Amit Sharma - Yoga Enthusiast

After his health issue in 2010, yoga came to his rescue and since then his is a big fan of Yoga practices. He is founder Director at SOHAM YOGA MISSION along with his wife Anita Sharma. He was faced with a major health issue and it was difficult for him to even sit for few minutes at a workstation, he had no choice but to leave his Job at Omam Consultant at the peak of his career. It seemed for few days and months that his professional life in recruitment has ended. He was like last time hell bent to improve overall mental and Physical health and get back to work at the earliest. He started working on his mind, body and soul to recharge the whole system. Again god came to his rescue and his wife started researching more on achieving his peak health through yogic practices. She enrolled for a Yoga Certification Programme and trained herself keeping his health in mind. Under the guidance of his wife, he started training on yogic practices and change the whole lifestyle completely. In Just 2-3 months he was back to almost complete recovery due to yoga. This gave him the first-hand practical benefit of yoga and he started encouraging his wife to start a Yoga organization, which eventually she started named after his son SOHAM, ( Which means me and God are one) Soham Yog Mission.

Today Soham Yoga Mission is reaching out to all the yoga teachers to spread the awareness of Yoga in every part of the globe.

Soham Yoga Mission Soham Yoga Mission