness with wisdom arises in you, You start seeing EXTRAORDINARY in ORDINARY.

By the way, every single creation by the creator is indeed extraordinary.

  • 15 Oct 2018

I am not the story which I been thinking of, but I am conscious awareness behind my story.

Most of us live with our interesting and exciting stories, completely missing out the actor behind the story.

  • 14 Oct 2018

Love is Love; it does not change itself irrespective of any external factor, love is beyond gender, caste, creed, etc...

Understanding and dissecting every possible dimension of love is not everyone's cup of tea. But once it did, it opens the door to heaven.

Love and Loving needs a live human not a dead physical body without emotions.

My heart bleeds when I see love based on who the person is, what region or religion he or she belongs. That is the most narrow way to express and experience love in its purest dimension.

Society loves you based on your external status; Love Loves you for your inner status or beauty...

Love validates that indeed God Exist....whereever there is love ..God does Exists ...

  • 13 Oct 2018

It is easy to visit the temple but difficult to visit your mind and inner Consciousness.

But easy has no connection with truth.

That is why 99.99 % of people visit the temple and not meditate because going to temple and completing religious rituals are easy and happens in short periods.......but meditation or going inside your mind, talking to your mind account, engaging with inner conversations in your mind definitely requires better preparation, understanding, and discipline...which most of us are not comfortable with.

Let us meditate on this thought today.

  • 13 Oct 2018

Peace is not something which we can acquire from outside.

Peace has to discovered from within.

Once peace is acquired, Our inner Consciousness gets enlightened leading to upward growth across life dimensions.

Peace is priceless if you have been able to acquire it, keep it close to your heart.

If you are in the process of discovering it, intensify your search.

  • 12 Oct 2018

Vedanta is a religion if you treat it as

belief and it is philosophy if you look a wonderful

ideas it offers about life and the world.

  • 11 Oct 2018

All plans when worked out being in the center of your true being or when you are ultimately in control with your thought and emotions, Can give results which are good for healthy 360 dimensional balanced and truly successful life.

So plan with peace and complete balance of your all senses in the center of your being ....gives you great joy which only grows and multiplies over time.

  • 10 Oct 2018

India is the only country in the world where God is worship in female form.

Female form of God represents Cosmic energy or Shakti Swaroop.

Today on the eve of Navratri.....let we also look at deeper dimensions of Sakti or form of power going beyond the ritualistic aspects of Navratri.

Navratri gives you an opportunity to completely get drunk in the worship of Mother Goddess Durga for full nine days.

  • 09 Oct 2018

Your only real security is in GOD.

Take out some time every morning to meditate.

Meditation is an antidote to all your inner and worldly insecurities.

  • 09 Oct 2018

Fundamentals our life should be based on truth, not on series of lies.

When our life centered around truth, and the central theme of your life is the truth, Life lives in its

Priest dimension is creating a life which is right for us.

  • 08 Oct 2018

The biggest prize you get after losing in life is EXPERIENCE.

And experience is priceless.

Losing many times shows you way forward how not to lose and get into the cycle of Sustained success.

  • 07 Oct 2018

Now and then look at your "WATCH" with a Smile and say to yourself " Thank God, I AM STILL ALIVE"..

This is good enough a reason to CELEBRATE.

  • 05 Oct 2018

Mental Hygiene is more important than your Physical Hygiene.

Pure and righteous thoughts help in even curing Critical Physical diseases.

Now science has established the connection of our right thoughts to our health.

If you are suffering any health issues, sit alone and see if any mental aspects of engagement with thoughts are reasons for our health conditions..

Now doctors call these diseases Psychosomatic diseases.

Every religion and yogic tradition has some practice or other to Purify our mind and thoughts which are causes many times for our diseases.

  • 04 Oct 2018

We are so outwardly focused in the outer world; we forget that there is an inner world waiting desperately looking forward to meeting us...

Contrary to popular belief, our actual world resides in our inner world.

We look at everything through the eyes of our inner world ...

Keyword, password, and access to our inner world luckily is only with us....

So who are we waiting for? When only can access yourself...and your inner world.

  • 03 Oct 2018

No teachers, boss or leaders opinion is final about you.....They must be looking at you from the prism of there mind.

Yes, you are much beyond the opinion of anyone...At heart you know who you are and let me tell you, you are no less than anyone...

Keep this thought close to your heart always..every single moment...

When your teachers ..bosses...opinions are not Ok, meet yourself at the earliest....the answers are already with you.

  • 03 Oct 2018

Bhagavad Gita says ...

One who is righteous will never come to grief. Either now or in future.

You will carry forward the credits to your future life.

  • 02 Oct 2018

Best way to lose is to lose yourself to life itself....

Once life takes you over...Life dances within you like never before making life a beautiful song ...

An eternal song ...

  • 01 Oct 2018

The mind is blind....it shows you only

What you want to see...

Try to show mind only which helps you grow mentally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

  • 30 Sep 2018

The most important happiness, growth factors, and success parameters are:

Complete clarity in Mind

Complete fitness and health in Body

Completely centered in our true self(SOUL)

Complete action plan for wealth generation and management.

Complete Trust and unconditional love in all relationships.

Complete control over negative emotions like anger, unnecessary reactions and not needed hatred in the heart.

Complete patience in waiting for good things to happen.

Complete perfection in professional excellence.

Complete planning to manage twists and turns of life.

And above all,



  • 28 Sep 2018

Mental fitness helps stop your aging process.....and you feel on top of the world...

The best way for mental fitness is concentration on something you like and meditation for half an hour in the morning and evening with meditative mindset whole day where you are centered in your Consciousness all through.

  • 28 Sep 2018

Music followed by silence is one of the most effective ways to experience heightened awareness in meditation.

1st stage - Music of your taste takes you to higher mental and emotional dimensions.

2nd Stage - once music makes your Consciousness fertile, you start meditation in complete silence to get to superconsciousness and experience bless and true joy which you have never experienced before.

  • 28 Sep 2018

Do not run away from sufferings and hard stuff of life.

Flavour of sufferings adds flavour and colors in

All dimensions of our blessed life...

  • 27 Sep 2018


Be Life sensitive, not ego-sensitive.

Any day, in any circumstances Life is bigger than ego...

Engagement with life is more sensible then engagement with ego.

Life should exist to have any trace of ego.

Decide where you would like to spend your whole life......WITH LIFE or WITH EGO...????

  • 26 Sep 2018

Happiness is inner engineering with emotional intelligence spreading your joy to everyone who comes in contact with you at physical, emotional and at the soul level.

  • 26 Sep 2018


Most of the time knowledge and perception of senses are inferior to experience and understanding of intellect.

For example - Our senses tell our mind that Sun is

rising or setting ....but our intellect knows and tells our mind that Sun never rises or fixed as it is at one place...

Senses operate from perception, but intellect operates from facts, knowledge, and understanding.

  • 26 Sep 2018

Feeling like a superman with a promise to myself that instead of letting things overpower me, I would be even stronger at the end irrespective of the issue, situation..I shall work things out and be in the best shape of my life...Come what may...

All my emotions are feeling happy, strong and grateful to God.....So We are Looking forward to great things to happen....

Affirmations like this change the course of you and your life forever...


  • 25 Sep 2018

I saw following interesting quote at my dietician' s clinic today which immediately caught my attention..

Sharing it....

Every time you eat or drink something, you are either FEEDING a disease or FIGHTING a disease.

So eat or drink anything with complete awareness every single time before it is too late, and we are not able to reverse the whole cycle.

  • 25 Sep 2018

Failure is a delay, not defeat.

Let our small and medium-sized defeats never dent our enthusiasm and passion even 0.0001 % under any unfavorable circumstances.









  • 24 Sep 2018

Crying once in a while is good news as it suggests that your emotions are still not dead...

When we look around, we see emotions in people are dying so fast that being a sensitive person you wonder "WHY"......but you do not get easy answers.

So when you feel like crying from within do not hold yourself....Just allow your emotions to flow and let your feelings find their natural destination.

Keeping things in the heart is not good for the soul...Let loose your emotions for your and your hearts health....

  • 24 Sep 2018





  • 23 Sep 2018

Easy solutions are comfortable and convenient but may not be a long-term solution...

So in search of solutions, look for solutions which take you out of the current not so easy situation.

We do not run away from solutions, but from our self, as most of the times we are in the core of solution and are looking out some were else..

So getting out of your comfort zone may take you one step closer to that much-awaited solution.

  • 23 Sep 2018

Yogic wealth is wealth that gives true bliss.

According to our scriptures, there are four kinds of wealth :


SOCIAL WEALTH ( Our relationship with our spouse, family, friends, Acquaintances, and society as a whole)

EMOTIONAL WEALTH (Having Emotional balance)

FINANCIAL WEALTH ( Balanced approach to engaging with money)

You are truly WEALTHY if you have all above otherwise, you remain poor having an illusion that you are rich...

  • 22 Sep 2018


When the fear of death goes, all your age-old hidden fear goes....

Beyond the fear of death, life is waiting to celebrate itself like never before..

Think, understand and analyze your fear....and it vanishes...

  • 21 Sep 2018

Ironically we do not value people who are close to us or are in front of us as we take them for granted.

  • 20 Sep 2018

If we look at life closely, we find that all priceless things are available for free. For example, Peace, Sleep, Joy and most important your breath...

Meaning a lot of things are available in abundance while we are searching them outside.

  • 19 Sep 2018

Every failure prepares you in life for something bigger and better to unfold..

Embrace failure without any embarrassment.

  • 17 Sep 2018

Innovation = Idea + Leader + Team and a unique business plan .

Never before in the last 100 years, innovation is needed for any business as a lifeline.

With idea, a Business Leader along with the team has to come out with out of the box innovation to go to the next level of growth.

Innovation is for today's business is its central idea and soul..

  • 16 Sep 2018

Wealth in the long term gets created not by optimizing

Investments but by optimizing spending.

  • 15 Sep 2018

Great ideas and intent to do something well is great but not enough to execute those great ideas.

Apart from execution strategy, you need certain specific qualities like convection for what you want to do, extraordinary passion, vision and ability to work on a day to day routine activities without losing larger interest.

  • 14 Sep 2018

It takes a strong person to say sorry and an, even more, stronger person to forgive.

Any sane person inside heart does want to forgive and move on in life, but deadly ego and constant hesitation stop you from taking a life-changing move to forgive someone when the person least expect it..

Forgiveness makes you beautiful inside out...

  • 13 Sep 2018

God's ways are better than ours, stay in faith.

Faith can move a mountain.

Faith heals.

Faith gives you the power to encounter the worst with a smile on your face.

Faith gives you a reason to live....

Let your new address be HOPE..., Yes never dying HOPE...

  • 12 Sep 2018

Look around, the solution is around the corner, then why worry ..

Let this hope of finding solutions to all your problems fill your heart, mind, and soul moving things your way.

Never lose hope, hope is life's superfood..

Hope can be your best friend when you have filled with negative emotions and a feeling that things are getting out of hand and nowhere to go.


  • 11 Sep 2018

Alone I can say, but together we can talk...

It is mostly about "WE" not "I"....

Life becomes more comfortable when we talk and communicate and convert "I" into "WE".....

"WE" completes life ...."I" take the life out of life...

  • 10 Sep 2018

Do not surrender your common sense, discriminate...

Observe your ability to discriminate between good or bad, right and wrong.

This is a big plus in anything you undertake ..

Ability to discriminate is your passport to happiness.


  • 09 Sep 2018

The beauty of life is that everything works out in life at some stage in some way ...

It always works out....It does...




  • 08 Sep 2018

Loving someone is nothing but a pure act of serving the other person.

Loving someone is the highest of all service...

For this service, start from the people around you before going out into the world to spread the fragrance of love...

  • 07 Sep 2018

When asking a question becomes irrelevant, you start getting a relevant answer.

Sometimes dropping an ever-curious questioning mind is a happy change for you...

When unnecessary questioning ends wisdom which starts its work...

  • 06 Sep 2018

Even if all the adverse situations converge to put you in the back foot at this moment, try to converge and conserve all your positive energy to change your current situation.

Promise to your self with all honesty that you will not allow any adverse situation to impact you even a little bit.


  • 05 Sep 2018

Why do we like sad songs?

Because sad songs touch your soul at the very deeper level and happy songs give you temporary excitement which always fades too quickly.

We forget good memories and only remember sad memories because pain stays with you for longer then joy..

But sadness is replaced with joy if we can understand pain and sadness at a deeper level without running away from it.....

  • 04 Sep 2018

Let the burden of whatever has gone wrong in our lives become lighter and lighter by every single moment.

If we live with this burden, you are not fair to yourself and God-given beautiful life ..Which most of us have taken for granted for too long...


  • 03 Sep 2018

Even if a MAN says NO, God can still say YES ....

The biggest SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is HOPE...and we must start this investment here and now, right now.

Even if we think something is not possible, God can through the inspiration of Hope ....can surprise us with gifts which we thought was out of our reach.

  • 02 Sep 2018

Should not always have a negative relationship with our failures.

Failure is a big part of your eventual success...

It is time we change our age-old perception of failure..

  • 01 Sep 2018

It is okay to analyze your past but not a good idea to just get stuck with your past..

It is fine if you put your past in some corner of your mind but the moment past comes back with a vengeance to haunt you, it starts slowly damaging your inner peace and wisdom.

Past is meant to live in the past only, and you have to gift yourself a beautiful present in the present.

  • 31 Aug 2018


A diamond retains its strength and clarity no matter how many waves crush down upon it.

Similarly, the man of inner peace retains his equanimity through even the storms of mighty trails...

  • 31 Aug 2018

The most extraordinary of all quality is to be ordinary.

We rarely think that in the rat race of being extraordinary we miss the beautiful ordinary self-buried under the burden of being extraordinary.

  • 30 Aug 2018

Our mind does not like the whole idea of us ignoring it.......

By mistake, if you go against your mind, it starts to punch you from all corner as a mind is used the idea of controlling you..

BEST thing is to dissociate yourself from your mind and start spending more time in your own company.

Mind starts to lose its power the moment you start ignoring it and is defeated in its own game.

Beware of your mind, and it's many avatars which can make your life biography of big disaster and distress.

  • 30 Aug 2018

Clarity breeds Mastery over life...

The actual game of life starts when we can build clarity in all aspects....like...

Clarity of life purpose

Clarity of thought.

Clarity of what to see and what to ignore

Clarity in what to hold and what to let go.

Clarity on why you exist..and for whom you live..

Clarity of your dreams..

The clarity that your body must exist in good health to experience everything you are building clarity for.

The clarity that money is significant but life has much more to offer...

The clarity that you must build harmonious surroundings for peace and joy at the multidimensional play of life.

The clarity that life must be lived with 100% authenticity, honesty and transparency. It is a game changer...

The clarity that "Giving is receiving " or learning to give is the most defining thing..

The clarity that forgiveness makes the journey of life smooth...and saves massive amour of time in conflicts..

The clarity that "Life Exist when you exist."

  • 29 Aug 2018

Vedanta says to let our intellect decide when and how much sense objects we need..

  • 29 Aug 2018

Sharp intellect can co-exist happily with large-heartedness, Love, sharing and simplicity.

Beautiful balance in the understanding of all aspects of life and living makes you a living legend in your this lifetime itself.


  • 28 Aug 2018

It is the wisest thing to focus on managing what is in our hand right now ..right here.

Yes, there are certain aspects of life which will unfold with time. Any amount of stress for future is going drain your energy making you feel low.

Let us wait with patience for future to unfold...

Who knows things would happen much better than expected.

Anticipate Good ...better...best...in Times to come.

  • 27 Aug 2018

Things which really matter should not be on the mercy of things which do not matter.......

Focus your heart...mind ...soul and your whole being on things which really matter.

  • 26 Aug 2018

Day by day increase your inner stillness and settle your whole being in a

small corner inside your self which is away from the noise of life...

Every day access this inner stillness to rejuvenate your whole being ....

  • 25 Aug 2018

True originality is when you can not repeat your original work in the same spontaneous, unique way.

Rightly so....Original is original...So be original in all your life dimensions.

  • 24 Aug 2018

Meditate and focus deeper today than yesterday.

And furthermore in-depth focus tomorrow than today.

Why Deeper focus, because that is an indication that we are moving from one level of inner growth to next level .....diving in the depth of the more profound truth and reality across all aspects of what life has to offer....

  • 23 Aug 2018

Health conscious need not battle with disease or sickness Consciousness.

A better strategy is to understand by getting deeper into proactively the cause and effect of it rather the fueling disease Consciousness.

This inner battle must end to overcome it permanently forever.

Target health at the level of mind, body, emotions, relationships, and soul to get to complete holistic health where sickness stops bothering forever.

  • 22 Aug 2018

Constructive Criticism is a double blessing for the one who criticised and also for the one who is criticising.

Constructive and positive criticism with genuine intent changes everything positively forever.

Constructive criticism is food for growth.

Constructive criticism makes you more analytical terms of what you are doing at this stage with an improved understanding of likely solutions.

Constructive criticism only makes you better.

So WELCOME everyone who is taking the pain to bring to your notice your flaws and shortcomings in you as human.

  • 21 Aug 2018

Do not waste your best hours and best days to chance.

Just see if our best times spent on things are not helping us transform some aspects of our lives...

Time is just slipping out of our hand. Do something worthwhile for which you would always be proud that you have achieved. 

  • 20 Aug 2018

The best medicine in life is RESPONSIBILITY. After getting this, you never get tired.

Responsibility changes the way you can engage with whatever you do.

So embrace responsibility as God sent a blessing.

  • 19 Aug 2018

Death of a near and dear one could have a most transforming impact on everything around you.

Death is inevitable, but its timing is uncertain.

Death forces you to think that when God decides its strategy, all our plan do not work.

Death conveys clearly that for anything to exist in life, you have to survive.

Death comes between you and your life every time.

Death has the shortest age, but it impacts everyone around you for generations.

Death tells you loudly to live as passionately as possible respecting each moment you get.

Death is the biggest of all unanswered questions.

Death comes without giving any notice an unwanted guest.

We are always in denial mode as far as death is concerned.

Death can surprise you, but the proactive approach can save your family from huge trouble.

We all live with this misconception that comes to others not to us as we live precisely with that mindset.


Death can delayed by taking care of physical, mental, psychological, social and spiritual health were your whole system is not under stress.

Thinking, understanding and contemplating about death frees you from its fear and gives you strength to deal with it confidently.

So Live an authentic and genuine life not fake and artificial life as even if you gain something, it will not be worth and will have zero value.

  • 18 Aug 2018

Today I saw something which completely shook me from inside out. Someone who I knew and met every day and exchanged smile every time I met left this mortal body at an early age of heart attack...He was less than my age.

I could not control my emotions as I saw his family in complete shook.

Have we worked out a less troubled life for all our near and dear ones once we are gone?

It is time to review that and put all your might in planning unfortunate and uncomfortable situations which only people who go through know.


It can not be fully experienced from a distance by anyone other than your own family.

  • 17 Aug 2018

Before leaving your mortal body, leave a signature of love, compassion, affection in the minds and hearts of everyone.

What better way to live and leave the world ....


  • 16 Aug 2018

Our series of actions since our birth define who we become.

In other words, we are the total of all our actions which decide our fate...

All our actions the moment they hit our conscious or subconscious mind is recorded in a hard disk which cannot be formatted, leading to many more actions which will have the potential to make or break our life...

Be very Conscious and careful about your every action.

  • 15 Aug 2018

Inner freedom is real freedom, all other kinds of freedom are bondage which you are never able to manage in a balanced way.

So put all your possible energy in finding true freedom which can permanently come only through inner freedom.

  • 15 Aug 2018

Karma Yogi without Yog is not karma Yogi as Yog connect you with the soul of work.

Without yog karma alone is just another transaction of life without any Soul purpose.



  • 14 Aug 2018

Everything about us is spirituality as it is all about our spirit.

So thinking spirituality as some isolated aspect of us is greatest of all ignorance.

Every time you do or think something good for someone, it falls under spirituality.

Every time after failures in life, when you stand again and fight the battle, it is nothing but spirituality.

Every time you come out of the realm of darkness, you are under the grace of that supreme power ...it is the play of spirituality.

Every time you spread positive energy with love and care, you are under the influence of spirituality.

Everything about you, your thoughts, Your thinking, your way of life falls under spirituality.

Spirituality is the outer essence of spirit, and it's inner dimensions.

  • 13 Aug 2018

Forgiveness is freedom from all that is not necessary.

By an act of forgiveness, you free yourself permanently from the undesirable situations and leading to complete peace.

Forgiveness creates enough space in your mind to occupy something more meaningful.

Forgiveness discourages ego which is food for All our problems.

Forgiveness unlocks all your positive emotions leading to being able to love also experience love in its true essence.

Forgiveness is the greatest of all secrets...Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness or being able to forgive.

  • 12 Aug 2018

The biggest problem we all have is to think we have time in our hand...and that is the biggest illusion with which we live.

Death of a loved one around you again and again reminds you that you do not have infinite time in hand .

Learning from death is to be reminded every single moment of the uncertainty with which we live ,hence value each moment with unconditional engagement with our precious life...

Unfortunately we do not know our expiry date....

But before die ...Let's live.....


  • 11 Aug 2018

Someone asked me what if you fail in some aspects of life.

I answered spontaneously from the deepest core of my heart :


  • 10 Aug 2018

Playing any outdoor sports brings you back to your

childhood energy levels and excitement of your youth.

Playing any outdoor sports in a double treat for you.

There could be a lot of new age options to keep yourself fit, but nothing can compare with outdoor sports...

Play the game of life with full blown vigor and unlimited excitement with an added flavor of outdoor sports....

Pick up an option for outdoor sport at the earliest.

  • 09 Aug 2018

We know what we are but miss out on what we could be.

We keep missing out on the vast possibilities and potential we are born with.

Are we doing anything about it?

Yes or No......Time is here and now....

Think about it.

  • 08 Aug 2018

How wonderful it is to count all your blessings once in a while... It is the most powerful transformational exercise one can ever undertake...

At the end of your counting all your blessings, you are amazed and surprised that the list of what life has given you is so big that it hardly matters what you do not have as that list is too small...

Let us be grateful to every smallest thing and fill our heart with lots of gratitude for what life has already put in our basket.....

  • 07 Aug 2018


It is not an issue what you go through in life...but

It is of great importance to how you go through those challenges in life..

Face life challenges like a hero with a smile on your face and inner strength in your heart.

  • 07 Aug 2018

When you laugh, you experience entering your inner self and touching your deepest core...

Laughing is another form of meditation where thoughts of past and future are absent, or somewhat mind ceases thoughts for that period of laughing.

Laughing brings thoughtlessness that in turn brings pure bliss...

  • 06 Aug 2018

It is difficult but possible to commit to a few select, focused and specific things in life in the world of endless choices.


It is so liberating to put all your energy in things which are most valuable and meaningful rather than be lost in the world of endless choices and temptations.

It brings you in complete harmony with your own little beautiful inner space where all your happiness stored.....

  • 05 Aug 2018

Once your model of looking at life changes, Universe starts behaving differently by taking you closer your self and start working for a life of your dreams.

Check if your current life model is working for you or not...

Think about it ..

  • 04 Aug 2018

There are 7 magic pills to give you a fresh lease of life from any damn situation:








  • 03 Aug 2018

The problem cannot solve with the same mind which created it.

You will have to move out of your mind zone and see from a distance the same problem as if you are a third person....

While you are using this tool, You realize and get an entirely new perspective or solution to deal with the problem.

More then the problem, it is how you look at your problems helps you solve the problem.

  • 03 Aug 2018

Positive Affirmations for your mind, body, Soul, Professional, personal, emotional and social aspects are WONDER-WORKERS ...

Try them every morning, A different you shall emerge from these affirmations.

  • 02 Aug 2018

When your mind is set, You are set and then automatically everything is set...

  • 01 Aug 2018

When the question is close to your answer leading you to another question followed by an answer, suggest that you have now started looking at life at a much deeper level searching for its true essence and meaning.

If you are some were close to that or on the same pace. Big Congratulations!

  • 31 Jul 2018

The oldest of all religion is LOVE.

Once you filled with LOVE in its purest sense, you and you're whole existence transforms forever and making you the magnet of Love were the center of your whole being operates from the fragrance of love.


  • 30 Jul 2018

Peace begins when expectations end.

Yes as expectations are a doorway to a big disappointment.

The fact of the matter is that no one in the whole world can fulfill your expectations even partially.

But the moment you moderate your expectations from others, suddenly peace surrounds you never like before, and all your stress is generating syndrome stops bothering you.

And there can not be a better outcome then peace embracing you and fill your inner core or being with unshakable joy...

  • 30 Jul 2018

Concentration is nothing but exclusive attention on something you are focusing on.

It is so exclusive that even you do not exist for that period..

All great things happen in this state of mind when


  • 29 Jul 2018

Qualities of a leader by Gita


1.     Proceed in the path of unselfish karma, an action for others.

2.     Who is constantly working for inner self-growth?

3.     He is always in control of emotions and senses.

4.     He is always level headed and tranquil in all circumstances.

5.     He does the right thing in all situations.

6.     He is never depressed or too elated by flattery.

7.     He works tirelessly for others benefit.

8.     He leads from the front.

9.     Always operate from the center of knowledge.



  • 29 Jul 2018

Life is too important and needs to taken seriously.

Before life stops taking you seriously, start taking it seriously.

Sometimes by the time we become serious, life stops taking us seriously.

Are we sensitive, serious and mature at this stage in our life?

Think about it!

  • 28 Jul 2018

When you stop Learning, You also stop winning after that.

Learning is the soul of winning....


  • 27 Jul 2018

Liberalism is close to humanism.

Liberalism coupled with humanism creates a new man in a modern age society.

A man who the highest creation and creative expression of nature's highest potential and possibilities.

Liberalism teaches you to be big-hearted full of love and compassion, full of creativity, open-hearted and which teaches you your true magnanimous and infinite love which expresses through this beautiful You and your dear life.

  • 26 Jul 2018

God has given us this whole world...Provided we start looking at things from that perspective.

Do you still feel that you are less than anybody?

Yes or No ...

Think about it.

  • 25 Jul 2018

All personal breakthroughs begin with believing in one's ability.

  • 24 Jul 2018

Your real inner strength lies in not losing your balance and composure in case certain things are not going your way.

Dig deep inside and evaluate things around you and see if you can change the current situation around you.

Yes, every single time your inner instinct takes you to a solution which sometime back was eluding you.

Giving yourself some space and time can do wonders.

  • 23 Jul 2018

Ability and skill to control your mind's uncontrollable quality if not controlled in time can become your biggest liability.

Timely intervention to skilfully controlling mind can be your life's biggest asset.

The mind can be your biggest bondage and biggest liberation both at the same time.

  • 22 Jul 2018

Once you are able to arrive at a final decision to no more spend even a single minute in any aspect of life which dissipate your precious energy, it liberates you and frees you of all the burden of doing or engaging in things which are not adding value to you.

At some stage of your life, you must bring down the list of activities or engagement in all aspects, making you more focused in terms of putting all energy in only 2 to 3 most important things in life ......

You will feel complete peace and freedom with this clarity and focus you can embrace.

The big idea is to put all your energy and power on things which matter the most.

  • 21 Jul 2018

God has created two most powerful temptations, Objects, and sense organs.

When these two powerful temptations get together, they create a big :


And with illusions, your view gets completely blared, and you can not see anything objectively.


  • 20 Jul 2018

Dictionary meaning of the word DISCIPLINE is TO LEARN.

Learning brings not only discipline but also an element of understanding and knowledge-centric approach to various facets of life.

Discipline brings liveliness to life through Learning as central them in whatever you do.

  • 19 Jul 2018

Love comes first, then comes truth.

Even if we miss out on the truth that is fine, but missing out on love is missing out on life itself.

Love is the first emotion which the universe experienced and then the first emotion even in humans starting at birth has always been loving..

Love expands love leading to multiplication of love leading to forming a circle of love..which is eternal.

Love completes, Love goes beyond defined boundaries.

Love is conscious and is consciousness itself.

Yes, love is the permanent address....Which is filled with love alone...

  • 18 Jul 2018

"I DO NOT KNOW " is the most critical aspect of "KNOWING."

  • 17 Jul 2018

Pure attention is the greatest gift you can give to someone.

While talking to someone, do not start thinking, assuming, analyzing or interpreting the other person, instead give yourself completely to that discussion with complete and pure attention.


  • 16 Jul 2018

Wisdom directly linked to the number of mistakes and errors in judgment we have made in our lives. Our mistakes make us wise.

Wisdom, when embraced by you, proves to be your best friend who shall always take you to the right path, A path of love ...understanding and right actions all the times irrespective of situations.

Wisdom makes your life beautiful inside out.

  • 15 Jul 2018

Life has many formats, choose the format that fits your taste.

It depends on us which format we feel comfortable with as each one of us is designed differently by our creator, the supreme God.

Whichever format we pick, it is essential to stay on that path to be able to achieve excellence in that format.

  • 14 Jul 2018

There is something more stable inside which is observing our transient feeling, emotional and thoughts.

Nature that stability which shall stabilize that stable factor which gives depth, inner growth and maturity in all aspects of our lives.

Life is short, moments are few, and we have an experience which expects each one of us to live itself fully with love and eternal joy making it worthwhile to live.

  • 13 Jul 2018

Contrary to popular belief, Uncertainty has the seed of unlimited Opportunity and possibilities.

Yes in life Uncertainty also has its own beauty and excitement.

Next time does not run away from uncertainty but wait with patience to embrace certainty when the grace of God grace us all.

  • 12 Jul 2018

Upgrade your convection to match your destiny.

Very often we operate from a low level of convection.

No great life stories are written without the ink of convection.

Upgrading your Convection, helps you to enhance your current conditions and situations once and for all.

So be the best friend of convection now and all times to come.

  • 11 Jul 2018

Calmness under any adverse situation makes you supreme powerful internally helping that situation to calm down.

Once all the situation calms down, a better sense dawn on you to handle any situation better than before.

Calmness helps you keep balance when everything around you is not favorable or going against you....

Another name of Calmness is called Godliness..

  • 10 Jul 2018

Without order inside, you can not expect order outside.

We all tend to fix and change things from outside as it is more comfortable but real challenge arises when fixing stuff from outside does not give you a lasting solution.

The permanent solution comes from fixing things from inside, that is where the whole troubled story keeps troubling you.

So fixing things from inside gives you lasting solution with peace of mind.

  • 09 Jul 2018

Temptations are given to us by God to test us not to destroy us.

Do not be mesmerized by temptations as life has more meaningful things to be mesmerized about.

  • 08 Jul 2018

Rejection can be rejected by your success alone.

Put your heart and soul into finding the road to success through the narrow lanes of rejections and sometimes multiple rejections.

Say yes to success, and a big no to rejection as life never rejects anyone only success delayed in some cases.

  • 07 Jul 2018

Do not mimic the same old patterns and habits; It is so without life.

Recognise and reorganize old patterns as they need action and correction proactively.

Drop old patterns, Do not be a slave to new trends and eventually go beyond all thought patterns and connect with the powerhouse called YOU.

  • 06 Jul 2018

A soul is a centralized awareness which can not fragment like our external self which you found scattered in all the places.

  • 05 Jul 2018

Make your problems powerless by smiling at your problems.

Develop an attitude of detachment with the problems.

The more importance we give to our problems, problems start taking a lot of interest in us to make our life difficult.

Problems are seen as problems because we look at them like that.

Just commit to yourself that from this very moment, we shall smile at all our problems and difficulties.

  • 04 Jul 2018

Biggest problem most of us have is to think "I am right " & " others are wrong.

How can it be logically logical that everytime someone is right .....and others are wrong?

Just by insisting one can not make wrong a right...

Maturity and understanding come to your help when faced with this conflict...

  • 03 Jul 2018

Never say never to life, and it's possibilities.

This thought takes you to a zone called "Eternal Optimism "...

Optimism and being positive in the worst of circumstances define your real self ....

Optimism in the face of problems multiple opportunities and possibilities.

When the problems are big, the opportunities are even bigger.

So never say never or no in life when faced with uneasy situations, you never know these problems take you on a journey which one can not visualize and lead you to a positive outcome.

  • 02 Jul 2018

Learning is our real earning not the other way round.

Earning is embedded in what we learn along our journey.

Learning to differentiate us from others impact our earnings.

Learning defines us who we are, and earnings determine the outcome of Learnings.

  • 01 Jul 2018

In the process of discovering a love for all, you discover life.

Love for all is not only a journey but also life's destination.

First, you discover love and then love discovers you completely inside out making life a beautiful gift of God.

  • 30 Jun 2018

Discover the peace that never fades...

Say to yourself when at deeper space of peace ...

I AM A PEACEFUL SOUL...and keep repeating till you go beyond this thought and become a peaceful soul..

  • 29 Jun 2018

Step into the realm of self-discovery. Actual life starts after self-discovery only....

Before self-discovery, life is nothing more than an interesting story ...Which can generate a lot of excitement but can never give you inner peace and satisfaction.

  • 28 Jun 2018

Live your life in such a way, when you leave the world .....you leave behind the perfume of love, A pure love for your near and dear one.

When someone takes your name after you have left the world ...Your name must have .....LOVE .....as your surname.

  • 27 Jun 2018

Future never arrives in future as future.

Future always arrives in future at the present moment.

In fact, in reality, there is an only present moment as even if you are thinking of past, you are thinking in present moment only. Also if you think of future, still it is going to be present moment....Even when you reach future..it will always be a present moment of future.

So the Learning is that only present moment exists and matters..

Do not live your life in past or future. Everything you want from life exists in present moment only.

  • 26 Jun 2018

Inner alignment is more important than external alignment in life.

Inner alignment creates harmony, and external alignment creates superficial harmony without balance with the core (the real you)

Inner alignment gives you happiness, joy and permanent bless, external alignment gives you temporary joy and happiness.

Inner alignment helps you appreciate life irrespective of ups and downs of life...External alignment gets disturbed in smallest of difficulty and provocation.

Inner alignment connects you with everyone at an emotional level; external alignment disconnects you with all because the objective of connecting with someone is for some gain, not emotions.

  • 25 Jun 2018

Quiet and clear mind can see the highest possibility of one's own potential.

Quiet and clear mind without internal chatter is a prerequisite to the flowering of life's unlimited and unending possibilities.

Have you started working on inner engineering to achieve a QUIET and CLEAR mind?

If the answer is NO, it is still not too late.

  • 24 Jun 2018

Your experience is your real teacher.

Treasure your experience as a gift from God.

Your experience is your biggest asset as well as your biggest investment which shall help you secure a future of your desire.

  • 23 Jun 2018

The shift in Consciousness leads to shift in biology.

Any physical disease starts with some disturbance at the mental level impacting the body.

But once you grow in inner awareness and Consciousness, your physical problems also start to vanish.

So it is time we take a giant leap in our inner Consciousness.

You meet Consciousness at deeper levels in the NOW or the present moment....

It is the biggest spiritual technology to connect with our pure  Consciousness, after which all connection is easy to make...

  • 22 Jun 2018

Responsibility is actually RESPONSE-ABILITY.

Your ability to respond is not such favorable circumstances in a balanced, sensible and meaningful way defines responsibility.

Do an audit on yourself first regarding your ability

In taking responsibility when others run away from it.

Even in an organization, you look for people who are willing to take responsibilities with an excellent display of ability to respond in difficult circumstances.

So taking responsibility is not a burden but your doorway to growth as an individual and as a professional.

  • 21 Jun 2018

The absence of mind and thoughts when not needed can bring Hugh relief and peace.....

We get the glimpses of complete serenity and peace in sleep....only when we get up we encounter our mind waiting to make our life miserable....

Yoga was designed 5000 plus years ago with an objective to manage and control the mind to make each one us superhuman being ....

Our mind and body is the doorway to soul leading to life no less than heaven.

Yoga trains you to control life rather than life controlling you.

  • 20 Jun 2018

It is sad to see there is a lot of ATTRACTION to DISTRACTION.

We all fall in love with distractions because some were the focus, life goals and meaning is entirely or partially missing from our thought process.

Distractions take you to a destination called NO- WERE.

Distractions make you ordinary as your investment is more in becoming ordinary.

Distractions are attractive as it does not demand hard work and passion. It allows you to float without taking any responsibility.

  • 19 Jun 2018

Best decisions in life come out not from emotional impulses but from stillness and deeper level awareness...

  • 18 Jun 2018

I am, and everyone is without any doubt "Self". Anything outside of it is nothing but of practical transactional value.

Decide if you want to do transactions with self or the world ....

Worldly transactions are temporary, but transactions with self-care permanent and eternal where there is no fear of losing money or relationships.

  • 17 Jun 2018

Fear is the most unpleasant experience of human existence.

Fear drains you of your positive energy and the possibility of experiencing life holistically.

Help people overcome fear and bring back focus and possibilities which each one of us have.

  • 16 Jun 2018

LIFE lives in the Present moment. Do not look for life either in the past or imaginary future.

Invest everything, your entire being in the present moment as true life and meaning can be found only in the present moment.

In fact, the future is nothing but a delayed version of present only.


  • 15 Jun 2018

For anything in life to succeed, all aspects of life must come together in perfect order and sync to enjoy the dance of life like a symphony.

Keep working from inside out to put things in order till universe conspire positively to bring peace, luck, prosperity health and above all CLARITY through wisdom in our lives.

Clarity and synchronicity are the lifelines for a blessed YOU.

  • 15 Jun 2018

Generally, answers are embedded in questions but

the challenge arises when responses generate more questions.


Just imagine you are answering each question with all sincerity but instead of satisfying the other person you end up generating more questions then answer.

What is the solution?

The solution is to put forward your answer with the humbleness of a student were the wrong answer looked at more objectively without any problem.

  • 14 Jun 2018

Each one of us is the Perfume of unending peace and ever-expanding Love.

Establish yourself in these qualities firmly.

  • 13 Jun 2018

At the level of self Consciousness we all are complete, but at the level of personality, we all are incomplete.

It is okay to have some areas of incompleteness, that is the sign of being human as only God can claim to be perfect and complete.

Definitely, we must try to keep working on areas which need our attention


  • 12 Jun 2018

Past cannot and should not define our future.

Irrespective of our good, bad or ugly Past, A new future, A new perspective, A new approach, A new dimension can open up if we embrace future with openness.

Yes, dreaming of a future full of love and meaning makes life much more meaningful.


  • 11 Jun 2018

Ego is very good at misinterpreting what is happening around you.

It is not what is happening around you puts you under stress, but the misinterpretation by ego about the given situation creates undue pressure.

Take your ego in a corner and talk to ego firmly to not disturb you any further....

So be aware of the constant attack of your ego to disbalance sanity and peace of mind. And if mind gets confused by ego ......We are in for more trouble.

Before ego becomes your biggest liability, take it out of your mental and emotional space.

  • 10 Jun 2018

Deepest inner conversations happen when you are just alone and with your own self, away from noise and crowd.

These conversations actually shape who we become and define and decide our future before it knocks our door.

Deepest inner conversations help build balance and objective approach to engagement with our beautiful life.

Beautiful, because we are the creation of the most beautiful...GOD.....

  • 09 Jun 2018

We suffer from these two things all the times :

1.MEMORIES: If past memories are not good, they continue to inflict suffering because we continue to operate from old software when the times and situations have changed, and things are normal. Past memories blind your current experience and positive possibilities of future. Result - You miss the bus in front of you.


2. IMAGINATION: If you continue to imagine what can go wrong all the times, IMAGINATION is a big liability and cause of suffering. So IMAGINATION of negative can distort mental software completely. Yes, IMAGINATION can be a big liability.


Both these aspects if applied in a more positive perspective, Can change everything ......

  • 08 Jun 2018

Any change is hard at first, very difficult and messy in the middle but simply awesome and beautiful in the end.

So the life lesson of the day is to embark on the journey of inner change however difficult or impossible it seems....


  • 07 Jun 2018

It is really easy to sell a lie because very few people are interested in buying the truth.

But still, no one denies, buying truth is the best investment you can make to live an authentic life.

Now it is up to you to live an authentic life or a life full of lies.

Think about it!

  • 06 Jun 2018

Relationships are solid testing ground to test you as a person 360 degree.

So problems in relationships are actually an Opportunity to grow and find who you actually are and what you want to become.

The way you manage relationships reflects the kind of person you are, or you could be.

Once you die not money but the kind of person you were remembered, and that credibility and goodness help even your next generation.

Such is the power of compounding in relationships where you keep getting returns even after this life.

  • 05 Jun 2018

Before we solve any problem, let us solve our life first......

  • 04 Jun 2018

Discover the PEACE that never fades.

Yes, it is very much within your reach once you and your life is 100%centred around knowledge and knowing.

Knowledge and knowing inner fragrance of wisdom which is taking you into its fold and taking you closer to who you really are.

Once you reach your real home of self, peace starts staying with you like a family member not as a paying guest.

  • 03 Jun 2018

You can enter in NEW thought patterns only once you leave OLD THOUGHT patterns.

Surprisingly a lot of us hold our old thought patterns so strongly leaving no scope for anything new to flower inside.

By the time we realize the futility of our old thoughts patterns, it is too late.

Though I firmly believe that the biggest sinner also gets a chance from God....

Give way to something new to blossom making your life beautiful.

You are as dear to God ad anyone else.


  • 02 Jun 2018

I want coffee, not the coffee cup.

Inner life is like coffee and external life is like a coffee cup.

It does not matter whether the coffee cup is of gold, silver, square or round.

What matters in the taste of coffee not how coffee cup looks.

  • 01 Jun 2018

The mind is like an actor who does not like to go to stage unless it has audiences.

Similarly, if you do not put spicy, multiple thoughts and emotions in front of the mind, Mind is just not interested in engaging with you.

So feed your mind with select, specific and meaningful thoughts only which can enrich your life across all dimensions rather than allow the mind to drain your physical, mental and emotional energy thoroughly.

  • 31 May 2018

You are the SKY, not cloud.

Your pure self and Consciousness is like sky which centered within unfazed and unaffected by the upheaval of emotions, distress, difficult phase, etc.

But your personality is effected by the clouds of countless disturbing and turbulent thoughts and emotions.

The whole point is to remain centered within a deeper level without getting effected by the play of external world.

Live like a sky, Open, transparent, unlimited and soothing to heart and soul away from the movie of countless clouds.

  • 29 May 2018

If thoughts are coming but not connecting with the thinker of the thought...such thoughts do not impact you at all, negatively or positively.

The life lesson is that your thoughts which are not

part of your soul or core belief system does not carry any value and shall take care of your survival but never self-fulfillment.

  • 28 May 2018

Whenever your plans do not work out the way you have thought of, Just close both your eyes and come closer to your pure self and say with all sincerity "GOD I AM SURE YOU HAVE PLANNED SOMETHING BETTER FOR ME, I AM GOING TO WAIT FOR THE TIME YOU FEEL RIGHT FOR ME."

  • 27 May 2018

Say big YES to life and living because there is nothing bigger than life itself.


Vote for life ....Love life....Enjoy life ....create something beautiful which life itself remembers and is proud of...

  • 25 May 2018

Love expands your whole being upside down making it an expression of nature's longing to love and be loved now and eternally.

Let love be our second name.

  • 24 May 2018

Every moment bit by bit life is leaving you.

Are we conscious of this very fact?

For your shake just let go of every single thing which is not helping you come closer to your true self, eternal bliss, and joy.

  • 23 May 2018

Someone asked me "How are you"?

I replied spontaneously "Am trying to find myself"?

Is there anything bigger than this objective?

Think about it!


  • 22 May 2018

All good qualities awaken in the awakened mind.

The next best thing is to put all your energy into helping your mind to create an ecosystem of awakening.

  • 21 May 2018

Great things happen when you dissolve yourself with Creation and the Creator.

You can dissolve into the realm of creation and creator only when your "EGO or I " gets dissolve in the beauty and power of unknown, unseen, unfathomable.

  • 20 May 2018

Sometimes PEACE is better than BEING RIGHT.

Once you get addicted to being at Peace, nothing but Peace matters.

Invest every day in peace. Returns are going to be great compared to being driven by a big ego to prove yourself right.

  • 19 May 2018

Sometimes the shortest and the best answer is " I DO NOT KNOW".

Nobody has forced us to know everything. It is ok not to know few things in life...

But definitely put your heart and soul to know everything which you feel critical to becoming who you want to become.

In the process of knowing what is essential, it is perfectly fine if we miss out on not knowing what is not essential.

  • 18 May 2018

Look ahead in life as past loses its

meaning and consequence the moment it becomes past.


Best decision one can take to look ahead anticipating bigger and brighter life full of bliss.

Looking ahead fills you with positive energy in every cell of your body.

Trust nature, trust yourself and embark on the journey of fulfilling life ahead.

  • 17 May 2018

All that is valuable you find in seclusion, not in the crowd.

Cherish your quiet and time alone with yourself away from the noise of people, situations and minds play.

Stay with this seclusion with a heightened level of awareness and Consciousness.

Let this seclusion be the center of your whole being which is entirely in control irrespective of what is happening outside of you.

This is when your inner world wins over your outer world.

  • 16 May 2018

Your next thought derives all its power from the kind of attention you give to it.


In a nutshell, thoughts are powerless unless we give them food attention.

So budget your available energy for thoughts which uplift you and others not which drain your and others energy.

  • 14 May 2018

Nothingness is everything....

Nothingness is the purest state of purity and clarity of Consciousness...

Nothingness is the highest state of relaxation.

Big things happen through the realm of nothingness..               

Nothingness is emptying yourself of everything unnecessary..

But natural operating from nothingness is the most powerful tool for the superior experience of your whole being.                                                      

  • 13 May 2018

We cling to everything visible as it is easy but anything invisible which May have a higher value for us we either discard or ignore without realizing that we may be accumulating everything which is not of importance.

Are we accumulating things which are worthwhile or worthless every way...

Track your mind,thoughts ,emotions,actions ,reactions ...

Think about it!

  • 12 May 2018

Knowledge and knowing are all about accepting the challenges thrown by life and not resisting the challenges....

Knowledge blunts all challenges effortlessly..

Knowledge saves you big time when every single thing in life seems going against you.

Knowledge guides you when all possibilities look


Knowledge becomes your guiding light.

Knowledge takes you to a place where you always wanted to go, that is meeting your self...

Knowledge takes you high, high and higher...

Knowledge holds the key to all your questions.

Knowledge makes you beautiful inside out....

Knowledge changes everything, person, perception and what can be perceived.

  • 11 May 2018

Three most powerful words which can transform the way we look, experience and perceive life :


Does not matter "Who you are? " "Where you are?"

"What situations you are ?.

Yes ....Life goes on ...

That is the biggest assurance one can have ....

  • 10 May 2018

The positive side of pain is that it introduces you to YOURSELF.

In good times we miss who we really are and get completely lost in created self ...

  • 09 May 2018

Holding on to any anger inside is like drinking poison and expecting others to die...

Sometimes when angry we forget that our anger affects us more than the other person.

In the more widespread run anger kills a beautiful human being inside us making our whole surrounding inside out nothing short of hell...

Also when angry do not take any decision as it will not be a wise one because in anger our mind operates at its lowest efficiency and wisdom.

Anger and decision in rage can change the entire course of your life where ..REGRET will be your username and password....

Let talk of death die its death ...



  • 08 May 2018

The probability of living is more than the likelihood of dying, Then why overthink about death or fear of death...

We all have encountered close encounters with death while flying in the airplane or lousy dream in the night or a road accident etc...

Yes, death is the final destination of the human body, Let it come when it has to happen. But it is not part of our job profile.

Ironically sometimes we stop living when alive.

So the focus has to shift to living every moment in a way that death would think twice to engage you, your mind, your whole being in any death talk ...

  • 07 May 2018


Use your time to find timeless and timelessness....

Timelessness is an expression of expansion.....

Yes, expansion is the nature of life...

  • 06 May 2018

Self Analysis through the prism of mind gives you only some glimpse of your physical, Mental, emotional and spiritual state of affairs.....

But when you do self-analysis going outside of your mind and through the core of your being or pure, uncorrupted limitless Consciousness, you get a real and objective analysis of self.

For very long we have been using the wrong tool to get the right answers...

Try this tool for self-analysis....you would never need any other device.

  • 05 May 2018

You are not a thought, not even the thinker of the thought.

Real you are hiding behind the thinker of the thoughts.


Let us clear the path of thoughts to reach "the real you."

Going beyond thoughts is one of the tools to reach your real self.

The big idea is to cease your thoughts for some time every day to connect with someone who is desperately wanting for ages to connect with you.

  • 04 May 2018

Let the burden of whatever has gone wrong in our lives become lighter and lighter by every single moment.

If we live with this burden, you are not fair to yourself and God-given beautiful life ..Which most of us have taken for granted for too long...

  • 03 May 2018

Being happy for no reason is pure happiness.

True happiness does not need an award, reward, reason, logic or goals.

Real happiness is illogical and happy with that.

I suggest everyone to consciously engage or do an activity which is not linked to any of your goals and objectives...

It makes sense to be senseless sometimes for a change...

Be happy with just happiness....that is good enough a reason to be satisfied...

But ironically your true self always guides you irrespective of situations.

  • 02 May 2018

Greatest realization I have is that most significant bottleneck on our path at every step is our psychological self....(our projection about us)

If that is the case, then drop the psychological self to uncover your true self...

Your psychological self-misguides you at every step because the foundation of it projected reality not reality.

  • 01 May 2018

When love takes over, you are taken over ....

It is only in true love, you lose everything and still feel the wealthiest person on earth ..

If such is the power of love...then it is worth investing your whole being into it.

Let us plant the seed of pure love in our hearts...and let it take over mind..body..and soul utterly...

It is worth it....this has been my personal experience...

  • 15 Nov 2017 (Wednesday)

1.     Talk a little less, do a little more & live a little more.

It is not easy to follow above but surely worth your time and energy.

Closely observing most of us just miss out on the bigger picture and spend time on things which are not aligned to who you are, Your role, responsibility etc.

2.     Talking less saves you from big possible unwanted trouble because you are saved from what perception another person may have.

Doing little more improve your chances of success.

3.     Living more is the most intimate promise you must make else the very purpose of your existence become questionable in front of God who made you with his own image in mind.

Big Life Good night

  • 14 Nov 2017 (Tuesday )

1.     Once you know how to harness or channelise your ego, then you discover its explosive energy. To do so, you must decode what ego is all about.

At lower level ego is like a dark hole which does not allow us to see our real self.

2.     Ego is nothing but a need for attention. We have like a child, which has been feeding our ego big time all the time.

Ego says look at me only but love says yes look at me ; but I also want to look at you.Ego is alone, but love has many friends.

3.     Bigger culprit is always ego not so much your desire.

Combating ego is to start loving yourself and start accepting yourself "as it is".....this will lead to creating an environment or cycle of positives happening around you where ego has no place.

Big Life Good night

  • 13 Nov 2017 (Monday)

1.     If you cannot be the best for some reason, you can still be different.

Yes, believe passionately that you are the only one ...different and unique.

Let being different be your signature personality trait.

Life strategy of being different stands you out from the crowd.

Big Life Good night

  • 11 Nov 2017 (Saturday)

1.     Boredom is your fate if you have not walked the path of engaging with reading and knowledge.

Nowadays I see a lot of people looking to find opportunities to escape work as they are not able to find meaning, passion and excitement in what they are doing.

2.     Think how you can engage with what you do meaningfully...If not able to find a solution, do not hesitate to take help...

The most dangerous trend, especially in youth, is to kill boredom by running after short-term pastime pleasures and in the end remain miserable.

3.     Look for meaningful engagement with every activity you do and be on the path of constant and consistent inner growth without giving any space to boredom.

Big Life Good night

  • 10 Nov 2017 (Friday)

1.     It is time to clear all the mess very skillfully we have created around us. Time to channelise all your energy for what matters and discard all that is useless.

Just do what is really essential.

2.     Bring down your focus to only one thing at a time and invest yourself 100% in that one thing, nothing less.

Unfortunately, no school teaches this life skill.

Time to keep eliminating what takes us away from 
our focus.

Do not be satisfied with the mediocre outcome.

Big Life Good night

  • 09 Nov 2017 (Thursday)

1.     I am already what I have been seeking.

We run around and eventually come back to our a real home that is your own " SELF".

All solutions, answers and anything you are seeking are definitely not outside but inside You.

2.     Spend some time daily in solitude and alone to connect with the person who is inside you waiting  for your call desperately.

Big Life Good night

  • 08 Nov 2017 (Wednesday)

Be the BRAND AMBASSADOR of positive things in life. It is fine to be impractical sometimes to push everything which stands for positives.

Reject all prophets of doom and ringmasters of negatives in life.

Ability to look at brighter aspects can be developed as one of the life skills.

If you look at positives, nature attracts positives.

At least do this favour for yourself.

This one decision can simply change the way you engage with life.

Big Life Good night

  • 07 Nov 2017 (Tuesday )

If you want 24/7 bless which fill your mind, body and soul with unlimited, unending, consistent happiness, you need to have intercourse with LIFE, not with the physical body alone.

There cannot be a bigger goal then engaging with life 100% every single moment and anything you do with this thought process.

This is I think is a life well lived, rest is just a royal time pass.

The tool is to start thinking beyond limited dimensions of what we do.

#amitinsights #lifecoach

  • 06 Nov 2017 (Monday)

If you really respect someone, please listen to what he has to say. Listening to someone is also a form of respecting.

Ironically people do not want to listen to what is even in their own interest. It is just frustrating.

Mostly it is seen people learn when life gives 1000 watt shock, before that they live in their own world assuming that everything is just perfect for them.

Just see where do you figure regarding the objective analysis of your listening ability.

Big Life Good night

  • 05 Nov 2017 (Sunday)

Interest is the best friend of concentration.

If you are not interested in what you are doing because of whatever reasons, you cannot concentrate.

It is very important to find your interest area, and then you never have to struggle to focus on anything.

Just see if this is one of the reasons for your slow success.

Big Life Good night

  • 04 Nov 2017 (Saturday)

Your best teacher is your last mistake.

Choice is always with you to convert mistakes into
big opportunities or feel guilty about it all the time.

Be bold and beautiful and embrace your mistakes as a necessary element of growing up as a person.

Big Life Good night

  • 03 Nov 2017 (Friday)

1.     We are the problems, the manufacturer of problems but we do not spare any opportunity to blame everyone starting from country, job, people and situations around.

If this is true, then be sure your life is in ICU and on a ventilator.

2.     The only one who can take you out of this life-threatening situation is YOU and YOU alone. Rest of the people are supporting actors in this game of life.

Stop playing the victim card, as it is so boring and old-fashioned.

Big Life Good night

  • 02 Nov 2017 (Thursday)

Contrary to popular belief SHORT TERM GOAL is as important as LONG-TERM goals.

If you keep thinking about a long-term goal, it leads you to avoid or not giving enough attention to what is to be done this moment, next moment, today, Tomorrow or day after etc.

In fact, if one can calibrate short-term goals intelligently our long-term goals are a sure short conclusion for success.

So how and what you are doing with your short-term goals shall decide the fate of long-term goals.

Most of us are great delay masters in case of what needs to be done right now. We are mostly glued to so-called long-term goals.

In the end, this whole confusion leads to failure in 
Both short-term and long-term goals.

Big Life Good night

  • 01 Nov 2017 (Wednesday)

Small adjustments are better than big arguments, and silence is always better than unnecessary conversations.

If this is called mature behaviour and meaningful engagement with anyone who gets in contact with you....Let this be your signature masterstroke of being a mature individual.

Sometimes it is the best not to talk as it saves you from many unwanted complications.

Also, silence is not empty; it is full of answers.

Moreover, if people cannot understand your silence, that can never understand your words.

In silence, you can hear more and understand things, people and situations more objectively.

Big Life Good night.

  • 31 Oct 2017 (Tuesday )


1.     It is so true that one's habits can be changed, but someone’s nature is very difficult to change.

Nature of the person is some total of what kind of family & friends you have, upbringing, value system, ethics he or she is influenced with.

Nature leads to the kind of personality one would have.

2.     There are many tools through which one can change habits and nature positively.

Understand mind and how it plays with you.

Recognising that you need to change.

Realising your unlimited inner power.

Eliminating unnecessary from your habits and nature.

Committed to change.

Relaxation exercise and meditation.

Complete control over how you manage your thoughts.

Nature needs deeper level surgery with intense metal workout and control.

Big Life Good night.

  • 30 Oct 2017 (Monday)

1.     Huge opportunities are waiting than the opportunities left behind.

Let bigger and better opportunities pull you towards them every moment.

Let this thought find place firmly in our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind materialising all that we desire.

2. Stop thinking all the time what can go wrong. By doing so, you will only attract all which is not right for you.

Big Life Good night

  • 29 Oct 2017 (Sunday)

1.     For a new beginning….start working on the ecosystem conducive to you.

Today I close the door to all aspects of my life which have not helped me expand as a person. Also, I want to be surrounded myself by people who help me expand my consciousness at all levels.

2. I want to surround myself with people who want to connect with me at deeper levels as those are the relationships to cherish. Life and time are slipping out of hand a very fast pace. Use the balance time with great care, doing what is relevant and eliminating what is unnecessary.

Let this thought find space in my heart and soul and help me use my time judiciously in the most meaningful way.

Let this be one of the key steps for a transformational beginning.

Big Life Good night

  • 28 Oct 2017 (Saturday)


O God, May next few days and month be the most transformational period of my life. Give me freedom, wisdom and fortune to be born again in my new avatar in this lifetime and realise my true nature and purpose.

Let this thought fill my whole being every moment and enter every cell of my body, entire space in my mind and capture the imagination of my soul.

Let this thought be my guiding light hereon. Let this be my first and the last thought of the day.

Big Life Good night.

  • 26 Oct 2017 (Thursday)

Change your thoughts leads to a sure shot change of your situations.

Just try it out. It is a time-tested formula for fulfilling and successful life.

The audit which thoughts which are part of you and your system for long needs surgery.

Once identified, eliminate what thoughts are unnecessary.

This will make you light and more focused.

Big Life  Good night.

  • 25 Oct 2017 (Wednesday)

I found an excellent alternative to deal with anger - Argument is better when you are full of anger instead of expressing it with a negative tone.

It is better to argue and explain your anger to the person you are angry.By doing so, you can do two things at the same time.One, you will be able to explain the reasons why you are angry. Second, you will save yourself from being in a sorry situation which happens where you only feel bad after your outburst.

Big Life Good night

  • 24 Oct 2017 (Tuesday )

1.     Fight like a bull with all your power when your dreams are at stake.

If you are fortunate enough to have the luxury to dream then channelise all your energy for that dream. Everything else does not add value.

Be deadly focused on your dreams. Do not scatter your single thought and action in anything which takes you away from your dream.

2.     Everyone has the birthright to dream equally as without dreams life is lifeless.

Dreams are not achieved by just dreaming but by consistent and continued efforts with sacrifice.

Big Life Good night

  • 23 Oct 2017 (Monday)

How is hope different from optimism?

Hope does not arise from being told to be positive or someone showing you brighter future.

Hope is the elevating feeling in the mind of a bigger and better future.

Hope acknowledges obstacles and pitfalls in the path.

True hope has no place for delusion.

2. Hope gives us the courage to confront our situations and circumstances.

Hope is more effective than any medicine.

Be in the company of hope or become a prisoner of pain.

Now even research confirms that change in our thoughts can alter neurochemistry.

Two good friends of hope are BELIEF AND EXPECTATION.

3. Have true hope not a false one.

Each one of us has right to hope.

Even our biology or body is deeply affected by our hope.


Big Life Good night

  • 22 Oct 2017 (Sunday)

Sometimes it is more relevant to be impractical as in the name of being practical, or sometimes we call it being logical we give 100 reasons for how we cannot do something.

Thank god we still have few people who defy popular and so-called set pattern or limited thinking at the risk of being labelled impractical.

For a change try being impractical as all successful achiever are not practical people as they do things which do not go by set benchmark and crowd mentality.

Big Life Good night

  • 21 Oct 2017 (Saturday)

You are the good news, and everything around you is good. Let this affirmation fill every cell of your body and mind.

Shut your system of anything bad or not worth.

Always fill your mind, thoughts and vision with good news which are all over the place if we look around and give attention.

Big Life Goodnight


  • 20 Oct 2017 (Saturday)

Think of bigger problems your small problems shall stop bothering you.

Mostly our problems are small, but we make it big by magnifying it through our uncontrolled chattering mind.

One of the most effective solutions is to be part of some social or community service for some problem bigger than your problem.

Counter multiple smaller problems by embracing some larger than life problems and channelise your whole energy there.

Big Life Good night.

  • 19 Oct 2017 (Thursday)

Discover the light within, which transforms the meaning of our life in its true sense.

On the occasion of Diwali which is the festival of light let us lit up our inner light along with the external light.

The permanent light is within us.


Big Life Good night.

  • 18 Oct 2017 (Wednesday)

Biggest experience comes from life itself, not from other sources.

Always trust yourself and your gut feeling.

Live ...Learn....live.....and keep repeating the cycle as long as you exist.

This is the simplest model of life.

Big Life Good night

  • 17 Oct 2017 (Tuesday )

You are the Managing Director & CEO of how you feel and experience various thoughts rushing inside your mind, body and soul.

You are the 100% shareholder of your feelings and thoughts. If that is true then 100% responsibility and accountability are yours as the owner of your thoughts and feelings.

Challenges of managing your company are easier than your thoughts and how you feel. But with 
the maturity and constant training you would have better control over it.

But surely there are ways to positivity make a feelings and thoughts management plan like you make your business plan.

Also, interview, assess and select right kind of thoughts like you do when 
You hire right people in your company. That would be the best investment of your life.

Then you have to train and nurture your thoughts and feelings like you would train your people.

And then keep investing on a daily basis in your thoughts with complete sincerity.

Yes with proper planning and mature efforts managing your Venture called thoughts management can turn into a profitable venture.

Big Life Goodnight


  • 16 Oct 2017 (Monday)

Complete surrender or investing your energy in all important things are essential or a must. Whether it is love, work, business, goals or relationships.

You can never reach anywhere near your objective if your mind is only filled calculations which only confuse you rather than giving you answers.

For a change practice the art of complete surrender where your mind and thoughts are in the sink and have complete clarity.

Complete surrender connects you with any person, work or situations in a very profound ways.

Big  Life Goodnight

  • 15 Oct 2017 (Sunday)

If we do not channelise our energy toward a specific goal, Our energy shall remain confused, and you would feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

It is of great importance that as early as possible, we find our calling or direction in which we want to take our life.

We are a powerhouse of a tremendous source of ENERGY waiting to be unleashed.

It is also very important to decide where to put focused energy on definitive time target.

Energy directed towards a specific life goal makes our life meaningful and our achievements multiply manyfold.

Big Life Good night


  • 14 Oct 2017 (Saturday)

Desire is never a problem but what you desire becomes a huge problem going forward if choices you make are not right.

Make the right choices every single time.

Big Life Good night

  • 13 Oct 2017 (Friday)

Unfortunately today the meaning of wealth has become limited to only economic or financial wealth. Every person or relationship is evaluates based on what kind of financial wealth you have.

In this whole process of too much focus on financial wealth, we have missed out on a wealth of knowledge, wealth of wisdom, wealth of character, wealth of life experience, a wealth of relationships, a wealth of love, a wealth of nature and its beauty, a wealth of intentions etc.

In short with too much focus on only financial wealth, we have missed out life itself.

The art of living is in creating wealth across various aspects of life.

It is high time we correct our understanding of wealth.

Big Life Goodnight

  • 12 Oct 2017 (Thursday)

EGO is nothing but attachment to your wrong image.

There is no solution to this problem unless you drop that wrong image which clouds your real image.

After this, you start living a life which is real without pretention. Life with almost zero conflict with oneself and others.

It is high time we connect with our own self permanently. That is where your real image you encounter.

Big Life Good night

  • 09 Oct 2017 (Monday)

Argument without a solution is a big royal WASTE of time, energy and mental peace.

Always argument with a  clear intent to solutions goes a long way.

The moment you realise that arguments are not moving towards solutions, drop the argument then and there.

Arguments with intent to put across your genuine point of view are appreciated, but never an argument for argument's sake is meaningful.

It is not necessary to argue about every single thing just because we are expected to do so.

Solutions centric arguments are the way forward.

Big Life Good night

  • 08 Oct 2017 (Sunday)

Present Moment is your real address. Invest in this property.

If you are keen to meet yourself, you exist only in the present moment. That is where you can find your real self.

Your history and so-called future are fictional as it is just a psychological idea nothing else.

Heavily invest in this present moment. Investing in past gives you only negative return, and you can not invest in future as it is yet to arrive and is unpredictable.

Big Life Good night

  • 07 Oct 2017 (Saturday)

Joy and pain cannot stay together for long in the same place.The choice is yours what you choose.

Invest consistently, continuously, consciously in JOY.

Why ? Because you deserve joy, not pain.God had designed us for joy. It is our ignorance and lack of understanding about various dimensions of life that we continue to live in pain.

Do not blame anyone but you for your pain as you have invested heavily on pain. When you invest in pain, expect pain to multiply manyfold.

Choose joy. We are born to live with joy.

Big Life Good night

  • 06 Oct 2017 (Friday)

"Thank you" seems to me the most amazing word which is used freely by all of us but if used from the bottom of your heart effectively it can just change most of our relationships in a way we have never imagined.

A few days back when in the hospital I saw how these two words change the way another person engages with more emotionally, in turn, helping build relationships of a lifetime. I noticed when I thanked nursing staff or an attendant every single time; they responded very positivity with genuine concern. More than anything I felt very nice. That was a big lesson learnt. Somehow we are very conservative in thanking people as we have been taking people for granted.

Any relationship which is temporary cannot have
Concern for the well-being of another person. In these cases Thank you can create magic.Try it out.

Never think twice to thank anyone who has helped you.

Big Life Good night

  • 30 Sep 2017 (Saturday)

Keep your calm and inner strength without letting your near, and dear one knows of your inner turmoil when your close ones are going through health issues.

You have two choices -one to be a pillar of strength for your loved one or you become completely negative just looking at a problem or a difficult situation in hand.

It is not once but many times in this lifetime we face such situations and everyone's response is different to the same problem.

I also have noticed when you spread positive energy around health issues of loved once also come down and healing process also happen faster.

Also never delay in taking proactive action and consult right doctors.

Try all models of treatment and not have a closed mind.

Never take a moment to thank anyone for attending and helping your closed ones as it changes the whole environment with positive energy and it helps situations dramatically.

It helps if you are aware of the basic knowledge of medical treatment or paths to take faster decisions.

Also never ignore health issues as the cost you pay is huge.

Big Life ....Good night

  • 29 Sep 2017 (Friday)

We cannot take any RE-TAKE of our movie called life. Unlike a movie where the writer and a director have a choice to change the story at will and change the parts of the movie but our life needs us to take charge and write our own destiny and direct our story in a way we have imagined and life anyone would wish.

Since we do not have the luxury to re-live the life we have already lived it is of great value to be THOUGHTFUL, MEANINGFUL, LOGICAL, WISE, FUN LOVING, FOCUSED, CREATIVE, CONFIDENT, COMPASSIONATE which shall help you in the making of the greatest movie of all time. Of course, it is very much your life story.

Decide if you want a movie of your life to be a big hit or a big flop. The choice as always is yours.

Big Life Good night.

  • 28 Sep 2017 (Thursday)

Be humble when in authority, Be polite when in anger, Be honest at all times, Be generous when giving, Be transparent when in a relationship.

Big Life Good night

  • 27 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)

Life is nor an idea or ideology. 
Life is beyond all ideas and ideologies.

And beyond all ideas and ideologies, true life experiences itself through you and me.

The whole idea is to drop all ideas and ideologies and experience real life in its purest form.

Silence and spending an exclusive hour a day with your own self would do magic and wonders.

You will start experiencing life the way you have never imagined with complete bliss.

Big Life Goodnight

  • 26 Sep 2017 (Tuesday )

Keep reviewing three most critical dimensions of life starting from EVENTS OF LIFE, PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE, AND PHILOSOPHY YOU FOLLOW.

Your current life and future life is going to be most impacted by these three dimensions.

Since no is perfect, it is a good idea to keep improving on these areas consistently.

EVENTS OF LIFE create situations which decide which way you and your life turn.

PEOPLE IN LIFE influence many aspects and can be a support system and sometimes challenge on the way to fulfilling life story.

PHILOSOPHY IN LIFE defines you and your thought process.

Big Life Goodnight

  • 25 Sep 2017 (Monday)

The heart is the biggest fertiliser. Whatever you plant in your heart it multiplies. Then obviously the right thing is to plant love, generosity, positive emotions.

Keep planting all the right things in your heart.

Heart gives you solutions where mind and minds logic fails to give you convincing answers.

The heart is the super highway to FEEL GOOD FACTOR which so critical for sanity in all of us.

It is also super cool to have a big heart which immediately differentiates you from the crowd.

If you have a big heart, GOD conspires with nature to provide you with big things in life.

It is a big idea to move from mind zone to heart zone and let us move fast enough as you have a whole lot of different experience waiting for you.

Big Life Good night

  • 24 Sep 2017 (Sunday)

The biggest challenges and problems we face will never be solved with comfortable conversations.

  • 23 Sep 2017 (Saturday)

You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

  • 22 Sep 2017 (Friday)

True motivation can only be accomplished when the other person knows and, most importantly feels

  • 21 Sep 2017 (Thursday)

If you only walk on sunny days, you'll never reach your destination

  • 20 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)

Guru is someone who takes you on a journey from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, from confusion to absolute clarity, from fear to total confidence, weakness to strength, from self-centred

  • 19 Sep 2017 (Tuesday)

Expect something wonderful to happen to you shortly. Keep this thought very close to your heart and thought process. Let every cell feel this every single moment.

  • 18 Sep 2017 (Monday)

Difference between Reacting and Responding.

Reacting is quick, fast, without thought. It is like unskilled driving.

Responding is well thought of thoughtful approach to handling challenging situations. It is like a skilful driving, where all passengers are safe.

  • 17 Sep 2017 (Sunday)

Until the time YOU & YOUR WORK operate like two different people, real long-term success shall remain a distant dream.

  • 16 Sep 2017 (Saturday)

Looking backwards in the past is right to review your journey till now but looking forward to the future fills you with new fresh, positive energy, and you get many more reasons to live this big life which is waiting outside of past and present into future.

  • 15 Sep 2017 (Friday)

What is better whether being organised, systematic or disorganised having an unstructured approach to everything?

There is a constant battle between organised and disorganised people in the way they look at actions around them.

  • 14 Sep 2017 (Thursday)

Foundation of positive discipline is to be gentle but firm on your stand for the desired outcome. There is always this debate on how should we behave with people around us in personal life and workplace.

  • 13 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)

Real satisfaction comes from letting go of your small-minded, conservative thought process and allows your heart, mind and soul to expand limitlessly.

  • 12 Sep 2017 (Tuesday)

Your soul always knows what is right, but your ever chattering mind becomes the biggest stumbling block to take you closer to your soul where real you reside.

  • 11 Sep 2017 (Monday)

Our Smile increases our face value.Let us use it as much as possible. Sometimes we are surprisingly calculative about our smile as if we are giving away our property.

  • 10 Sep 2017 (Sunday)

What saves your day is not leaving what you have in your capacity to turn the table for huge success.

There are times when you feel like giving up, but these are also the times of great awakening in what you want to achieve.

  • 09 Sep 2017 (Saturday)

Work very hard in silence. Your work will do all the talking.

Working hard in silence is no less than any other form of devotion.

The intensity of silent hard work help concentrates all your raw energy for sure short target achievements.

  • 08 Sep 2017 (Friday)

Your friends are the reflection of who you are and what you like.And it also indicates the kind of friendship wealth you have generated.

  • 07 Sep 2017 (Thursday)

If you notice closely, your mind always likes to resonate with truth. That is why whether you are truthful or not you would always like the company of a truthful person.

  • 06 Sep 2017 (Wednesday)

BODY remains healthy when it is active, but MIND remains healthy when it is stable.

  • 05 Sep 2017 (Tuesday)

You always have two options in any relationship ,either to conquer the person or embrace the person.

Conquering someone envolves onesided self-centred approach where you look at the person more as an object of your objective.But in case of embrace, you look at the comfort of others first.

  • 04 Sep 2017 (Monday)

What a great feeling when you are in complete control over your thoughts, emotions and response to various personal and professional situations.

  • 03 Sep 2017 (Sunday)

Without purpose, your job kills you every moment and becomes a burden and in business, without purpose, you make business only an object of fulfilling your personal needs which will not help you create an institution.

  • 02 Sep 2017 (Saturday)

The best service you can give to someone is to uplift his or her mental state.

Mental state and motivation are interlinked. If the mental state is full of energy, it shall reflect in all your actions.

  • 01 Sep 2017 (Friday)

The best way to get out of lethargy and to motivate your mind, body and soul is to stop talking and start doing.

Your first step, the second step will eventually lead to final step taking you very near to the goals you have always dreamt about. 

  • 31 Aug 2017 (Thursday)

Dreaming with complete awareness is the only way to achieve your dreams.

In the absence of complete awareness, the dream will remain a distant dream.

  • 30 Aug 2017 (Wednesday)

Do not blame anyone except yourself for not being able achieving your GOALS.

It has now become the latest fashion or a trend to blame anything and everything plus anyone and everyone for either not having a goal or not been able to achieve one.

  • 29 Aug 2017 (Tuesday )

Poor is one who does not have dreams. Dreams give you a new lease of life and an extremely optimistic outlook towards life. Dreams give you reasons to get out of bed every single day and look into the eyes of life with direct connect.

  • 28 Aug 2017 (Monday)

Never discourage or demotivate anyone even if the progress is very slow.

Success with superior talent is no big deal, but if it is done through average talent, it is a great achievement.

As everyone is not the same with superior skills and capabilities, the outcome is bound to be different for people who have a slow start.

But if someone has right intent and has action and improvement driven mindset and attitude,


  • 05 May 2017 (Tuesday)

Wisdom is at deeper level is a healed 

Sometimes you are wiser because you have gone
through a phase when wisdom was just not willing to meet you.

Now wisdom is very much part of you and you know the value of it like never before.

Be wise. Enjoy life.

  • 04 May 2017 (Friday)

Without Enthusiasm life is lifeless.

When you start anything be it engaging in any activity or people, the quality and outcome of that depend on the level of your enthusiasm.

The mere touch of enthusiasm can create magic with even the smallest activity or action you undertake.

So it is not an activity but the spark of enthusiasm that shall transform what comes out as an end result.

So let us live the life full of enthusiasm without even a single dull moment. Think...What you can do to create huge enthusiasm in all aspects of life.

  • 28 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)

If you react to people, life reacts on you with full velocity without giving you any chance. CHOOSE your word and actions very carefully as your few encouraging words and actions can do the miracle for someone and same way your reactions can damage someone's self-esteem and confidence permanent.

No one has the right to do so.

  • 24 Apr 2017 (Monday)

Keep counting your blessings. To your surprise, the list just does not end.

Do not focus too much on what you do not have but keep a focus on what you.

This simple idea can give you a huge peace of mind and a fresh lease of life.

Keep your motivation at the highest level always and keep receiving lots of blessings.

  • 23 Apr 2017 (Sunday)


What better way to celebrate world book day. Just promote READING to more and more people as the habit of READING is slowly going away specifically in kids.

Through READING you can tap into the thoughts of MANY thought leaders.

I always gift a book to all my near and dear one. Even if they READ the book after a couple of years it shall have the impact to transform you.

Keep READING, encourage READING.

  • 22 Apr 2017 (Saturday)

We all gravitate towards our dominant thoughts all the times.

Check right now what kind of thoughts your mind space is occupying.

Be careful if your dominant thoughts are draining your energy. Go for only and only dominant thoughts which fill each and every cell of your being with never say dying hope, a brighter tomorrow.

Make it a practice to check your dominant thoughts every one hour to calibrate thoughts in the desired direction.

  • 21 Apr 2017 (Friday)


How true it is that the biggest of all culprit in the way of your unconditional love for someone is demanding love.

Demanding love, in fact, is demeaning love.

Love is the purest of all emotions and feelings.

But once you take a love of someone for granted. You are in for huge trouble.

To love someone, you need not take other persons permission.

Loving someone could be the best of all experiences you had till now. Please check are we genuinely loving or it is just attraction and infatuation.

  • 20 Apr 2017 (Thursday)

Never judge someone by the opinion of others as he or she May be looking at a situation from his or her perspective or eyes.

Sometimes we commit blunders of a lifetime being judgemental about a person or a situation.

Being objective need holistic perspective about everything which comes with keen observations about

People and situations plus genuine concern for others interest.

  • 19 Apr 2017 (Wednesday)

You are the reflection of your goals.

If you analyze yourself from a distance, you know that you have come a long way from where you started.

What you have become is the outcome of all the small goals you have achieved till now.

So you and goals are twin brothers, inseparable.

Make goals part of your every activity. Think with all intensity passionately about your goals. Make goals your best friend.

  • 18 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)

Whoever you are. Where ever you are. Whatever you are doing. However, you are doing it. Be 100% with the current moment as this moment can bring any unexpected magic in your life. Keep believing that there is something very good is waiting to happen.


  • 16 Apr 2017 (Sunday)

Take a long jump in your confidence, yes long jump.

How long we befriend slow moving pace for what we are meant to do.

Intensify your play and March toward the objective crushing on the way all your difficulties.

That is the way forward to be able to achieve what you have been waiting and wanting to achieve.


  • 15 Apr 2017 (Saturday)

You still have a choice to write next chapter of Life thoughtfully. All your past chapters cannot be changed.

Be sensitive to what you think and write as every previous chapter of your life is linked to what could be next logical one.


  • 14 Apr 2017 (Friday )

Commit to commitment, without which your life shall continue to bring negative surprises and any amount of blaming people or circumstances is not going help.

So be a man of your words and commitment.

Sensitivity to this simple quality in human life

Transforms the outcome and success YOU are looking for.


  • 13 Apr 2017 (Thursday )

A writer’s life is all about constantly observing, learning and engaging with the whole process of writing intellectually. The writer is either writing or thinking.

Writers life and life itself as many similarities, both of them need you give part of your heart and soul. It also calls for huge passion for reading and writing.

Writer seeks time and space without day to day hustle and bustle. Given right kind of surrounding writer comes out with exceptional work.

  • 12 Apr 2017 (Wednesday)

Be the best-selling author of your life.

Decide the story, work on the content and keep

Working on the various chapters.


  • 11 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)

If you react to people, life reacts on you with full velocity without giving you any chance. CHOOSE your word and actions very carefully as your few encouraging words and actions can do the miracle for someone and same way your reactions can damage someone's self-esteem and confidence permanent.

No one has the right to do so.


  • 10 Apr 2017 (Monday)

Am unique and you are unique.

Yes nobody is less than anybody but one is simply unique.

So You are You. I am I.

Bottomline is done not compare yourself with anyone as no 2 people have same fingerprint or life situations.

Let us celebrate and respect the uniqueness of everyone as that is the charm of being unique.


  • 09 Apr 2017 (Sunday)

Once something touches your heart all efforts drop, you and anything you do become effortless.

Do things that touch you and touches you at the deepest emotional level as after that never once you need to push yourself. Your heart takes you to

I have closely observed in personal, professional and social life and have conclusively arrived at a view that it very important to engage with everyone and everything as far as possible through your heart centre.

Emotions bind you and also free you.

  • 07 Apr 2017 (Thursday)

Best Recruitment strategies and best recruiters are RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS?

While writing my upcoming book SOCIAL RECRUITERS, when I started researching more about how religious organizations Hire people, retain them for life with minimum financial reward and last but not the least are able to develop highly motivated workforce who can die for the organization.

We can learn a number of lessons on best hiring practices from religious organizations. A lot of religious organizations are better than large companies.

This just got me too excited to know more about various sects, religious and spiritual organizations hiring methodology which is so unique.

After going through it I can tell you with complete confidence that Religious organizations are the best in hiring and retaining people with zero level Attrition.

  • 06 Apr 2017 (Friday )

If we have in the world 100 problems, we also have 200 SOLUTIONS waiting for you, you just have to keep yourself open and must have the deadly focus on solutions.

Just think it over and not allow life battles be lost without a serious fight given to life itself.

Our problems are tiny compared to others.

  • 05 Apr 2017 (Wednesday)

Essence of analytical thinking can not be understood with only superficial logical


A lot of your answers can be understood only after going beyond logic as logic is only able to capture things is parts not in full.

  • 04 Apr 2017 (Tuesday)


Deeper level analysis can tell you that you cannot benchmark creativity with anything else

as no one's creativity can be compared with others.

Creativity operates from heart and emotional centre which flows with creative energy which

is an invisible power.

Creativity is opposite to logic. Logic always looks for special, visible and tangible answers.

No wonder we have limited number of people inclined towards creative pursuit or career.

  • 03 Apr 2017 (Monday)


I really appreciate your contribution to human life and society at large as you are the single most reason because of which most of the people remain connected. It is a great thing as mutual benefit sometimes turn into mutual admiration and that has the potential to transform that relationship into lifelong meaningful relationship.

So it does not matter how and for what we got connected. The most important thing is that it acts as a binding force.


  • 02 Apr 2017 (Sunday)

For a change meet yourself at least every weekend. Your lovely and loving self is waiting for you.

In a crazy world of far crazier work engagement, we simply forget that we do exist

as beings.

Diving deep inside your own self gives you insights which no amount of daily experience

Can give you as all your experience is borrowed mostly.

Yes, you are not just body or mind but a pure and peaceful soul which always tells you what is good and right for you.

Start writing your life journal every day. This one small step can transform your life completely and permanently.

  • 31 Mar 2017 (Friday)

Today is a financial closing day for all businesses. Every year with financial closing

You move ahead and look forward to fresh business, fresh approach to doing business with bigger and better targets.

Why do we do so? There is a big life lesson which one can draw from it that some were you

Have to settle all your past accounts with people to whom you have not been nice, close all negatives, close hurt, and anger, close and forgive everyone and start a new journey.

Get into new financial year to win the heart and mind of everyone associated with you.

  • 30 Mar 2017 (Thursday)

It is just the beginning of your journey, many more milestones to achieve. Many more stumbling blocks to be cleared.

Enjoying the journey is the most powerful and intelligent choice you can have. Go for it and make yourself count.

Sometimes the journey is more interesting than the destination.

  • 29 Mar 2017 (Thursday)

 Your biggest love story starts with yourself. Before you love someone, start loving yourself.

If you start loving yourself irrespective of how you look, what people think of you and what you have achieved compare to others, then something magical happens. It simply transforms your whole self completely and permanently with spotless perfection.

It is well said the SELF ESTEEM is key to what shall happen to you TODAY, TOMORROW AND DAY AFTER.

So never put yourself down in your own eyes. Respect your whole being. Be sure god has not created someone else like you. You are special and unique and shall remain so till you exist.

  • 28 Mar 2017 (Wednesday)

Have you ever listed all the blessings you have got in this life or in other words count your blessings?

You are just amazed once you start writing. The list of blessings it just gets bigger and bigger.

Yes, it is true that no one's life is picture perfect but you find in most cases always blessings outnumber problems, issues, and trouble without exception if we look a life objectively.

So it is another big idea to remain rooted and objective with what we have been blessed and offered by your lovely life.

  • 27 Mar 2017 (Monday)

No matter where ever you are in life and what you are doing currently, there is always a big and bright future waiting for you. Just let this thought flow in your blood stream and become

Part of you 100%.

I have personally benefited from this very thought for most of my professional career wherein I have never allowed negative part of me to get strong.

This is one of the tools of training your mind for sure short success through "self-affirmation"/

Do not allow negative part of you to take advantage when your chips are down. Always water positive side of you to dance within for something really big and meaningful.

Life is waiting to unfold a lot of positives for you. Just wait for your good time to start.

  • 25 Mar 2017 (Saturday)

Be so focused on performance that no one can ignore you. Let your performance do all the talking. Performance is the raw material of big success.

For some Performance is something which needs lot of efforts but for some performance is just part of their DNA or is the mindset through which he or she operates.

  • 24 Mar 2017 (Friday)

Ignoring performance review shall not only impact your today but also tomorrow and day after. This shall every day make your journey to

Success longer and longer.

So stop every day once and review whether you are on right track or not.

  • 23 Mar 2017 (Thursday)

Meaningful and thoughtful silence is one hundred times better than meaningless, illogical and unnecessary arguments.

Beware of spending even a moment on arguments as it is not less than someone trying to rob you of biggest of all treasure that is PEACE OF MIND which has been the eternal quest of all human beings.

  • 22 Mar 2017 (Wednesday)

Plan to make your tomorrow the best day and start getting into that frame of mind from this moment. Start feeling the wave of positive emotions and energy filling your whole being.

Look forward to a big day ahead tomorrow. Go to sleep with this thought.

Repeat this exercise every single day as a ritual.

  • 20 Mar 2017 (Monday)

Keep rejuvenating your mind, thoughts, emotions, body and soul to fill yourself with next level of inner, deeper and deepest level of long lasting growth-oriented life changing impact.


  • 18 Mar 2017 (Saturday)

Is there any perfect answer to various aspects of life and relationships or the very question is a big illusion or this question itself is imperfect or partially imperfect.

So the whole efforts of finding the perfect answer, perfect life, perfect relationships, perfect work, a perfect solution are one big futile exercise.

What at the best you can expect is partially perfect and partially imperfect everything and be happy with it or else get a completely imperfect everything.

So life is not in start or end but in the journey and balance.

  • 13 Mar 2017 (Monday)

Biggest of all festival is the festival of your life itself.

If you start looking at life as big festival, you start living life to its fullest.

Probably the concept of festivals started to teach us how to celebrate life but somehow this learning got restricted to festivals only.

Bottomline is celebrating life is the art and science of living where you are living life every single moment to its grandest dimension and making life a big festival like Holi which has all possible colors.

  • 12 Mar 2017 (Sunday)

Weekly fasting from mental chatter is a compulsion now with completely wired life with wireless all around us.

Go to inner space one a week and come back to the daily challenges with complete freshness like a new-born is a great idea which one should not ignore.

Probably this was the reason that the world over we have weekly off so that the charm of doing your work in hand remain interesting and meaningful for a long time.

  • 11 Mar 2017 (Saturday)

Time for perfect partnership is back in fashion.

When you look around you find slowly and firmly new age generations has started realizing

THE POWER of partnership and collaboration starting from school homework to collaboration in business and personal life plus any other aspects.

Today's election results again reinforced the deadly combination and partnership of Mr. Modi

and Mr. Amit shah and prove that if the strengths of two clear intentioned people join hand it only leads to pure magical outcomes and unbelievable results and performance.

Hence go out a find a partner who turn your weakness into huge strengths and you ensure that you come as a boon to your partner.

  • 06 Mar 2017 (Monday)

Habits are sometimes not so easy to change but not changing habit shall cost you so huge that the impact of ignoring it is felt sometimes life-long when people around you are in better place because of determined compliance of habits on an every single day basis.

  • 04 Mar 2017 (Saturday)


We come in this life with a budgeted timeline given by GOD. Hence killing a moment with things which are not taking you to meaningful direction is nothing short of a crime. Eliminate all actions and activities which are not important for your goals. You never know when our budgeted time of life come to abrupt end.

Yes, learning is a lifelong pursuit which has no limits or boundaries.

  • 03 Mar 2017 (Friday)

Best Investment is in knowledge, not money.

EVEN before 5000 years knowledge was driving the human race and made huge advances through history.

But in the current knowledge age, this drives every aspect of life and if you are not investing in it you lag behind with wide margin.

Top 5 global companies are knowledge driven corporations.

So bet big on investing in knowledge.

  • 02 Mar 2017 (Thursday)

A bad system can destroy good people.

If as an organization you are not investing in systems, you have unknowingly started digging the grave of an organization. Same can even apply to personal dimension of a person.

It is not easy to change the way we operate or work. But change is the only constant factor. So the option of not wanting to change does not exist.

People are not bad, they want to contribute but if an organization fails to give a working model and a framework or a system, things go off track.

Bottomline is trying to structure every single aspect of work model for superior performance and outcome. It also helps in mental programming.

  • 01 Mar 2017 (Wednesday)

Mutual respect is the foundation of harmony in any relationship.

You are free to disagree without losing respect for another person.

The Central theme of all relationships is getting out of ego zone where profit and loss are just incidental not the only reason for engaging in it.

  • 28 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)

Most ignored aspects of partnership in any life areas are

The partnership is something very deep with far reaching impact on mind-body -soul (covers our complete composition as a person).

True partnership is all about combining the strength of two minds for the creative explosion.

True partnership is all about us, not me.

True partnership is all about sharing not being stuck on ego satisfying trip.

A true partnership can be that catalyst to some very big things which were waiting to be unleashed.

True partnership is always solution centric not problems centric.

True partnership is to embrace big challenges together.

True partnership takes you closer to your soul purpose.

True partnership is 100% expression of unconditional confidence on the other person.

True partnership is friendship for a common Objectives. It can turn friendship for life.

True partnership is 1+1 = 11

True partnership is not transactional in nature.

True partnership is also part of your destiny.

A true partnership can also be divine beyond a point.

True partnership is all about taking action not Reaction.


  • 27 Feb 2017 (Monday)

Change Leader & Follower age old outdated work model. It is so conventional that

It stinks.

Since morning this big idea stuck to me so deep that many thoughts around that are playing a cricket match on the pitch of my mind frame.

But do we have an alternative Work model? What about never thought before LEADER & LEADER MODEL.

In a Leader -Leader work model no one is a follower but you are turning the whole process of work into a leader making eco-system or a factory. A system which by design shall only churn out leaders, not followers.

To do so we must focus more on the context

Not on content.

Just imagine this one small shift can revolutionize the way leadership is looked at.

  • 26 Feb 2017 (Sunday)

Some people in our life come as pure blessings and some as big life lessons.

So do not regret if someone outsmarts you in the process of engaging with life. It is a high possibility but can give the wisdom to make us more mature in developing understanding and mechanism of people knowledge.

  • 23 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

Your precious TIME could be the biggest gift you can give to someone. GIVING YOUR TIME TO SOMEONE IS GIVING PART OF YOUR LIFE TO SOMEONE literally.

Spontaneous thoughts on something I read on time struck me today.

Give serious attention to this, if you are giving your precious time to someone you are literally giving that part of your precious life to that person.

So it takes you to another dimension of being very careful in terms of who is taking away the biggest gift of all that is TIME or a piece of your life.

We surely come with an expiry date in this life as no one is immortal so be careful with your time. Do not let it slip and value it as the most precious gift. Share this gift with each one whom you care.

  • 22 Feb 2017 (Wednesday)


I was talking to someone today debating this dimension of life. The other person did have confusion on this.

Let me share what I deeply think about it with my experience and also observing people around.

Personally, my experience says of 20+ years of a professional career and last 7 years of running a business, we from day 1 focused on uncompromising ethical dealings with people internally and also with clients. We went to the extent of not giving anything as a gift to clients to get business which is more or less an industry practice. So we did not spend a penny to get business but still, we are All India leaders in our business space. We have ZERO turnovers of people leaving us. In 7 years we are Gujarat No.1 consulting company in terms of turnover.

I just wanted to show you with a personal example that yes indeed you can be VERY SUCCESSFUL, RICH following the path of ethical and honest dealings.

In fact, today when dishonesty and self-interest is the order of the day, everyone looks for someone who can be trusted.

In fact honestly can be your biggest USP and ensure that you stand out in a crowd of dishonest, causal, self-centric, shortcut driven, unethical people. And remember you can be very rich at the same time. That is my promise to you. Try it out.

  • 21 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)

Pitfalls of over information consumption.

As we are experiencing a flood of information or sometimes misinformation coming from each encounter and engagement with family, friends, society, profession, observation, experiment, experience or many more sources.

The real challenge is how to consume, structure, apply information in our life.

Another dimension is to stop this uninterrupted flow of information through a beautiful inner science call MEDITATION, here you are simply watching information without getting overtly engaged with it with complete peace and calm.

Just try this daily, the moment you start observing thoughts and information deeply, it just vanishes.

For a change weekly once just take information fasting to unburden the flow of information.

  • 19 Feb 2017 (Sunday)

If you have decided to succeed, even a big failure does not seem to impact the marathon you have decided to run.

You shall be haunted by life again and again with a reminder if you miss the bus of success which gives freedom to live a life of your choice.

Without success as defined by you, life remain

An incomplete and unfulfilled story waiting for a perfect ending.

  • 18 Feb 2017 (Saturday)

My perception vs. Your Perception

This has been the single most talked about a point since we exist as humans.

The seed of all issues, problem, conflicts, confusion and inactions is MY PERCEPTION IS RIGHT AND YOU ARE NOT UNDERSTANDING me.

We quite often hear these views like:






Be a good observer and observe things deeply

Listen to the other person in full, for god sake allow him to express his viewpoint.

Do not rush in forming opinions

Know the Why element of the view or perception the person.

Display maturity completely.

Go for facts and read the situation peacefully.

Engagement in communication with the other person.

Try to connect with the other person at the emotional level to break his or hers perception.

SO DROP PERCEPTION ELSE it has the potential to make your life very uncomfortable.

  • 16 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

Be assured of two big things which shall remain consistent and constant which you never need to chase -TRUE FRIENDS & TRUE LOVE.

Both these shall always give you soothing effect on your whole being in the mad rush of

TRANSACTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS which are more focused on "Profit & Loss" and self-serving interest.

Now transactional relationships are part of daily engagement across all life aspects. So you cannot avoid it.

But the good news is that still, you find that there are true relationships which survive the burst of current societal norms and withstand the trials and test of time.

Have picked up this thought as since morning this was a constant thought in my mind for various reasons.

I look around and find that I have the huge number of friends with whom my relationship has remained a constant even after many decades and going strong.

Surely I feel blessed to have some amazing friends and well-wishers. I consider this my biggest Asset which I am so happy and open to flaunt.

  • 15 Feb 2017 (Wednesday)

Business Partnership is essentially friendship with mutual goals and objectives.

Business Partnership is all about accommodating the views of another person with respect and consideration.

Business Partnership can change the landscape of whole business as you operate with fullness not lack.

RIGHT Business Partnership is crucial for business success.

CHOOSE your business partner carefully, this one decision can impact your whole career and life at large.

RIGHT Business Partnership is a catalyst OR a business more multiple.

In Business Partnership you are the custodian of the other partner's interest.

For lasting business relationship look at the interest of other partner’s interest first.

TRUST is the single most important element in the business partnership.

Business Partnership is driven by shared vision.

LIKE any other relationship, business partnership requires maturity, understanding, and patience as there could be weak moments where any one of them has to overcome it and act with complete wisdom.

  • 14 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)

Best engagement with life is through LOVE and LOVE alone.

Love is the purest form of human emotions where your mind center which is generally hyperactive takes a break and allows your heart center to take over. But surprisingly you enjoy this control by your heart wholeheartedly.

LOVE transcends all social, religious, personal boundary and takes you in a space, a place which you want to go back again and again.

LOVE teaches you to think less of you and more of others.

LOVE can create a heaven where the only subject is love and love alone.

  • 13 Feb 2017 (Monday)

Consistent efforts with clear intent give us consistent results and outcome.

It looks easy but being consistent in all aspects of human aspects starting from getting up early, discipline in activities, consistency in our actions, values, behavior, hard work, commitment or any other dimension is not so easy.

All great life stories with big achievements are a reflection of nothing but consistent actions which eventually creates the magic of unexpected positive outcomes.

  • 12 Feb 2017 (Sunday)

Go for minimalistic life which is now a big community across globe. Here are some of the choices a minimalist look for:

Minimalistic life is not about having less but about making room for what is absolutely necessary.

Simplicity is ultimate sophistication.

The less I need the better I feel.

Less stuff more life.

Do not go on a shopping spree and end up accumulating a majority of stuff you do not need and clutter home and office space.

Go for not more than top 2 things which are most important to you at this point and eliminate anything else which shall dilute your focus and hinder execution and outcome.

Only when you achieve these top priority objectives take a rest. Focus have deadly, cutting edge, full blown energy.

  • 11 Feb 2017 (Saturday)

Relationship with a generous, genuine, nice and open minded person is like sugarcane which even if you grind, crush, beat or do whatever you only and only get sweetness.

If ever you find such person in this lifetime or you already know someone like that, be great full to god and let that person be very important part of your life. Going forward you may get everything material you desire but true relationships come only to blessed one.

Value true relationships before life enter the last leg of its journey.

  • 10 Feb 2017 (Saturday)

As an entrepreneur the 1st and the 2nd target has to be finding a problem in the marketplace and then that problem should consume your whole being and passion should take you closer to be a solution and then converting it into a big success.

So keep looking for problems of clients and then converting it into BIG business opportunities.

  • 10 Feb 2017 (Friday)

How to eliminate the lack of focus on actions and activities?

Fix your calendar and specific schedule. Do not compromise on it any cost.

Fix a peaceful quiet comfort place and close the doors. Do not allow any disturbance.

Fix time to see emails and social engagements. Do not compromise on it

Fix your spontaneous impulses.

  • 09 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

My worldview VS. Your worldview.

Take a pause and think at a deeper level philosophically and you find since morning everyone is trying very hard to bring the other person in his world view directly or indirectly in the subtle or direct way.

Why does it happen?

Possible reasons could be ignoring completely or partially other person's perspective.

Or you are hell bent on bringing others forcefully in your plan with or without the permission of that person.

Or maybe you are not able to strike the balance in accommodating others worldview.

Respecting worldview of other person helps you connect with him at the deepest level. Sometimes it could be the starting point for a lifelong friendship.

  • 09 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

Be more focused than ever. BIG FOCUS!

Eliminate random thoughts, unnecessary web of thoughts, meaningless arguments, One-upmanship, thinking too much about yourself, showing something which you are not, getting stuck with silly small issues, unreasonable and unrealistic expectations from self and others, ignoring health, being overtly serious, operating too much from mind centre, getting into things mindlessly, having a short term and shortcut approach, not giving important to others views, ignoring financial health, unnecessary accumulation of what is not needed, being overtly possessive, shifting focus, eliminating indiscipline across daily activities and many more areas.

Bottom line is had single point agenda has to be hugely uncompromisingly focused one few key priorities of life and just eliminate everything that is not necessary for life.

  • 08 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)

You are total, You are full, do not underestimate yourself. You can move mountains.

Good news is that you have the seed inside you which is 100% going to turn into the full blown tree in times to come. The only differentiating factor is how you take care of the tree, how timely you water the tree and how much you take shall determine how fast the tree grows to mean that tree is no one else but YOU...YOU...YOU.

  • 07 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)

All men go out and make the day special for your women who could be YOUR mother, wife, daughter or colleagues at the office as you definitely owe your existence to women, you exist because of them. Always in past, present or future men shall exist because of you. Nothing around men is untouched by the touch of women. You are so special. Be proud to be women.

I have already taken my first step and given HOLIDAY on women's day tomorrow for all my female colleagues and also shall give days off to my wife at home and help my wife in household responsibilities.

Big cheers to Women power our real power.

  • 07 Feb 2017 (Tuesday)

Strong people do not put you down but lift you up.

Since everyone is at different stages or levels of understanding, skills, motivation, deep desire, evolution and experience, they would need hand holding till they do not come up to your expectation.

Create a culture of people taking others to next level leading to an energy wave lifting all only in the upwards trajectory.

  • 06 Feb 2017 (Monday)

The goal is a dream with a specific deadline else it remains a pipe dream. Putting your goals on paper ensures that you stay committed to it.

Without goals one is aimless, without aim is like one wants to drive a car without a car.

  • 05 Feb 2017 (Sunday)


It is a big life Learning to keep this in your mind that you can afford to ignore once in a while certain aspects of life but never once forget to do every possible thing in your capacity to make someone special happiest every single moment of togetherness. The special someone is God's beautiful way to reward you for good you have done in this or past life. What better way to experience God's grace than this.

  • 05 Feb 2017 (Saturday)

Set peace of mind as the 1st, 2nd and the biggest goal of your LIFE and organize your entire life objectives around that.

Peace of mind is the king of all goals. No goal is bigger than this as if it is missing all your other achievements would look blank and without meaning.

So what are you thinking, come back from your illusionary world which you have painstakingly designed for illusionary goals and objectives.

Demand god or the nature of profound wisdom to differentiate what is fake and what is real.

Go for the real and objective view of everything.

  • 04 Feb 2017 (Wednesday)

Focus moves mountains. And structured thoughtful goal oriented meaningful focus help ALL your dreams come true.

Think and decide which are the top 5 goals you want to focus on at this point in time. It could be for 1 year or 3 years or next 5 years.

Also to focus decide on what you do not want to focus that shall eliminate all possible distractions in life and make your life easy.

  • 03 Feb 2017 (Friday)

Your focus decides your outcome. STAY FOCUSED. Remain focused...Ignore all distractions. Focus channelizes your mind body and soul and ensure sure short results and outcome. With every challenge increase, the focus as distraction needs to be defeated at any cost to bring back everyone on the same platform called focus.

  • 02 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

The way to respect someone is to listen to the other person with complete attention and objectivity.

Respecting others is respecting being human.

Do not look at everything with the lens of self-interest alone as your interest is hidden in the interest of others in more ways than one.

  • 31 Jan 2017 (Tuesday)

Do not be very hard on yourself. Take things in your stride. For a change be easy on yourself once in a while as you are human not a machine and humans lucky have a heart which beats, a body which gives you a space to experience physical world and a soul which reminds you of who you really are.

  • 30 Jan 2017 (Monday)

Do not be disappointed if people do not respond to the way you respond as not everyone has the heart as you have.

Good luck to all heartless souls. May god give them wisdom at the earliest as they do not know they are missing the most precious thing in life.

Have heartfulness along with mindfulness.

  • 29 Jan 2017 (Sunday)

Life is like the sun which rises every single day without exception undeterred.

Similarly, after every problem, defeat, heartbreak, life-threatening events of life, just do not lose heart as life gives each one of us opportunities without exception according to our karma or our actions.

Like sun does not forget to come back every day, like that our life comes back to us with a reminder every day that still it has a lot to offer and life is going to be exciting. Demand from life the very best.

  • 28 Jan 2017 (Saturday)


Assess your key motivations, traits, skills, life vision, mission, deeper desires, top of the mind 5 thoughts, stages of financial freedom, who you are, who you want to become? why do you want to become what you want becoming? What is your outlook towards people around you? How do you deal with the complex web of ever increasing complexity of relationships? Do you stick to your value systems and ethics? Are you selfish or selfless? Are you organized or not? How do you deal with a crisis? Are you objective in assessing yourself? Are you creating value for yourself? Are you doing something to nourish your soul? Are you at peace with yourself? Are you centered? Do you make people happy where you go or people try to run away from you? Are you leaving your legacy which shall remain even after you leave this planet earth?

In short assess your IQ, EQ, SQ and 360-degree objective deeper level analysis.

Keep doing it on daily basis, keep expecting more from you. Demand a better you every day.

  • 27 Jan 2017 (Friday)

Work and religion have many similarities, the common major one is belief which goes beyond calculations of mind and logic.

Once you befriend belief you do not need any other thing.

  • 26 Jan 2017 (Thursday)

Writing is true freedom as you do not have following limitations:

1. One is not bound by established public opinion.

2. You need not follow anyone but can create a situation where you are followed.

3. You can be a thought leader without following thoughts of other thought leaders.

4. Can express your real you without any editing of your perspective.

5. Writing is a catharsis of the highest order.

6. Writing heals you deep down.

7. Writing documents all your thoughts for times to come.

8. One can live through one writing even beyond one's life.

9. Words have power beyond our imagination.

10. Keep writing and keep living in the hearts and mind of all.

  • 25 Jan 2017 (Wednesday)

Never regret a day or a moment in life as good days give you big happiness and bad days give you experience plus some much needed time-tested lessons for life. Both these aspects impact what you shall become going forward.

Too much of focus your past failures and weaknesses and focusing too much on what 1000 things can go wrong with you completely drain your positive energy and leave you completely clueless adding complications to already complicated life.

  • 24 Jan 2017 (Tuesday)

Do not be selfish as sooner or later it shall suffocate your whole being?

Beyond a point focusing on self alone is so meaningless and unworthy of being human.

It is really worth a review to see on which side of the fence one is, on the side of selfishness or focusing on the happiness of others.


  • 23 Jan 2017 (Monday)

What you become is the result of what you do today.

Not surprising that each one of us looks for success and self-fulfillment but what very few people can define is how success happens to people.

Most people think that success is something god given or is the result of being at the right place at the right time or is something mystical.

Actually it the final outcome of what you do today, it is as simple as this.

So the bottom line is to just and just focuses on today as if past and future do not exist for you.

  • 22 Jan 2017 (Sunday)

Do not burn or ignore opportunities which are on hand today for some unknown imaginary opportunity.


Instead of ignoring current opportunity intensify your current effort and engagement for sure short targeted defined success.

  • 20 Jan 2017 (Friday )

  • 19 Jan 2017 (Thursday)

Things can only change if you can change the way you design today.


With the old design, you cannot create something new.

Break your thoughts, actions and activity structure into small practice, workable models.

As every action of your today has a lifelong impact and implications.

Focus on changing each and every aspect of actions with freshness in approach and intent.

  • 18 Jan 2017 (Wednesday)

Do not allow negativity become self-fulfilling disasters.

As god turns your meaningful dreams into reality, similarly god shall not take much time to turn your negative thoughts into reality.

For a change take a break from self-limiting mind-set, fear of future.

  • 17 Jan 2017 (Tuesday)

All genuinely successful people are disruptive by nature.

Unlike crowd mind-set or majority way of looking at life configuration, successful people (not just material success but overall success ) deal with all aspects personal, professional, Social or spiritual in a whole new disruptive way.

There is always a way which may look unconventional from the outside but connects with all stakeholders across activities which was waiting to change the way crowd would not have anticipated.

This lead to permanent disruption in the way things happened for a betterment of all and a fresh path is laid down for future to follow.

  • 15 Jan 2017 (Sunday)

Do not compromise on your quota of sleep.

Recently a CEO of a company collapsed at a gym and died. Everyone was surprised as he was the fitness freak and was much disciplined. But later it was found that he use to sleep only 3 hours. Now latest research says that less than 6-hour sleep could be deadly for you.

So guys do not go to bed any baggage or stress of past and tomorrow. Sleep like a child. Just watch a child sleep. A child is not burdened with expectations or pressure of performance when he goes to sleep.

Before going to bed assure yourself tomorrow shall be the best for me.

  • 14 Jan 2017 (Saturday)

Leadership is about creating a platform of collective vision and objectives which lead to individual and organizations success without any conflict.

Leadership is about making the job of a leader redundant so the leader is always looking for his replacement and he keeps moving up the ladder.

Leadership is about either convincing the team or getting convinced by the team.

Leadership is about not looking for yes man but who has skills and talent.

Leadership and success are not same. As some time leaders succeed but do not lead well.

The leader should not only be genuine but should also be perceived like that.

Leaders do not look for only titles.

True leaders create the whole army of leaders which to my mind is real and true success OF A LEADER.

  • 12 Jan 2017 (Thursday)

Focus on happiness it multiplies. Focus on the pain it fills you with more pain or it also has a same more multiple effects.

The same thought is validated in GITA which says in one of the chapters that anything you focus comes alive or gets activated.

So the big secret from our ancient wisdom is


  • 11 Jan 2017 (Wednesday)

Do not mourn the death of a person but celebrate the life lived by the person.

Yes for some time it looks just impossible to control emotions as someone who was just around you is not to be seen again.

But life has more than one ways to take you out

Of difficult times and give you strength. Your survival instinct pulls you back to action and brings you again into the world of duties and responsibilities.

That is one more dimension of life which leaves traces on the story of your life.

  • 10 Jan 2017 (Monday)

Master the art of detailing for better decision making. The more superficial you are the more likelihood of you taking the wrong path.

Be the man or women of details. Have an eye for details for sure short long term success where you have a conviction of a winner from the day one.

The single most important quality of a man with detail is PATIENCE, do not rush as the world is not going anywhere.

  • 09 Jan 2017 (Sunday)

Be spontaneous but not be mindless. Use logic spontaneously with creativity.

Spontaneous thoughts with practical approach take you very long and save you from many long term disasters of life.

So take the middle path of balance risk in all aspects of life.

It is not a great idea to take a mindless risk because in that case, be sure to lose your peace of mind. I always believe that at the cost of peace of mind, each reward and success is meaningless and worthless.

Hence first and second priority is peace then everything else.

  • 07 Jan 2017 (Saturday)

Life is the game of choices. Every single day & every single moment, be ready to face a highly delicate choice of "What is right and what is wrong", "Whether to accept this or that" "whether to do this or that".

No wonder, because of the wrong choice at wrong times you allow your life to just drift in a negative direction.

But the good news is that you can come home from the world of wrong choices and negative dimensions of life and transform everything.

So, the bottom line is that if we are on the track of following our DHARMA (our duty) than dharma makes the whole decision making simple to where you focus on, what is right, what is wrong and "who is the person for whom you are taking the decision. This also makes life simpler and less complicated.

Reading the book "The difficulty of being good" by ex-CEO of Proctor and Gamble, Gurucharan das further get more subtle insights.

  • 04 Jan 2017 (Wednesday)

Decide whether you rule the day or day rules you.

In spite of all efforts, sometimes if a day is not moving the way you have planned because of multiple variables all of us have in our day to day life. Do not allow a day to overpower you, rather turn the day around in your favour.

  • 01 Jan 2017 (Wednesday )

All the experts of today were once upon a time just the beginners.

So do not get overwhelmed with an expertise of someone as you also have the same potential or seed in you to be the future expert or a leader in your chosen area.

Not to forget that expertise comes at a price of letting go of your comfort zone, working towards excellence every single day and moment. Also, passion, deepest desire and the highest level of interest are brothers and sisters in the journey of building expertise in your domain.

  • 27 Dec 2016 (Tuesday)

Have patience with your own self and others. Also fervently pray to god talking your heart out with him demanding nature to change things as they stand today and you grow in maturity and understanding.

Indeed it is not easy to have patience when you see so many stumbling blocks on the way to big success which you have envisioned.

So, the mantra is to keep finding and inventing more reasons to keep going with renewed never ending vigour and passion.

  • 26 Dec 2016 (Monday)

Setting priority in the mad rush of hyper activities and multiple focus and desires, this is one big challenge for anyone if one is into multiple activities and most of them seem equally important. But in reality with little review and focus, one can work out or structure activity or work model based on prioritized outcome.

  • 25 Dec 2016 (Sunday)

Choose what is meaningful for your life. Ignore and discard what is without meaning. Keep track of what is meaningful in the New Year.

  • 13 Dec 2016 (Tuesday)

No Pain No GAIN.

Unless you are born with a silver spoon which in any case happens only sometimes with some people.

Hence the bottom line is that for normal mortals like you and me, the formula for long lasting success and happiness is not to break down when the chips are down and things seem to just not go your way at all.

What seems painful today turn into sure shot blessings going forward.

So in every success, you have a story of pain which is generally the most neglected aspect of your success so embrace pain for long term gain. Do not look down on pain. Pain can be the starting point of complete life transformation.

  • 12 Dec 2016 (Monday)


This is what all the researchers tell us. Generally, it is seen if you write down your goals then your mind assumes it to be something really serious and starts working on it with full force.

Even your daily plan or weekly plan or monthly or yearly plan must be in writing and then see the magic happening to you.

  • 08 Dec 2016 (Sunday)


Yes, seeing closely, it is so fascinating to know that in your different roles and situations we lose our real self and become temporarily someone else or in other words, we are different people at different times in different situations.

It is wise to spend at least an hour a day in seclusion to meet your own real, pure, original self and introspect. My Life Learning’s of 9th December 2016 (Friday)


When I closely observe everyone at home, office, and other places, one thing is common i.e. all of us at some stage to an extent get bored or saturated with activities or work in hand.

But things change dramatically and transformationally when you see a person meditating for long hours just sitting at one place without a blink and still feels blessed or another example could be a painter who just forgets days and nights to finish a painting.

So one sure short way to kill your boredom is to find purpose and involvement plus passion in any activity you undertake.

Actually, it is not an activity but the way you are looking at it transforms the whole dimension of that simple action and act.

  • 05 Dec 2016 (Thursday)

Helping others is helping yourself.

Try this and see the magic of law of nature working over the time to conspire with the whole universe to make things happen for you.

  • 05 Dec 2016 (Monday)


Close your eyes slowly and observe your breath.

Keep observing it and slowly start inhaling CONFIDENCE, keep inhaling till the time you are full of positive energy with you and then with full intensity, exhale all doubts and negativity and start fresh like a child with enthusiasm and positivity.

  • 04 Dec 2016 (Sunday)

My best is yet to come. God gave me an intelligent mind, strong body, beautiful, pure & a peaceful soul.

This is a thought which I visit every day at least 2 times and have been following it now for good 30+ years, which one of my early spiritual masters had asked me to follow. I can clearly see the difference in how I view many things today.

This simple and effective prayer and affirmation which is good enough to change your DNA forever and you are no more the same after internalizing this single most important thought.

  • 02 Dec 2016 (Sunday)

Life is a onetime offer.

Yes, the real truth as we can live this life only once.

This very powerful big idea can change the way you look at it. This idea tells us how precious this life is. Let us make the best of it as this is one time offer

My Life Learning’s of 1st December (Thursday)

In the process of closely observing life I realize that from the very moment I really started understanding life, most of us have been really worrying about things that have least reasons to worry about.

Start deleting those thoughts that are no longer adding value or enriching our life in any way.

Value and live every moment respecting oneself and not get perturbed by the burden of thoughts which are not helping us move forward.

Personal dimension of marketing is using an understanding of people around you to make yourself more sensitive and impactful on people’s thought process positively.

  • 29 Nov 2016 (Tuesday)


Right things in life (Right actions, Right behavior, and Right deeds) at first need you to put in some extra effort but in the end, the outcome is real inner satisfaction, building trust and harmonious relationships.

So vote for what is right as that can give you the strength to conquer the heart and mind of anyone who comes in contact with you. Do right, Do good.

  • 28 Nov 2016 (Monday)


Yes, this has been my experience in workplace, personal and social life.

Difficulties only need time to get completely resolve. Have trust and have patience.

One has 2 choices, either succumb to short-term pain or HAVE patience for long term permanent gain.

  • 27 Nov 2016 (Sunday)

Unburden your negative past for lighting up a new fresh and brighter future where each and every moment fills the life with positive energy.

If we do not do that, we miss out an experience which makes life worth living.

As always, we always have 2 choices of everything in life. Vote for life which chooses positive.

An interesting fact is that every negative dimension has seed or potential to turn into a positive dimension.


  • 25 Nov 2016 (Friday)

Time has come to script story of a new age man.

With changing the landscape of our life, people, society and collective consciousness of people, now time is ripe for imagining of a life completely different from how we have been looking the at a script of a NEW AGE MAN is underway who would redefine how our life would look like.

Through my Trust (NGO) "NEW AGE SOCIETY" we have been working on this big idea for good 16 years to write a script or a framework around which you can structure your thoughts on a new age society and a new age man.

  • 24 Nov 2016 (Thursday)

Honesty cost you nothing but Dishonesty can cost you everything.

  • 23 Nov 2016 (Wednesday)


In the age of mistrust where it is very difficult to trust someone so easy but if you are able to win the trust of a person it is so rare and big. If YOU win the trust of someone that person is willing to give away everything he has, willingly WITHOUT blink.

Human life is worthless if people cannot trust you as the foundation of any relationship be it personal or professional is trust alone.

So if you are cheating someone be aware that you are cheating yourself only.

At some stage of your life, you realise that how important it is.

  • 22 Nov 2016 (Tuesday)

Can integrity and honestly be traded for short term gains?

No, in that case, one is part of the mass mindset of finding short cuts, the shortcut cannot take you on a long road of overall success. Shortcuts make the journey of success short-lived as you cannot change wrong to right.

EVEN After 5000 years of research on the social behavior and social mindset by intellectuals, and philosophers plus no amount of logic and arguments by all have been able to establish that that value of honesty and integrity has come down even a bit.


  • 07 Nov 2016 (Monday)

Life Coaching Series -

What is spiritual maturity? When can we claim to be a spiritually evolved individual?

To know spiritual maturity we need to research all aspects of spirituality and importance of it in living a complete life.


It is an art and science of knowing life beyond mind and body as we are considered spirit or soul-being. We all know that there is something which our mind and body cannot conceive and understand. In short, it is soul science.


•    When you look inside and not outside for life solutions.

•    When you believe that not everything is in your hand and what happens to life has multiple factors affecting the final outcome of things.

•    Actions are on your end but not outcome all the times.

•    Giving is in your hand not what you shall receive.

•    Not wasting a moment is an unnecessary argument on who is right and wrong as actually, both parties lose the battle of argument.

•    Life is not limited to what your 5 senses can experience, its dimensions are much beyond it.

•    Always find gaps in yourself, not others.

•    Do not allow your 5 senses to hear, touch, discuss etc. anything which makes you feel less human and does not help uplift your spirit.

•    Do and focus on things which transform your spirit to higher levels

•    Finding meaning in life and do something which makes your life more meaningful.

•    Make every moment of your life count.

•    Let go of things which drain your energy and focus on things which uplift whole life.

•    Focus on the welfare of others as that is what all human beings would like to do for real satisfaction.

•    As per soul sciences, the only soul is permanent and rest everything is temporary. If that is the case then it is intelligent to do things which please our soul not people.

•    Meditation is the doorway to spiritual maturity


  • 27 Oct 2016 (Thursday)

Problems and difficulties are sometimes just our opinions.

Most of us as individuals are so much loaded with huge opinion bank where we keep depositing on a daily basis more and more opinions about our personal, professional, Social and other aspects of life.

But surprisingly opinion may not be actual reality MOST OF THE TIME.

So beware of your own opinion making tendencies as most of the time our opinions block our mind and to large extent fail us in life battle.

Let us promise ourselves, not to join the growing army of opinion makers as life is not dependent on your or others opinions.

In reality, life flows beyond opinion.

  • 26 Oct 2016 (Wednesday)

Sharing knowledge is transforming life.

If you observe right since you were born, you at every stage of your life got someone who unconditionally and unselfishly shared knowledge which definitely helped you in shaping personal, professional, Social and spiritual understanding and helped you transform the way you think and act.

Sharing knowledge is equal to spreading light in the darkness of life.

Sharing knowledge helps you to be wiser.

  • 25 Oct 2016 (Tuesday)

Time is money.

Time is something which cannot come back even if you win the whole world.

The clock of time cannot be turned as it is slipping from your life every single moment.

So let us not misuse and abuse the precious treasure called time.

If you do not value time, time shall not value you.

Sharing knowledge gives you inner satisfaction which only a teacher can express when one sees that the knowledge shared with the student is transforming a life of the student which makes the life worth living for a teacher and the teacher is filled with joy without any limits.

Sharing knowledge expands your horizon of learning and also intellectually stimulates you to go to next level of knowledge.

Today, the world is the best place for knowledge seekers. World, companies, society and individuals are now in an age of knowledge-economy, even economics and individual success is driven by knowledge-economy.

  • 24 Oct 2016 (Monday)


Yes, indeed life is no less than a book with a specific story, different chapters, moving a link from one chapter to another chapter and finally also has an author.

Now we as humans luckily have a choice to write a story which is a best seller or also if not written putting your heart and soul can also turn into a big disaster.

In the end, a choice is ours to be sensible, authentic and investing yourself whole being in creating a creation which is worth your life.



  • 22 Oct 2016 (Saturday)

Have you met the best person ye?

What an interesting question with such a profound multidimensional and deeper meaning. Yes, we meet so many people in our lifetime but a lot of people miss an appointment with oneself. Before it is too late take an appointment with yourself and talk to your inner self. Yes, you shall be surprised that you are the best person you were looking for. This tells you to value yourself, you are priceless, no other person can match you and No one has the same unique qualities which you have.

  • 20 Oct 2016 (Thursday)

Break the monotony, bring life back into your Life.

Today this is top on my thoughts that how do we break the monotony, boredom, getting tired of doing repetitive nature of work and activities. Yes when you look at everything around you, we find many ways in which we can break the monotony.

Some of the practical big ideas are:

1. Start looking at yourself more critically.

2. Try different approach in dealing with your work, people around you, situations around you.

3. Travel to new places.

4. Meet people who are just opposite of your nature.

5. Try new food joint.

6. Try colors which you have not tried.

7. For a change read book not of your interesting area.

8. Make a surprise visit to your friends and near and dear ones.

9. For a change be away from routine activities at least once a month.

10. Give surprise gift you someone who has not expected it.

11. Try songs which you have never tried.

12. Listen to your kids nonstop chatter.

  • 19 Oct 2016 (Friday)

Without Enthusiasm life is lifeless.

When you start anything be it engaging in any activity or people, the quality and outcome of that depend on the level of your enthusiasm.

The mere touch of enthusiasm can create magic with even the smallest activity or action you undertake.

So it is not an activity but the spark of enthusiasm that shall transform what comes out as an end result.

So let us live the life full of enthusiasm without even a single dull moment. Think...What you can do to create huge enthusiasm in all aspects of life.

  • 19 Oct 2016 (Wednesday)


How true it is from every possible perspective. Yes if you are married, a major part of life, activities, actions, emotions and motivation of doing something big depends on an understanding of each other. One thing is a fact everywhere that your life partner is your wife i.e. she is the other half your life.  Life would be dry and less meaningful without the unconditional support and genuine concerns your wife has for you. So whether you realize now or later, a wife is mostly the witness of husband’s evolution as a person and without her, you are not complete as a person.

  • 18 Oct 2016 (Monday)

Do not expect change from self and others overnight.

Yes, it is true that in one's enthusiasm of the moment one wants to conquer the world. But practically it is not possible to transform one's thought, belief system so easy.

So the ideal and practical way is to make the list of areas where you are falling short and you need improvement than taking tiny small steps daily.

I have experienced that YOU SEE MAGIC HAPPENING TO YOU with this small daily ritual.

Let us take small but firm and concrete steps every single day to transform yourself in 360 degrees.

  • 17 Oct 2016 (Monday)

Rise again, pick up a thread of life, crush your problems and rise again in life.

Life is indeed a battleground where many matches of life shall be played with your inner self and soul as your empire. Let us not allow life to be defeated under any circumstances but in the face of adversities your inner strength and power, you should only rise as you need to mobilize more inner resources to tackle life's challenges.

  • 15 Oct 2016 (Saturday)

Be smarter in dealing with one’s own web of emotions. It can make you or break you.

  • 14 Oct 2016 (Friday)

Be smarter in dealing with one’s own web of emotions. It can make you or break you. LIFE COACHING SERIES - Let love be the centre nervous system of your life.

We forgot but go back and you find that our life started with love between 2 people. So the seed of our life is from the beginning i.e. love. Once you come on earth, your parents, every near and dear ones had a love for us. In the school also we encounter friends with love only. Friendship carries a lot of love. Once you get married you again encounter love with wife and kids. Then again kid's kid fills your life with love. Also if you work of your choice, then again you have one more thing to love that is Loving work.

If I look around and see I find a lot of people who have already given love and many more people you can expect who in this lifetime shall share and spread the love.

Love is the FOUNDATION of LIFE or you can say LOVE IS LIFE. Accumulate lots of love not only money.

  • 13 Oct 2016 (Thursday)

Change your thoughts for a change.

We as individuals are a sum total of what we think of ourselves, family and society at large. Without realizing that we build certain thoughts based on our experience over a period of time. Sometimes unknowingly we become slaves of our thoughts. Actually, we should be the master of our thoughts not slave.

So over a period of time, I have observed that we must sometimes for a change, change the way we are looking at things that shall relax you a lot and shall bring back the same positive energy flowing into our system.


  • 27 Aug 2016 (Saturday)

Life is in this moment, here and now. If you really want to meet your good friend called life, it is right here in this moment. Do not waste your time anywhere else.

  • 26 Aug 2016 (Friday)

Thank god at least no one argues that we shall live on this planet forever. So let us live life to the fullest with acceptance as next moment one may not be there to argue about anything.

  • 25 Aug 2016 (Thursday)

Accepting your relationships unconditionally and giving everything you have unconditionally helps to be in complete peace and happiness with yourself, which is the ultimate objective of all your life goals and achievements.

  • 24 Aug 2016 (Wednesday)

No need to run away from your past memories as some of those sweet and touching memories of your childhood were friends who had unconditional love and affection for you.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Wednesday)

The dimension of passion.

It is mostly seen that any activity you undertake you always have some aspects of that work which is interesting and some part of the job not so exciting. What do we do in that case? The answer is giving your very best to every single action you undertake. Meaning giving your mind body soul 100% to everything, which shall not allow your mind to have any choice in terms of being partial to anything.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Thursday)

Being Mediocre is a sad choice?

This thought just does not sink into my system that a lot of people by choice are perfectly fine to be mediocre. Am sure that God has sent us on the planet earth not be remain mediocre. We have knowledge of many success stories of people who faced mountain like difficulties and struggle plus huge ups and down of ruthless life choose not to live life being a MEDIOCRE person.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Tuesday)

Insight on arguments.

What is an argument?

The argument is the process of giving a reason with evidence.

Why argument?

Most of us look at one’s own interest and to fulfill the desired outcome of what we want we argue to influence the decision of others.

What kind of people argue?

You have various kinds of argument maker. Some people argue for the sake of argument. Some people who are self-centred they argue to achieve the target they have set. some people have strong ideas and opinions about self, family, job, society etc. ?Since they are so loaded in their mind about how they see themselves and the world around themselves they end up every single time getting into an argument.

The value of argument?

If arguments are positive and helping others and self in giving clarity about life as a whole, Also positive argument influences each one to drive oneself intellectually to see a deeper meaning to things around you.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Friday)


As we all encounter in every single aspect of life, performance is the outcome of all our efforts and based on what we achieve we are called a performer or a non-performer. Let us get to the bottom of dictionary meaning of performance which definitely is not my perception but which shall set our understanding straight on it.


Performance is the outcome of activities which are evaluated in comparisons to standardize benchmark available at any given point of time. So your performance shall be evaluated with the best guy in your work area at given time.


Performance is Very critical, as it is the source of our satisfaction, self-esteem and all achievement. It helps in a change of perception of others towards you. It gives you social status and respect which is life critical social need as a human being is a social creature and all these aspects help him view his own self positively.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Thursday)

Take Action here and now for creating future of your dream.

Future of dreams shall remain dreams if we miss out on the most life critical big idea which cannot be replaced or skipped or ignored, that big idea is "TAKING ACTION HERE & NOW".

We all are full of dreams and want those dreams to be fulfilled which is excellent and if you do not have a dream and you do not have something for which you are looking forward to in your life then it is nothing short of a crime of highest order.

To fulfill your dreams you must be clear what is your dream? What is the sacrifice and cost you are willing to pay in terms of time, energy, efforts and money.

The biggest problem most of us have is today dream and not taking bit by bit action every day. As we know time never comes back except you repenting.

So action and action becomes the keyword and also the key to achieving your dreams. Without dreams life is without spice and dreams need water of action to flower and give the joy of satisfaction of doing something worthwhile if you believe that life has to be lived well meaningfully.

My Life Learning of 28th September (Wednesday )

Business Partnership.

The moment you are talking about any partnership you are also talking about managing relationships, ego, a difference of opinion, sharing of profits, a rigidity of the thought process and a difference in the levels of motivation.

But another dimension of a partnership is big, huge and powerful. All great success stories stand on the foundation of partnership in sharing responsibilities which help in using the potential of each of the partners. In fact, two partners complement and complete each other.

Most of the big achievers and success stories are big because of businesses partnerships.

Since my company works on equal partnership business model I know for sure that in future all business would heavily depend on a partnership model.

In spite of all the shortcomings I am a big fan of business partnerships as I know, there cannot be a better way to use the power of different skill and individual creativity which shall always compliment and give that idea a powerful direction.


  • 30 Nov -0001 (Tuesday)

Purpose Driven Life

When you talk about what is the purpose of life in general or purpose of an individual, we get a whole range of views or perspectives from everyone. Some people say that we have come to earth with an agenda decided by God, some people say that it is the individual who decides the agenda of life. Some people go much beyond and say that life is not having a purpose and it is to be lived without any purpose meaning everyone has a different perspective.

But I think instead of going by what others say. It makes sense to have some purpose which is worth living for and which satisfy your inner craving for something meaningful.

Net it is really worth having a well-structured and meaningful goal.

Purpose also gives you a clear road map for how you want to manage your life and its goals.

Purpose gives your thinking a structure and makes the job of mind very easy to conceive and execute objectives with focus.

Purpose gives you one more reason to work.

Purpose motivates you for actions.

Purpose drives you with intense passion.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Monday)


I think the whole idea of work-life balance is a much-hyped idea which has been losing its charm for some time.

In fact, if you are on a life mission or are working on a big goal driven by your passion, you cannot have balance in life because you start living every moment in focusing on that single moment.

So I have come to a definitive conclusion that this whole idea of balance is a mediocre guy who has small and basic goals of survival.

But if you want one to realize his or hers full potential then let us not talk about balance.

I have another unique model of life balance which let us give a name "Switch on switch off" model of life balance where 24 hours you are working in your head and at the same time you are also capable of switching to another activity seamlessly without any transition in time. In my personal case, I am always on the go but have the choice to switch off for a certain period and seamlessly move to another activity. So with this model of life, I feel that balance has to be in our mind rather than activities.

In this model, you have not fixed any slot for a specific activity instead without much effort move from one activity to another so easily and so happily.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Saturday)


Spiritual health is directly connected to the higher purpose you have for life which is going beyond the ambit of family, society and worldly affairs. It is a dimension of life where one is looking for deeper meaning and purpose of ONE's existence.

In other words, one is looking for true happiness and true happiness comes when we grow in wisdom and understanding of who we are, what is the purpose of our life, are we moving in that direction. This also brings us to an understanding that one is not the personality, body or mind. Actually, you find your real self-ones you go beyond these aspects of life.

It makes sense in the Web of action and activities one takes time out and connects with one’s soul and prays to a higher power to bless us with unshakeable wisdom to sail through difficulties of life.

This is a powerful idea to spend exclusive time contemplating where we are, what we are doing and is it in line with one’s sole purpose and are we able to find your soul agenda.

As our body needs food, our mind needs intellectual satisfaction, similarly, our soul is hungry to find its final destination and we merge with the real goal of human life.

Qualities of a spiritual seeker are that his seeking is very sincere and efforts are very authentic and goal of seeking is single-minded.

Another quality of a true spiritual seeker is that because of his ability to operate without overtly getting attached to any negatives. He all the time operates from higher positive energy field with helps him live his life to the fullest where he can have satisfaction when he dies that this life he lived was worth living worthy for self and worthy for others.

So final conclusion is that your soul also needs food for spiritual health so do not deprive your soul of that need.

My learning of 23rd September (Friday)


We Should Do Business with Business-like Approach or Human Approach

Business vision cannot be achieved without passionate human being with the specific goal in mind. Business goals can only be achieved through big client satisfaction. We exist in business because of and for clients.

No vision can see a light of the day unless people do not have ownership, commitment and Hugh faith in the vision.

It is people, who can take the business to greatness. Go and find such passionate human beings. Give your everything to find such people else this shall create a big gap in vision and outcome.

Business greatness needs a greater sacrifice. You get it with a price. But it is very fulfilling.

Business greatness is about dreaming your dream. You have just put yourself on fire in the flame of passion.

Business greatness lies in having a business goal which is bigger than you. Once you stand for something nature starts to follow your footsteps.

Become the kindest and the nicest person you know. Have a big heart. Operate with the balance of human touch and business objectives.

Let us have serious business goals with specific targets with a timeline.

Achieve business objectives taking everyone along with softer heart and mind aggression.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Tuesday)


Since the day you step into this world, not for a moment you are outside the realm of society. Since we live in middle of society we have no choice but to deal with it in a more effective way by learning social skills. Social skills are essential to get success in any aspect of life as for whether personal or professional your social skills shall determine the outcome of fulfilling relationships in the form of making and keeping friends. Also, ability supports others.

Some more exploring in the subject shall give you some interesting ideas to have more refined and clearer understanding of social health.


Person's ability to successfully interact with others and building meaningful relationships.

It involves the way you get along with the people in life.


Treating others with respect, warmth, openness and are generally having trust on people.


1. Knowing one's strength

2. Ability to handle relationships conflicts

3. Facilitate and develop strong bonding and network with friends and family.

4. Be open for healthy discussion.

5. Develop an ability to listen, express them and form healthy attachments.

6. One must act in accordance with socially acceptable and responsible ways.

7. Try to fit into the mould of society.

8. Be positive and sincere to relationships.

9. Engage in social groups and circles.

10. Helping nature.

11. Do get involved in some social cause where you think less of self and more of others.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Monday)


Each one of has experienced a whole range of emotions from the time we were born till the time we are kids and under the umbrella of parental and family support, we are able to cope with normal emotional issues with little efforts. The problem starts when you go out into the world and you have to deal with all kinds of people and emotions which shall include your own emotions and the emotions of others. Sometimes we lack the deeper understanding of overall aspects of emotions and whether we qualify to be called emotionally healthy.

Let us explore it overall emotional dimensions to get deeper and clearer clarity:


It is a strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood or relationship with others. Emotion is a complex psychological phenomenon which happens to human beings and animal.


1. Primary - Your initial reaction which does not require thought or thinking.

2. Secondary - Reaction to primary emotions about your feelings.


Emotions Health is about your feelings and thoughts. It is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and others, how to deal with day to day life issues. It is about our overall psychological wellbeing. It also includes quality of your relationship. You also have a lot of positive emotions and resilience.


1. Obsessed with self-ignoring others around you.

2. Insomnia. Sleep disorder.

3. Zero self-respect and lack of confidence.

4. Falling sick again and again.

5. Always feeling tired and feeling a lack of energy.

6. Difficulty in controlling anger.


1. Do not get stuck to negative, move on to positive aspects of life.

2. Stay in control.

3. Embrace change.

4. Know how to keep yourself and your family happy.

5. Live life here and now.

6. Accept responsibility.

7. Celebrate the success of others.

8. Accept failure.

9. Enjoy your own company.

10. Re-evaluate yourself be life.

11. Tolerate discomfort and people with whom your chemistry does not match.

12. Have a sense of belonging with family and close friends.

13. Have sense of purpose recognize that you are valuable and important as a person let's set and achieve goals.

14. Positive outlook towards life even in a case of issues.

15. Do not lose temper and have self-control.

16. Do not think of any past issues.

17. Do not feel uncomfortable with someone else's opinion.

18. Do not over think, it leads to sadness.

19. Remain positive at any cost.

20. Please smile, it is good for relationships and emotional health.

21. Kindness is free, have the big heart.

23. Do not quit in the game of life. You really fail when you quit.

24. What goes around comes around. Send positivity.

25. Laugh your heart out.

26. Practice Forgiveness it surely boosts your emotional health.

27. Be unselfish.

28. Appreciate and accept people wholeheartedly which is a sure sign of emotional intelligence.

29. Agree to disagree.

30. Exercise BOOSTS emotional health also.

31. Get out of a house and meet people.

32. Be thankful for everything you have.

33. Regular sun bath as some time lack of vitamin is also linked to emotional illness.

34. Delicate work

35. Find meaning and purpose in life.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Sunday)


When you review different dimensions of life to achieve what each one of us is knowingly or unknowingly looking for every single moment is to have 360-degree health and wellness (360 degree means health in Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, Financial and spiritual all aspects).

Let us look up mental health holistically. Have been reading and researching what others have talked about and combining it with my personal experience of last many years gives me some life-transforming insights which I have already started following for long.

The Life Transformational Big Mental Health Ideas:


It is a state of wellbeing in which he or she realizes his or own abilities, is able to cope with normal stresses of life, can work regularly and productivity, and is able to make a contribution to a community.


One person out of every 4 people are across the globe are suffering from mild to critical or advance stage of mental illnesses. The value of mental health can only be realized when you or anyone in your family or friends circle is suffering from it. Surprisingly people hide this fact or sometimes they do not realize it.


They feel good about themselves.

They are emotionally stable

They have lasting and satisfying personal relationships.

They feel comfortable with others.

They can laugh at themselves and others.

They respect difference of options.

They accept failures with the positive spirit.

They are able to manage life crisis well.

They can make their own decisions.

They adjust to any new environment easily.

They feel and express the whole range of emotions they feel engaged with people and the world around.


When you experience feeling lonely and low for a prolonged period of time and you are not able to find solutions. When we start getting upset for even the smallest thing or in smallest provocation pushes you to react, when we do not get sound sleep. You do not want to mix with people and society.


Some physical reasons (such as trauma, brain injury or drug abuse) can affect brain chemistry and contribute to mental illness. Poor physical health can also affect health. Inability to handle emotional aspects of life or work related issues can impact your mental health. Not been able to achieve your desired goal can also affect mental health. Sometimes personal, emotional and financial reasons can trigger mental illness.


The mind is the most powerful tool and technology which god has created. If mind the generator of problems then mind only has the answer to it. The mind is the biggest platform through which you can play the game of life very effectively and it shall take you through your entire crisis.


1. Review and audit your mental state at least ones a day, Morning or night.

2. Take time for yourself.

3. Build a positive relationship with all and you never know who shall from nowhere come and impact you mentally and emotionally.

4. Frist respect and value yourself. Do not judge your value by what view others have.

5. Take care of your physical well-being.

6. Set realistic goals. Do not over commit.

7. Relax your mind and emotions.

8. Take a break from the monotony and indulge in some hobbies.

9. Spend minimum 2 golden hours strictly with yourself where you and only you are allowed as this shall greatly help you to plan and strategies how to manage different aspects of health.

10. Start thinking more about others success that shall give you a very different high.

11. Do not hesitate to ask for help.

12. Send your ego on a very-very long holiday.

13. Have one single very big goal in life that shall ensure that you do not have time to get depressed. Live your passion.

14. Surround yourself with like-minded people who share similar interests, outlook towards life and increase the supply of positive energy.

15. Live life here and now, live every moment fully and completely as you do not know what is going to happen the very next moment.

16. Start writing your personal diary or journal. It helps to pin your emotions and your emotions get an outlet or channel to realize negative emotions.

17. Unconditional love to your near and dear ones.

18. Play with your kids and shed all inhibitions. Become a child in the company of kids as they give you back purest of pure expression of love and emotions.

19. Have gratitude to each everyone who has directly or indirectly helped you or contributed to your success. Do not forget your parents, grandparents, relatives, your immediate family, your friends and professional relationships.

20. Live within your means and be content with what you have got.

21. Pickup on new learning or skills everyday as life teaches you something every moment.

22. Find your purpose and meaning of life which may be different for everyone.

23. Accept change wholeheartedly. See positives in change.

24. Do not sit and attack with full vigour all your problems.


26. Have right perception of the world.

27. Operate from the strength of wisdom and knowledge.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Saturday)


Planning Your Health to Remain at the Top of The Game Called Life. Have Clear Health Plan and Strategy for Superior Fitness.


1. Frist commit to yourself that you want to have superior health. Let us be serious about it.

2 .Let this not be priority no. 2 and below in your list.

3. Once health is lost you cannot get it back. All the money, your powerful connections, your family or friends cannot help you get it back.

4. Consult a health expert or a health coach to help you design your healthy lifestyle.

5. Better health starts with better health information and better health assessment.

6. Have a clear health goal orientation with the desire to achieve superior health.

7. Take action here and now. Do not wait as your mind shall cheat you to believe the health can wait and other things are important.

8. Watch strictly what you eat.

9. Have a combination of exercise and rest at the same time. In exercise push your boundary.

10. Self-discipline is the heart and soul of a health plan. Commit to not break it.

11. Visualize that you shall have peak health and fitness very soon to motivate yourself.

12. Schedule your eating -Avoid sporadic munching. Avoid caffeine and too much of sugar as it shall effect your long term health.

13. Moderation of food and drink can take you in the zone called "Super fitness level"

14. Yoga, exercise, and walking are easily accessible tools kick start at a basic level before getting to advance level of health regime.

15. Treat mind muscle as any other part of body muscle. Relax your mind muscle and take a tiny break when you feel over-stressed.

16. Beware of negative people and thoughts. They drain your energy which eventually affects health.

17. Your attitude towards health shall determine what your health shall look like down the line.

18. Have positive health internal dialogue. It shall the metal design of our perception towards health.

19. Use positive health affirmations and internally repeat till it affects your each and every cell of the body.

20. Be enthusiastic in achieving your peak health. Let your health motivation not die.

21. Set health goals, not wishes.

22. Be in the company of health conscious people. Their outlook toward health rubs on you.

23. Do not have self- limiting thought process on health. Yes, it is just a matter of time when you reach peak level.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Friday)


The latest survey on more than 100 CEO conclusively proofs why more than 99 % of CEO 'S are early risers.


1. Take the first step get out of the bed at any cost.

2. Successful people want to start before competitors star.

3. You have more time on hand to plan and quality time for work and family.

4. Sleep early to rise early.

5. Stick to your wake up time.

6. Build momentum and motivation to commit to yourself for early wake-up.

7. Fix the time to sleep and switch off lights.

8. Read something of your interest which shall take you to sleep faster. And you sleep with no personal worries.

9. Set an alarm.

10. Drink a glass of water.

11. Exercise and meditate.

12. Go for a walk and enjoy morning breeze.

13. Thank god.

14. Start the day with the huge positive frame of mind.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Sunday)

Working in a job or business without
any meaning and objective for only survival has no chance of survival.

So let us work for love of work nothing else. That itself shall put enough life and meaning into work.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Saturday)

Any Quest has to go through the journey of Deep, deeper and deepest levels of evaluation and understanding without which all decisions are going to
have some gaps which shall give you feeling of incompleteness at different stages of self-evolution and eventual decisions.


  • 30 Nov -0001 (Friday)

Real power is in restraint. That is the best way to deal with difficult emotions and situations.

Restraint, control makes difficult situations powerless.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Thursday)

All your enemies are actually part of GOD's plan to keep you in check and teach you lessons for life.

So by chance you happen to meet your not so dear enemy, just thank God instead of cursing your enemy.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Wednesday)

Let all action plans should be based on current situations not what could have happened if you had taken some other action .Because if you had taken 
those actions, you could never have reached current situations.

Try to find solutions based on what is possible today with more realistic and practical approach rather then
repenting over what was not done…

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Tuesday)

Pleasantness of body is called health, pleasantness of mind is called peace, pleasantness of soul is called bless.

TARGET ALL 3 ,No less then complete health, complete 
Peace and highest level of blissful state of soul.

Someone May ask whether it is possible. Let us atleast an honest try.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Monday)

Awaiting for some miracle to happen. 
God is waiting for your call. Then why delay.
Things do not manifest because we do not trust blessings of nature and god.

Demand miracle from god. This is contemporary model of conversation with god.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Sunday)

Let anything you speak go through these filters of 6 important aspects of conversation:

1.Is it so important to speak or without speaking it shall do?

2.why we want to speak?

3.what we want to speak?

4.can we avoid speaking?

5.will this conversation benefit someone?

6.will it be meaningful to speak?


As sometimes the value of silence is 1000 times more then speaking on things not needed.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Saturday)

We need help of others not because we need it but we need it to get help in getting a whole fresh perspective about certain things.

So remain open to get someone's opinion which May open a whole new way of looking at things.


  • 30 Nov -0001 (Friday )

Love follows respect if you respect someone naturally love is bound to come to you.

In every relationship, RESPECT IS THE KEYWORD.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Thursday)

Just because someone does not react does not mean he or she does not notice or does not understand the intention and intent.

If someone is not reacting it is sign of maturity not weakness. So be careful of all your action.

Always even if someone watches or not, We should act with the highest level of integrity in your work.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Wednesday)

When did you last check your energy level?

Conserve your energy for meaningful things. Avoid
anything or any action which take away your energy as 
we have a long way to go and lot of unfinished objectives to be achieved in this stage of your life.

Do not at any cost get impacted by any energy draining things.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Tuesday)

Always tell yourself a positive story about yourself as mind is with all attention listening to you.

In case you have been telling negative story to your mind, correct it with all urgency.

Keep telling and hearing positive stories to get into the zone and mental frame for BIG things in life.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Monday)

Love yourself and love your life as 
we were born to love and be loved.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Saturday)

It makes sense and is logical to do what is right not what is easy.

All right things and eternal truths are relevant for all ages, society, and self.

Life is simply magic with no mental burden or guilt.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Friday)

Always surround yourself with people having big DREAMS and Life objectives as they shall work in your life as catalyst and mentors.

Every BIG dream needs a dreamer who takes his or hers dream very seriously, so seriously that his entire life revolves are that. Also that dream becomes part of his or hers central nervous system and then gets into his or hers bloodstream. Going forward separation between him and dream drops completely. It finally leads to become one him like 2 bodies and one soul.

Be generous and limitless in letting your dream fly high and higher keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Thursday)

Check if you are living your life to the fullest.

First define what is the fullest life. Then what actions you need to take.

To live life to the fullest you need to perform each and every role given to you by god perfectly, so perfectly that even god would be surprised to know your skills and dedication.

  • 30 Nov -0001 (Wednesday)

Changing your perspective changes the way you look at people, situations, and life at large.

Good news is that not much effort is needed. You just have to open the door of your heart and mind.