Amit Sharma - Entrepreneur

Amit Sharma had started thinking of his 1st Business Venture in the year 2010 April when he started thinking of doing something out of a box and pathbreaking in Recruitment Industry. He started talking to industry veterans and aggressively started researching consulting companies in the US, Europe and India. After studying not less than 200+ companies, he thought of something which was to change the landscape of how Recruitment Business is done. He completely changed the rules of the game and came up with Pathbreaking out of the box business model which was unheard in the industry called "EQUAL PARTNERSHIP" a business model which promised to make you a Recruitment Entrepreneur without investing a single penny. Every single person he told him that this is not a logical and sensible thing to do as without investing you are making a person your partner. He went against popular opinion of friends, family and Industry well-wishers and went on to implement it.

His 1st Venture "BIG IDEAS HR CONSULTING PVT. LTD." was incorporated in June 2010 in Ahmedabad. It started operations on 10-10-10 (10th October 2010) with one person on board. He took another major decision not go for a rented place but buy an office putting all his savings into it, putting himself at great risk of a business liquidity crunch. He set an ambitious revenue target of becoming a 5 Cr company by 2015-16 which was achieved in time adding 50+ Equal Partners from across country who contributed hugely to the overall success of Big Ideas Group. By 2016 it is from one location has reached more than 10 locations presence and have added 5 more new offices. Big Ideas today is Gujarat's No 1 Player in terms of Revenues.

He then set up his 2nd Venture into "Social Recruiting" by creating India's 1st Social Media Recruitment Company "BIG IDEAS SOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITMENT PVT. LTD." with a mission to be ahead of the curve and setting up a dedicated team for Social recruiting and people research with social profiling as one of the core components along with social recruitment training and coaching.

Keeping pace with changing industry trends he set up his 3rd and 4th Venture in 2017 named "BSM BIG SOCIAL MEDIA PVT. LTD." which is a Social Media Research Company &"BLH BIG LEADERSHIP HIRING SERVICES PVT. LTD." a Premium Search company targeting Senior Level hirings.

Apart from it, BIG IDEAS has following business Units in different areas like:
    Training (Big Training India & Big Recruitment Training)
    HR compliance ( Big Ideas  Integrity) - An Alliance with Integrity.
    Sector Specific Networking Platforms like "Big Pharma Club"

Big Ideas is currently on a mission to achieve 15 Cr by 2020 with significant contributions from other group companies and business Verticals.

Big Ideas HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Big Ideas HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Big Ideas Social Media Recruitment Pvt. Ltd. Big Ideas Social Media Recruitment Pvt. Ltd.
BSM Big Social Media Pvt. Ltd. BSM Big Social Media Pvt. Ltd.
BLH Big Leadership Hiring Services Pvt. Ltd. BLH Big Leadership Hiring Services Pvt. Ltd.