Amit Sharma - Author / Writer

Since very early in childhood, he got inspired by fathers daily reading habits. He got hooked on reading but was never interested in school Textbooks.

When he wrote his 1st book on a Secret Agent at the age of 11 years after getting inspired by series of novels he read of JAMES HADLEY CHASE in his school notebook, never did he realize that it was not only for fun but it also indicated his love and inclination for reading and writing. He loves reading across any areas especially Business, Entrepreneurship, Yoga, Spiritual, Wellness, Social Issues Community living, Social Media, Technology etc. He is the author of SOCIAL RECRUITERS, book of social media and social networking.

He has following titles at various stages of writing:

  • Business to Enlightenment
  • Detached Professional
  • Ethics And Values In Business
  • Bad Hiring = Business Failure
  • Life Journey @45 Yrs
  • Misguided CEOs
  • Social Recruiting Tools and Technology
  • Qualities of a Social Recruiter
Social Recruiters
by Amit Sharma
Soul a Visitor
Amit Sharma